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I am obsessed with artwork, whether it be making it or appreciating it. I am also obsessed with chocolate...lots and lots of chocolate.

I just found this comic and I LOVE your character designs!!!! I hope I can see more soon!:)
I love your character designs!!! Can't wait for more!

"Win!" hahaha I would do that too if i were herXD
I checked the list and noticed my comic was not listed:( When you have the time could someone review my comic please? I would really appreciate an outside opinion:)
Ha ha ha, its one is perfect. There are always guys who want to kill the reporter XD

Love the bottom left panel by the way...very intimidating0_o
I envy your coloring skills! it's so vibrant and alive! Keep it up please!XD
January 30th, 2011
I understand, I'm not a fan of drawing backgrounds eitherXD

they are still important though!. I like where this is going. Keep it up!
I think K'mlar's mom was a queen rider but his dad was not?(my memory escapes me...) but it's talked about earlier in the comic...

I hope Zarinth follows with K'mlar and J'lantir...:(
It's such a bummer that his great shining moment as a fighting rider had to end so quickly...
I have to say I've been secretly reading this comic(before I joined here) and your work has become clean and very expressive! I love it even more now, keep up the good work!
Could I please ask for a review? No rush if you guys are swamped:)
here's my comic link:
November 11th, 2010
I love the style of this comic! and the storyline...awesome! Can't wait for more!
November 11th, 2010
The characters' eyes are just beautiful! And your tones look like actual comic pages! This is just great!
November 11th, 2010
I love the title page! Looks like an interesting read!