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Drawing, going on the computer, making new and talking to friends,reading and watching anime, and Yaoi, Go to japan, Making music, Making peoms, and making videos, playing videos games, Going shopping for friends, gonig people present

Naruto, Death Note, Bleach, Yu YU hakasho, Sailor moon, Cardcaptors, Elfen lied, Pokemon,Monster Rancher, Digimon, Mario party, Hamtaro
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This Quinnlan looks smexy. xD I been waiting for his arrival
Love the last panel. His face is so epic looking in it. he shading is awesome in this series
Thats how I feel about this page. just >:]. only if all mens jizz tasted like that in real life. o well xD
I was grounded from the internet and didnt get to see last week pages till now. xD Leona is so fraking cute I just want to hug her tightly. lmao you did the missing reel gag nice.
The Art of this series. I shall go back and begin reading from the begining to end. :D
Poor DragtonThing....
Her boobs are epic looking in this panel XD
Took me awhile to find out that you move this to a host. Im glad you did, I don't think anybody knows you have to create a account to comment or know its here now.

Anyway, awesome Gotta love how his smile shows up when they say candlejack, freaking awesome shadi