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It has been four years and I am still in mourning. Baby come back...
I know I am not the first person to ask, but why are Jude's eyes always covered?!?!?! And Jude and Colt are the cutest thing ever and Love Art is fantastic:3
September 9th, 2012
Oh no! I just would have been on board and supportive from the start had I known! I think other Enthrall fans will be happy:) oh and i don't find it advertise-y and annoying you're just informing people that you have more than one awesome comic:D
Oh my, this page= major male bravdo Heehee:)
September 8th, 2012
OH NOES!!!!!!D:
It's cute how caring he is. Gosh I just LOVE Joa:)
7 years?!?!!? Holy crapola!!!!
Oh god, his dream. Love the paleness of Guthlac and Fidus:) seems obvious but a lot of other vampires in the media are not pale:/ but that's why I love you.
Congrats on 1000, you're fantastic:D
Oh and I always appreciate your AMAZING art and ability to tell a story
Stalking security. Classic scarrow:)
Post Mortem photography Hahahaha
Oh my, why I do feel like this is another fantastic character that will be among my favorites;)
Hahaha, okay. I will wait like a good girl, only because I trust you:)
It's just so darn fantastic:)
AFRO DUCK!!! Hahaha, I quite enjoy the annoying tourist duck;)
Now kiss!
Totally agreed with avz, just sayin;)
Love the finger push element. Beautiful:)
@mewmewramazika: City of Bones:D
Heehee, BRAD! Love him:) man I just love this whole comic in fact:D
I find there are 2 kinds of attraction:
1) purely based off of physical looks- hair, appearance, eyes, teeth, muscles, voice, ect.
And the stronger attraction
2) personality- humor, kindness, sincere, chivalry, playfulness, good morals, and someone just enjoyable to be around.
Someone can be extremely attractive in the first sense but not in the second and vice versa, but if you can find someone attractive in the second sense- you can start to see them as attracive in the first sense.
Aww, so comfy. I love them so much:)