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I have adopted Webcomics as my new THING i love. I especially love webcomics written and drawn by ladies for ladies ABOUT gay people. and by that second 'Ladies' i mean everyone in the world.
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:T so like, is the boyfriend guy gas lighting the main character guy? cause he seems almost pleased that this has happened and doesn't care at all that someone hit the long hair guy? and doesn't care that his friends all hate his SO? is this normal for this universe I don't understand :/ are these people all crazy?
@Ilovelukey: yeah, same? it's BEEN like this? that's not normal
March 13th, 2019
what's... what's the Duck??? I wanna read the main story? ;_;
December 25th, 2018
I love this comic so much.
he wanted to get his friends / family killed in the human world because they're idiots. but of course he also loves them.
i love this character.
I binge-read this over night because a friend recommended it to me and her friend recommended it to her and they both make their own webcomics and also: this has a real story and plot and everything. its not just a collection of snippets of realities or a slice of life thing. i know that that sounds like a low bar, but so many things out there right now just tell stories in circles and nothing ever happens. its just 'aren't these characters cool' or 'isn't this world good' or there will be a story, but the story doesn't have any deeper meaning. this has actual meaning. im gonna keep reading
woah i got goosebumps
finally, the metaphor breaks down
they're like a foster kid who never had a family before, acting out and stuff. I didnt know this monster thing could go so deep
i wish i could get my watercolors to look this nice! orz
phew! You had me going!
i like how they suddenly got cheek bones a few pages back. i like the cheeck bones
god this is so fucking surreal
this is an interesting character. they are good at lying and manipulation and thats just kind of their whole shtick . but at the same time, theyve been shown to say one thing that's kind of psychotic towards other monsters, but kind of feel sorry for them anyway. i have no idea how this is gonna turn out
im concerned about the 'other guests' they said kept getting picked off in the wastes with the big monsters. :(
ooh.. she's not as big as grey thought she was in the beginning !
more cute shit for my wicked soul
woah this page is beautiful
i like venus as much as the other monsters. usually when someone makes a token girl character im like, she looks out of place. but she doesnt look that 'girls have to be different from boys' awkward, you know? I like that. I like her as much as the other monsters!