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Hi this is Ark Revner speaking :D

i'm currently working on my first webcomic "Welcome to the Garden of Bloody Roses". Hope you guys like it!
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Hey there!
It's been a while! I could spend time trying to explain the sudden break, but lets just jump into the next chapter!
The Main Trio

It's been forever hasn't it? Well, as you can see I haven't uploaded any new page since the end of the prologue -SHOT- ... So I just want to say I'M SO SORRY!! (;____;) But I wanted to upload this as a way of saying that this comic is far from dead. In fact i want to start uploading new pages pretty soon (Just maybe not quite as frequently...) However, I'll explain that in my next upload.

So anyway, These are that main three Characters of Bloody Roses Tateo, Jinsei and Akemi (who has yet to be introduced). However, there are still a few more characters to be met within the next couple chapters.

Well that's it for now, until next time!
Oh my gosh i really love your style! It's really crisp and pleasant to look at. :)
haha, run away buddy. if you know what's good for you.
Alright, made it to the end of the prologue. Now the story can really begin ;D what do you guys think so far?
@Roxehh: Tehe, glad to hear that! >v<
well the security at their school are nice to most students... but with constant trouble makers like Jinsei, not so much.

@MaliceJay: lol, they'll never give him back.
October 28th, 2011
Hahaha... o__o
only one more page till the prologue is over. then the real story begins... >:)
i love how she just leaves her there.
@Ignea: thank yous so much!! >v< that really means a lot.
@MaliceJay: there's plenty of room for everyone! ;D
@Kit:thank you so much! hopefully i'll make you proud :)
@DarklyWhite: Thank you ;V; that means so much!
so much bromance in the air.
I really do enjoy drawing these two together :)

EDIT: fixed something on page that was bothering me, lol.
sorry for the random re-update...
that can't be good for his face... or his pride.
October 22nd, 2011
a small detail can go a long way :D
October 22nd, 2011
i'm loving it so far :)
his face... i don't even.
Super Moe Much?
*dies of the super moeness of this picture*
i'm really interested to see where this goes!
wait a second, i don't even... THERE ARE TWO STORIES GOING ON AT THE SAME TIME??? do the two ever intertwine?
This seems so much fun so far! this is drawn by cl0che right? the same person that does Proximo Pulse?
@MaliceJay: tehe, thanks he's my baby for sure.