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YAY! I just typed basically my whole keyboard!
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I have never seen a comic represent myself so perfectly. Parents having surgery is the worst thing...
>Stab his face. In the face.
I have to say this: Divizeon is the best name ever, and from now on I am going to refer to my math teachers as such.
Check whether or not the fake Lyra has pants.
Very nice, Twok. I'll be here till the end, I assume, so keep up the great work.
Well then, that was easy... Guess it's time for... MORTAL KOMBAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!

Bluh, I'm drawin some fanart, but I passed out halfway through so it''l be a bit before I have time to finish it. I would just like to point out that in my imagination, Johnny's pants that definitely exist and we can totally see are camo. I don't know why, but it is so.
Congrats on 50 comics!

How in the world do you only have 10 fans?
Okay, I just have to say this: I want that "BRID" poster in my room. Just a picture of a single bird with that misspelling on it. I would never take it down.
>Tell Johnny that, before you go fight the boss, there's something you have to AXE him. Then wink at him.
Not sure why I haven't been commenting on this more, but whatever.

Also, I was thinking the same command in my head. As opposed to some other body part that I may or may not be able to think with.
Peppermint Shortsword may be the best weapon and name I have ever heard.
Man> Cover the creature's snout with coconut shell.

Edd> Hide behind your own coconut shell.
Man> Shove the coconut shell over the creature's... mouth? Nose? Whatever that thing is.
@Harrow: You are now my favorite person. You win. I love you.
>Hope we get some evidence that we can use to our advantage.
Oh dear, Portsman? This just got more interesting...

>Look questioningly at Portsman and hope he goes on without prompting.
Okay, I wanted to make this comic like two weeks ago, but I got distracted by other things and then the Halloween comic, so here it is now.

In my head, you could totally replace them with TGYR and HD, and swap out a couple words and it still makes perfect sense. Come one, imagine TGYR and HD going "HOOT! HOOT! WOOF WOOF! WOOF WOOF!"
Last panel: Completely true. Always trust your client, except when you're cross-examining them and they're probably lying.
A clown? Look at the borders on these robes! These are hand-stitched!