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> My name is Marcela;
> I am & will always be 19;
> Universitary, C/O 2014;
> Made in Mexico, Jul. 5;
> i� Hayao Miyazaki's Japanese animations, anime, children's books, kiwi, plushies, balloons are weird, strawberries, listen to music, turtles, snowflakes, Anne Rice books, sunsets, hugs, summer, drinks, dresses, candies, vans, Ramms+ein, coffee, hot chocolate, nature ('cept animals), etc.
>I hate animals in general, specifically the ones with hair and feathers oh, yeah and cockroaches, fuck them all. I only like reptiles. I don't like most of the fatty food anymore. Salads are delicious! � I love fish and shrimps.
> I'm a very very very very lazyyy person :S
> Thank God I'm smart, and I'm very thankful to him for everything I've got in this life :3
This is gonna get funny
OMG! Intriguee!!! I wanna know what's next.... GOD!! T-T
This is such a cute comic!!!!!
I'm impatiently waiting for the update!!
update!! :D Best christmas present. No matter if late XD
Maybe I want to sit on Santa's lap ;)
I am so WATCHING you at DevArt :)
I'm Moyoleuhqui in thur :3
But I definitely want to see the sequel O-O Like BADLY!!
Just look at my icon
D; it craves for MOOAAARR!!
December 23rd, 2010
Comic,comic, comic :D I love your comic!!! <3 Griz is hot <3
The last one of the chapter RIIIIIGHHT???? OOMMMGGGGGG T^T
so adorable!!!!!!!!
Update! Finally <3 Thanks
This is so cuute!!
This is a great and fun comic. Yar yar yar!
This is so far one of the best yaoi comics around! <3
November 7th, 2010
I just started reading your story like 3 days ago and I just couldn't help but keep on reading. It's really amazing and I love it!!! You've got me in suspense wondering about Simon for a few pages and it seems like I'll have to wait more. I really usually never read stories, I'm only capable of reading comics (is faster) but I kinda sorta got attached to this one <3
OMG!!!!! Forr Godd sakeeeee

i sooo loved this pageeeeee and I really really love that sooong!!!!! I'm listening just to make the reading more interesting!! <3 love love love!!
I actually only registered to the page just so to watch better your comic *O*