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To quote MissingParticle from the last page...
Did it ever get explained why Hannah names herself Oehda in SFC? Did Hannah hate her real name?
Where was Ira's green mustache? I thought I put that on there... I don't remember Ira wearing a hat... but the pink shirt and black high heels are good... I didn't add that, but it does look like something Iraenus would wear!
Well, it was good.

Thanks for writing Ira throughout the entire season, he looked like he'd fit the Billy and Mandy universe. Yes, I know some controversy went on about him, but nontheless, I still like his character just for being the oddball type.

Good thing about Iraenus is we'll be able to see his jury outfit... which I'm pretty sure would be inappropriate, considering the blue bra he wears on the outside.
Yeah, because he's overly sexual...

There's nothing wrong with being bisexual, but the way Iraneus is is just creepy. That's what I'm saying... with that, he's supposed to creep people out...

Iraneus IS the minority by the way.
Alice- 0
Emilee- 8
Freddie- 0
Geena- 0
Heinz- 5
Iraenus- 7 (I agree with everyone... he's fun, but I'm turned off by his bi-sexuality... yes, I'm his creator, and I can tell the truth about my creation of Iraneus all I want)
Jackie- 10
Johnny- 6
Kiara- 8
Malik- 2
Matt- 1
Melanie- 7
Oehda- 10
Penny- 10
Shaniqua- 3
Xero- 5
To gejo..
You say that some people are... "a disgusting homophobic twat who is embarassing to humanity and any person with some good morals would be utterly repulsed by your demeanor and actions."

That was my intended reaction for everyone... to be creeped out by bi-sexuals... as he is my character. Iraneus is SUPPOSED to freak people out. There's nothing wrong with the reactions. It's just plain normal to be freaked out by bi-sexuals... not humans... it's okay to be bi... but it's just not done with a demon before... and it would have been a complete shock to see that this demon is a bi-sexual... Ira is supposed to freak people out in real life... I mean, it's what you're doing right now... hating Iraneus is supposed to be part of the freaking out.

"you are disgusting, the diarrhea of an aborted fetus, you are repugnant, the puke coming out of the nose of nicole ritchie, you are embarassing, as the plastic cunt of pamela anderson, and i will NEVER ever respect such a homophobic disgusting twat like you or even for that matter acknowledge your presence, not only in the internet, but on earth."

Now, that's just harsh, man. Calm it down. I'm fine with his opinion.

"you proved my dislike of you right, but you proved it even wrong, because i underestimated your vileness."

From all the comments I read, I thought you all HATED Ira.

"dont dont support rape whatsoever but i hope someone blasts your backcunt apart with their huge black cock."

Where in any of the comments did any of them mention rape? Iraneus supports rape too, and people don't like it. If anything, you can complain to the creator. Bring it on.

"even just plain cunt since you're such a spineless ass pussybitch"

Did it ever occur to you we don't care about your opinion. Go ahead and lash out, I'm just skipping your comments.

So anyway, you have no reason to complain to people about my character. If anything, you can complain to me, as I am the creator of Iraneus. He's suppose to give this reaction... Ira's supposed to make people turn off on bi-sexuality.

That's about all I have to say... so think before you write stuff down.

You got Iraneus down to a T...

So far, only Matt and Hannah are creeped out... let's see how many more he creeps out...
My sweet transvestite demon has made his appearance...

Oh boy... this is going to be rich!
Even though my character isn't in the preview... looks like he may have another transvestite to play around with...
Not much to say here... but LOL.
This is going to end well... I hope...
The Mad One
The answer was 24, not 34. And keep in mind, this was for individual Immunity, which means everyone had to battle for it. And the rules said you have to guess close to the answer WITHOUT going over.