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September 30th, 2007
It would be funny if he couldn't fit it back in.
"if you dont' battle us we're going to kick the living shit out of you"?

But aren't they gonna try to do that anyway?
Read the whole archive, great comic! *favs*
I thought you were 100% original..?
This cracked me up!

I wish i could celebrate 4th July, gives me another reason to take alcahol.
Looks interesting...i'll fav.

*comment virginity*
Do they normally tie the karts to the top or something? (I'm not american, never seen a soap box derby :( )
Here a 'cluck', there a 'cluck', everywhere a 'cluck cluck'

Ol' McDonald had a farm.

fabnt doesn't understand :(
mabye the SJ people move to drunkduck to find a better comic life.

Then when they feel more confident (unless you have shattered their spirits KEVIN! >.<) they decide to go to SJ and DD and as many other comic hosts as you can care to name.

And sometimes, mabye the DD people are just on vacation..?
Yay! updateness
squeal or no squeal.
And what a accurate drawing of noel edmunds.

I take it you're british if you get deal or no deal? Or is it american too.?
sorry i havn't commented in a while..

Good comic :D
come on next page!
this page is so cute!
sry i havn't commented, i'm not good at that. Yay! they wen out, this is really interesting!! can't wait till next page!
ah better catch up on your sleep. I expect a twice as funny comic next week XP
once again with the cute little drawings, well done!