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Future artist and writer just looking for fun for the passion they love.

Future comics TBA.
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Awww she's soo cute! :D
Hey everyone! I'm sorry for that I havn't been posting! I still want to get this collab started, I simply started school and had gotten a tad busy. Then my computer is out of order at the time. I'm typing this at school.

But I'd like to welcome the new comers to the collab, and I'm still hoping to get more to fill the last spots. :)

To the rest of the authors please try and post your characters up soon. I was mainly waiting for everyone to get there characters up before starting, but I can only hold this back so long before I have to start without you guys.

I have the starting comic prepared as soon as my computer is back up I shall have it inked and up. :D So you'll have atleast a week or two to have your characters up. Thank you everyone for joining I really do thank you all. I hope we can all have fun with this!

This looks cute :D and sounds very interesting!

I like it so I shall be your first fan! Wooooh!

I hope you post more. :D
Never said she was a chinese dragon. XD
I personally just like the chinese zodiac.
Plus it's easier to control how many people join the collab. lol
Third times a charm
I couldn't stand that last drawing I did. I was so tired. So I did it again. I think I really like this one.

So anyways complete re-vamp of the character. I completely changed her.

Reason she doesn't have wings...>.> I really suck at drawing wings. XD

And yes I know the zodiac dragons element is wood. I still like dragons that can blow fire. XD
You can post up your profiles if you want. I'm being slow with mine. But was kinda waiting for a few more people. But if yall wanna get this started! We sure can! X3

And if yall know anyone who would be interested..Have them check it out. :3
Yes that's what it means...The element is for that particular zodiac animal of this cycle.
I really thought about that honestly..I figured if someone REALLY wants to play a cat in this collab I'll make an exception of it. :)
Wasn't trying to be offensive to anyone honestly...Sorry.

I hope this rule sheet is better to your liking. :3
Here's some info about the Chinese Zodiac signs. For people that want to know a little more about them. Such at there element, and attitude styles.

I got all this info off of wiki here-

That is if its to hard to read on this page. :3
I believe all collabs have it XD so yeah here's the rules nothing to bad!