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@Missalice3: Yeah I'm trying to get SJ caught up to deviantart because I forgot to upload a few comics here. And I'm on day 26 at the moment. Haven't worked on it in over 6 months, but starting it up again. Hopefully I stick it out this time.
@qazox: Thanks, good to be back. And that is true. Maybe there will be a smoke monster challenge.
Looks like she's going to be a happy leader!
My SFC2 senses are tingling
Want a romantic time with you and your date? Hire Hilary now!
In a battle of Inferno and Kasha, Kasha wins this round... taking out Inferno's right hand girl.

Linette... honestly never expected her to be popular at all. Kind of expected her to be Kelly but just a little more interesting. My original plan with her was to make her UTR and just be kind of a mindless puppet to Inferno (not really the right word for it, but you get my point), but as I moved with the story I realized she kind of had a bigger role than originally planned.

The start of her story was "Should I got with Kasha or Inferno?" and in the end, she chose to stick true to Inferno... sadly that apparently was a bad move for her because now she's' gone.

I know a lot of people liked her, but I still think she was just a meh character and for the most part she was always planned to go this early. Sorry to her fans, but she ran out of her usefulness here.
@solesurvivor: We are about to find out!
@qazox: Let' see if you can get the next one right as well.
And Devious strikes... knocking Erin out of the game.

Erin was extremely fun to write for, and I wish I had kept her around longer, but I just don't think it would have worked. She was lucky to survive the first tribal council for Sha'su, but sadly for her she couldn't survive a second.

I liked writing her 4 episode story arc. Starts off as a loud leader, tries to hold back for 2 episodes, and then Devious convinces her to step up again... ultimately leading to her downfall. Definitely a fun character for me, and I'm sorry she couldn't last any longer than this... but the game continues on!
@Missalice3: Stay with me, cause your all I need.
@qazox: Maybeeee
@solesurvivor: Maybeeeee
Who will go home from this tribe in this double boot episode?
@qazox: It wasn't much of a vacation because of work, but whatever haha.
@Missalice3: Hopefully here to stay but I make no promises :P
Anything can happen at Sha'sus tribal council.

Also, don't really know what my plans are for this series. All I know is I have comics all the way up until Day 26 so far so might as well continue posting it while I figure out what I'm going to do.
Both tribes are about to lose somebody, and all we know is it ain't Kadir!

Also, going to try and get back to a consistent schedule soon!
@Guest: Dunno
...I like how Kasha acts surprised that Inferno wants her out.
@qazox: Downfallllll
@Missalice3: Janice seems willing (sort of). Hilary, not so much lol.
@LadenMaster: That's the one thing about working full time instead of going to school. No summer break. But I guess it's a little break from the comics for me if that's what you mean :P
Yay, leading Erin's back!
@qazox: Good answer lol
@sesareee: Maybe!
@Missalice3: Maybe Robin thinks differently than you :P