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Will fill out later.
@Sol: He's on Team Techies. Remember?
REALLY?? REALLY?????? GDI MAN. s'not like we have a harem full of women on this team!!! DDDDDDDDD:
@RazorD9: Nothing you say could surpass anything we've brainstormed. Unfortunately, half the crack that we all produce doesn't make it into anything but hidden one-shots and bad inside jokes among the three of us.

We were going to have an April Fool's joke at the start of ch. 9 with Rupert opening the doors to an S&M dungeon. My idea, btw.
@MinatoKizuna: This is a very valid question and something that I can and can't answer. How I can't answer is that I am not the original writer of this series so I (as well as Siliva), most likely don't know what was going on with the disc capture system that he had planned.

What I can tell you is that my explanation of the disc capture system is that it's merely a way of registering that the duel disc is in use. It connects one duelist to another and operates within a set diameter. Exceeding this diameter would instantly render the disc capture useless. In essence, it's just wireless or wi-fi.
Hey now. This is now being written by a girl! :I We're gonna see what happens~ :<
.... Porn. :I
@RazorD9: See my comment on the previous page.
Not my fault I ship them too? :I
Oh hush Siliva~

Hey everyone! Hope you like a little insta-filler because it's fresh out of the oven! ^-^ We'll be back and yes. I am writing 09 now. So I hope everyone enjoys it still!! >w< TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!! We're at 99 fans!!
@Siliva: Here ya go~
@Crimson Memory: She's not. There are plans for this series with pairings. A lot planned... Oh ho~ ^o^
@Crimson Memory: At the moment there's three of us working on 09. After the end of this chapter there's a little bit of a change so we hope that it'll be okay with all our readers.

It's really nice to hear from you and thank you for your kind words! We're all, Siliva probably the most, working very hard. ^-^
No no... Just wait for it. ^o^

Siliva... We won't be pulling more broken shi- *shot* Oww.... >~<
Thanks Hero of Comedy! Though I meant I wrote the fight scene... ^^'' But I edit good! Right, Sil? Klaus? >~<
I wrote this~ ^-^
.... I've always pronounced it Excees.... :< Cause when I read the katakana I didn't see anything that had to do with a 'D' so I dropped it~

And what are you talking about Klaus? TRIBUTES AND FUSIONS ALL THE WAY!!! ^o^
Why yes. That is precisely what he does. We're ygo after all. And Siliva's gonna table flip when he sees I posted after so long. XD
TK: Riiiiiight. >>

*uses Water of Life/Phoenix Down/Monster Reborn/whatever game/anime revival technic being followed* Can't have a fan dying now can we? We just wanted to let you know that there would be no super awesome acrobatics or happy fun rescue. :D

Plus, we gotta give Taisuke some screen time too. The poor guy.
If I apologized ahead of time for going through finals and headed straight to work afterwards, as a reason for not getting Siliva's Christmas present wrapped and sent out on time for the next page...... UH... Everyone will probably not forgive me, huh?

So yeah. Azuki's probably going, "Oh shit," right now as we all are.
RazorD9- Go check the Extras... I can officially say I beat Siliva to something he wanted to do. >>