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Nice to meet you!

I like anime, manga, drawing, and writing.... I also like making friends. :) ....Even though I'm kinda shy. ^^;

My favorite manga right now is Gantz (lol, where I picked my username from.... it doesn't fit me at all. XD) And my favorite anime right now is Angel Beats!

Soooo, More about me? well, I'm a senior in highschool (I can't wait to be done!) I'm an artist, always have been and always will be. :) Umm... I'm actually really lazy and I procrastinate....A LOT...... X_X I'm hoping that working on a webcomic will at least motivate me to get something done each week.... Wish me luck....?
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Yay, An Actual Page!
See? I said I'd update an actual page soon!

..... I just had to sneak onto my dad's computer to do it..... >.>;

This took wayyyy too long for me to finish... I need to figure out how to shade stuff more efficiently....
I'm Soooo Sorry!
And, Sorry that this is not an actual page!

Life has been kicking my ass lately. I was being bullied at school for awhile (and now have to switch schools @$%&#!!!!) I'm a Senior and trying to make sure I get all of my credits so I can graduate high school (I'm behind in them!)My computer got a nasty virus in July and no longer has internet at my dad's house because no one knows the network key, so the only place I have internet is at my mom's... And I still hate being there.... (It looks like this problem may be fixed soon though!)

So all this as well as a couple other things have added up to spottier updates than I originally intended, but I am working on pages! I have through page 17 drawn and through page 16 inked (no idea what pages are toned anymore.... -_-; ) And I'm in the middle of working on more! To everyone reading this, THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE! I'll update an actual page soon, I PROMISE!
Hey Guys....
Sorry for not updating for over a month. My life got busy. >.<;

I have a new schedule for school, and I may be graduating soon! So I've been trying to keep up with homework, and get enough sleep to still be moderately intelligent. So in other words, no time to draw or edit pages(not to mention I'm my own worst critic and I'll insult myself until I have no confidence left.) -_-; Which has meant no new updates.I'm SO SORRY!

Anyway, I hope you all had a good Halloween yesterday! And I'll try and update more!
Replies for the Previous Page
To Sakerumi: That makes me happy to hear! :D

To Walking-Cloud: Thanks! I hope to upload more soon. ^.^

and to Brooke9000:Thank you! XD it takes forever, so I'm glad you like it!
Page 3
ok.... sooo..... 11:00 is a weird time to update huh? Well, I'm not at school an I'm incredibly bored.... and it's an update day(granted, I uploaded something on Monday) So I'm uploading a page......

And here we start a very short flashback.... and I start not liking how this page turned out.... (which seems to be normal)

Soooo, this page brings up a couple things you should know:
1: I started this in March (I draw really slowly) and between then and now I figured out how to ink a little better.... But my computer crashed and I don't have Gimp installed anymore, so the file with all the layers won't open. So for a little while you guys will get some old pages with slight editing until I can reinstall gimp. (which is a whole hell of a lot better than just REDOING EVERYTHING)

2: This is a practice comic. So pardon any bad art or plotline(or potential plot holes... gonna try and avoid those...) because I'm still figuring out what I'm doing. This is also to see if I can learn to draw faster, because it takes way to long for me to make a page. (in my opinion)

Sorry about the long author's comment, I'll reply to comments on the prvious page in a little while.
Ok! Here's page 2! :D lol.... Dialogue ends mid sentence....>.> sorry bout that.

I'm uploading this now because I decided on an update schedule, and I figure if I announce it I'll be more likely to keep it..... >.> Not to mention I snuck onto my Dad's computer and noticed 17 people have now added this to their favorites.... So think of this as kind of a thank you. ^.^

So, I decided that this will update on weekends, mostly. Actual update days are anywhere between Friday afternoon - Monday afternoon, this is so I have more time to draw pages (even though I have a backlog through about page 9....) Also, I may end up updating every other week for awhile, but if I can I'll update every week. If I miss an update, I'll make up for it by uploading an extra page or so. So, I guess this is this week's update. So I probably won't add anything else for a week. ^^;

And to Sakerumi: Thank you! I'm glad you like it! ^.^

*scuttles off to go draw more and expand the backlog*
Annnnddddd Here's page 1! :D

And yay! a fan already! ^.^

Hehe.... I would've uploaded this a bit sooner but my mom and I were on video chat with a couple friends who recently moved to China..... So.... That was more important. XD
This is a temporary cover, I'll fix it later.... But it WILL look better very soon!

.....And the picture I used for the banner will be used at a later date.... >.> It's just the only colored picture relating to this that I've done in a while.....

I'll upload a page or 2 in a couple hours. ^.^
September 17th, 2011
I hate to have to ask this, but what is Bernhilde saying in the second bubble? Is it supposed to be "I came to Sin Village by myself?" Or did you mean to type something else? because it says "can".... ^^;
September 17th, 2011
This looks soooo much better with the small dot size!

And lol, I love Cleo's lemon eating face! XD
August 11th, 2011
Great so far!
I love this so far! Keep up the great work!

And this picture is amazing! I love the tattoo on her back!
This is interesting so far, and your art is cute! I can't wait to read more. :)
I vote for Pinkcess! She's so cute! And I like pink..... :D
Sorry. D:
Proof I'm actually working on this!

You're looking at character designs and the next page..... Which isn't scanned.....or toned.... Because the scanner at my dad's house isn't hooked up yet..... For more excuses see this news post..... ----> /

I'll delete this once I have more pages posted....
December 6th, 2010
This is a great comic! :D I can't wait to read more!
Yay! Finally! A page!
Sooo... This is page one..... I toned/shaded/whatever you call it before drawing more pages because I had to figure out how to tone/shade/whatever black hair..... I've never had to do that digitally before..... that's what pens and markers are for.... unfortunately I don't know where they are..... and I think they're out of ink anyway so..... thank God for gimp.....

Also..... Armand's name is apparently French or something.... My dad named him. XD Why? because I asked him to help me name him (because I was lazy.)

and I'm sorry this page kinda sucks.....>.> Like I said before, I don't know where my inking pens are..... So.... messy and sketchy lines are abundant.... Let me know if I misspelled anything.... I'm too tired/lazy to fix it atm....

Page 2 should be ready in a few days.....

Reply to the comment on the previous page....

to Yuriko: Thank you. :) And her name is Shia.
November 4th, 2010
This is really interesting! ^.^ and I love your art!
Quick Explanation
Hello! ^.^
Since atm I don't have a comic description up....

This is a harem manga/comic thing.... Where the girls are zombies...... I'm still working on character designs and stuff, but it shouldn't take me too long..... (Give me about a week......)

I won't have a scanner for a couple weeks after Friday, so in the meantime I'll be drawing pages and scanning them...... Instead of worrying about uploading them right away.....

Anyway... >.> I guess that's all for now.