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I like to make people smile, and I like to draw. �
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@Nyeh: cool! it's understandable to feel upset because maybe you empathize with zeggy, but that still doesn't excuse that he definitely has hurt people? people should change for the better, and it doesn't mean not being yourself, it just means being more selfless! he still has flaws, and his friends are allowing him to be himself and have flaws. but no one should have to tolerate objectification or anything like that. like, for example, i was once a child, and i was obnoxious and loud and inconsiderate. that made it harder for me to connect with people, but as i've grown, i'm still me. i'm not anyone else, and i prefer myself this way! just because maybe you're upset that being inappropriate or objectifying someone is being portrayed as negative, it doesn't mean that its *not* negative, and not something someone should work on!

(also i find it a little strange that you want to tell the author themselves that they don't understand their own character? people should develop, not stagnate, that makes you just grow into a really childish adult, y'know?)
@Nyeh: i think that it's more like, positive development rather than him being unable to be himself? like, i don't think i'd wanna be friends with him before this development, he just kind of harassed people and made things awkward. i don't think trying to improve yourself means not being yourself, i think it just means growing up!

also, just because he never had friends, it doesn't really excuse anything he's done? i think if anything, he's finally learning how to be a friend now that he has some who are willing to show him what it means to be decent and respectful! i understand what you mean, but he wasn't really straightforward, just kinda... inappropriate.
Woah, is Bodyguard an Inversian??
Ahaha, I love these two shippings so much it's unbelievable~ :'D
Yay for hysterics~!
@Elokin: Oh my gosh, yay a fellow Lackadaisy reader~! ; u ;
*cough*Thecakeisalie*cough* :D
Maybe instead there's a whole chapter looking into Binda & Megan instead of Luffinpuff & Eric? :D ...I dunno, I just wanna see more of those two soon~ o w o
Oh goodness, I'm gonna miss this comic after the last update. D:>
And also, hate to point out things and seem like a tool, but in the second panel part of future Ronnie's forehead is white. c:> ...Sorry if I bugged you with that. D:
Anyways, this page made me giggle to no end. cx First panel was adorable~
>Cry and pee your pants until guards decide you're a wimp and leave you alone.
Guess who's so favoriting this comic when she remembers how to fave heeeere~?