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Seee, that was quick, right? :D
Oh dear, I had everything but the last panel inked for over a month now, and only got round to inking the last panel a week ago. XD The next page is inked, scanned and partly coloured though, so provided Photoshop stops crashing on me every 5 minutes, you should be seeing it pop up more quickly. :)
Thanks, I'm glad you like it! :D
Thank you so much!
Ahh, thank you! That's adorable! :D I didn't even realise the SSs had been posted and I wandered over to find such a cute piccy! I love how you drew Malachi - he looks so moody and cute. I'd love to know who drew it. :)
Malachi should possibly think that one through a little more... XD
First page. It's a little silly but I hope you like it. :)
Oh wow, that is so insanely detailed. It looks simply fantastic with the shadows and shading. I love how the glow comes out of the windows, too, it's a nice touch.