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Poor Joakim, he's always being friendzoned haha. I'm still rooting for him, though!! (Aww, his sister's as cute as him!! They both look so adorable in the last panel <3)
It's been a nice chapter for a Joakim fan like me :) Have a nice break, I'll be waiting for the next chapter!
Happy birthday, comic! It's been a long time since it started, but I'm glad you've been uploading so frequently lately <3 I hope it can continue to go this smoothly~.

Hmm, my favorite characters right now are Joakim, Viva and Romero. As for shipping... I really really ship Joakim and Viva, but I guess you already know that haha. Milo x Romero is also a cute one! Romero acts so adorable everytime Milo is near x3.
I don't have much to say about the others yet, but I'll let you know as the story progresses!
Come on, Joakim! You can do this, I believe in you!!
Poor Joakim, I'm sure all of us have gone through that haha. But he's so cute, I bet he'll be fine somehow.
Hey! I used to read this comic years ago, it's nice to see it's back and I hope you'll stay for a while :).
I've always loved Joakim (and I totally think Joakim/Viva would be the best couple <3) and it's been a while since the last time he appeared, so I'm really excited to see where this chapter will go!
Hey! Just wanted to say I'm loving this comic <3 The characters are lovely (Kobber and Mint are specially cute!), the story is interesting (I've always loved dragons the most of all the fantasic creatures) and the drawings, from the backgrounds to the characters' design are gorgeus~. Also, I truly loved the colour scheme you usted in this bonus story...
I'll continue to read this awesome comic from now on and hoping it gets more attention.
Just dropping by to say that I love your comic, and your art style :) Though it makes me a little sad that Joakim won't end up with Viva, to be honest. But I guess it's my fault for liking the best friend xD.
October 24th, 2013
It's good to know that you're back :). Sorry for not commenting earlier, and I have to say that your art is just beautiful, and the sinopsis sounds really interesting!
I'm really liking this comic so far! Haha, the heroine is so straight-forward xD. I love her.
Hope to see more pages soon! Keep up the amazing work :3
Woah, good thing the necklace doesn't come off! I wonder why would an ice angel want it...
How could I NOT ship them, really? xD. I'm sure a lot of readers do xD but they are just too shy to comment. No, thank you for making it!
Wow, I read it all in one go! I love your comic, it's both funny and full of adventure :3 I'm really glad I found it.
I really ship DanxVada xD. And no need to say that I wouldn't trust that 'angel'...
I just love the cat's expression, lol. And aw, Rhi looks so cute while sleeping! In fact, he always looks cute, but... you get me.
I love your comic, and though I don't always comment, I always read it <3
Pfft, so cuteee!
(I love that doggie :3 is it Rhi's?)
Aww, Rhi :< Aahh, I want something good to happen to him, poor thing :<
Aww, the siblings are both so cutee~ and my poor Rhi D:
Awww, my poor Rhi :< I want to know what happens to hiiiim T^T poor babie...
Nice comic~ aww, they look so cute x3 but Sophie looks different, indeed o.o
Oh god o.o I didn't expect that! Haha, something tells me that this it's gonna be fun xD. Aww, the three of them are so cutee! <3 (and I LOVE Rhi's expression in the 4th panel xD)
Oww, poor Rhi D: I hope he can get over all the health problem... poor cutie :<
Hmm~I think something bad is goingo to happen... I mean, if Rhi is feels so uneasy, that must be a bad guy :I