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Swift Red
Just because I wear a paper mask, own a pocket watch and love hats does NOT mean I'm a spy!
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That's just how stabs work. It prevents some, if not most, of the bleeding. If you find yourself with a thing sticking inside you leave it there until medical help arrives.

Unless you're an action hero and it's an arrow, then just RIP that sucker out.
o_o Dave Koopa! Scourge of the Fungus Fiefdom!
I swear I'm not trying to update late consistently.
Pico said that he felt I would find something wrong as soon as I uploaded. He is right. It's so minor that I'm uploading anyways.
"But Red, you can't fire somebody for being crazy! It's illegal!"

Different world, different rules. In the setting you're watching mental stability is highly valued in the workplace. There are cases where employers will toss the threat of termination out but really they're just covering their asses. Not with Suzy though, she's actually in trouble.
This is the chapter ALL the plot starts in people... Or at least some of it.
I may have outright forgotten to update yesterday. Maybe.
@ToxicBreeze: Hrm. I was kind of hoping having people ask stuff would stir up a LITTLE activity.
Anyways as for your question. I do nothing artistic. Pico's the one with the actual talent, I just mash my keyboard and pretend it's writing.
End of chapter! Pico sure did pick a good time to get injured. Take a break and heal up buddy. If we're lucky I might be able to find something to post to hold you fans over.

Umm... I know, I can answer questions. I guess? Let's give it a shot. Post a comment and ask me anything about the comic or the world it takes place in.
@piconano: I'm guessing when you offered the treat the dog turned away and when you went to follow you dropped the treat and tripped over it. When on the ground I assume some sort of ape ran out and stomped on your wrist.

...Sounds about right.
My father and some idiot I know are making internet videos starring said father. The production quality is garbage but it's still kind of funny. Check it out maybe.

Minor note, it's not exactly child friendly.
@ToxicBreeze: That is in fact a child version of himself.
Teddy could be lying. You never know.
@ToxicBreeze: Six minutes between this page and your comment. You're quite vigilant.
Not late, still Friday.
I love explaining little details in general conversation. Thank you fourth panel.

(PS. Thank you Auto Update)
This was originally the last page of the chapter. Pico made a mistake in an earlier page and I liked what it implied so I ran with it. Now things are slightly better because anything Pico does is awesome.
It's almost as if everyone working with Teddy aside from Andy and Elmo are nameless faceless background characters or something. Go figure.
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻