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oh! no problem, i'm just glad to have helped out :3
so cliche but still lovin it +fav :D
heey good comic so far think i'll fav.
(not trying to be bitchy or anything its your comic you should do what YOU want to do buuuut...)
uhhh one thing on your characters page you should really specify their ethnicity rather then just saying "Asian" because that's a rather broad term Asian can mean Indian, Chinese, Korean. Lot's of diffrent ethnicitys, so I think it would help specify your characters more if you were to say more precisly what their ethnicity is. :)
cool comment virgenity!...i spelled that worng. lol at least you were able to keep to you comic a day vow :D
i do 1 and 3 all the time :D
well that was quick XD
when i first looked at the last pannel i though it was a dildo and i thought "what, his penis broke off when they fell?"
and then i read the comments and i realized it was a chair leg XD
February 20th, 2011
lolfor some reason i was thinking of avatar (the last airbender)when i read the last pannel. i'm not sure if you watch it ot not but theres an episode called "nighmares and daydreams" at one point sokka starts complaining
"stupid avatar stupid dream. i can climb fast"
and when i read that last pannnel i kept waiting for him to say "i can climb fast" XD idk why i was but i was

sorry for the long comment ^^;
smething tells me she's gonna fall for him now XD
omg did you get that from "link is gay part 3" on youtube?

at 0:15
lol poor charlie XD
lol *happy face*
"now get back in the ball so i can eat those"
lol believe it or not two of my guy friends do that allot. they pretend to kiss and what not (they get allot of girl to fawnover them because of it XD)
January 11th, 2011
lol creepy/sexy magicarp
lol at first i thought it said "shaved her" and i had to do a double take "ohhhh 'SAVED her'"
January 3rd, 2011
lol tablespoon?
January 3rd, 2011
lol pahies face in the last pannel. XD can i call him pachi? it sounds like a nickname for a pachiresu...did i even spell that right? D:
is the little dog gonna laugh now? oh and will the dish run away with the spoon? :D
i decided to re-read the comic. and i tried to go to the next page but it told me too many people were visiting it already D:
so congrats on having THAT many fans :D