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Apparently Tailslover13 is alive...
...and has gone off the deep end. 97

*headdesks repeatedly*
@Vilecheese: Lol dirty mind. They could also be cold sores, you know.
@Friend of Fennecs: The drama's only here because he got suspended on dA.
@Vilecheese: I kinda suspect it might be unanimous for Minerva.
Jackie was kinda bad during the jury questions.
Why aren't you uploading it on dA?

So basically, Adrian was good until like Episode 7 or 8, and then he went flat.
Look at everyone who's had confessionals in that comic. This was exactly what happened with last season's merge comic.
I regret telling this to you all, including to myself, but according to this comic here, there's no way Bonnie's not making the F5 at the very least.
@Vilecheese: He had huge presence despite being UTR.
@SWSU-Master: Trying to advance your work further from your previous work is perfectly natural. But trying to get extreme, polarizing elements that may or may not work in a season, to work, is kinda risky in my opinion.
@Vilecheese: I know, right? I've seen how SWSU really likes to experiment with the seasons, but I'm not sure if making them more negative is the panacea for SFC to move further. I think there are a lot more ways than the negative route to break away from being too cliche.

At least SFC9 had Cherman.
@JoeTheHobo: Apparently you forgot to rate Emilee.
@Vilecheese: If I remember you saying it correctly, you said that it was only above SFC6 and SFC4 shortly after the season finale.