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There should be "rate this page:", followed by five icons, above the "Average rating line. The code "document.write('rate this page: ');" (line 30) is illegal in XHTML. I tested it in Firefox and Edge. I don't have Chrome or Opera. The problem has been there since the beginning.

I ran an error scan on your most recent page. There were some 20 coding errors and 10 warnings. Smack Jeeves should sort out their code. I suggest that you contact them as it is their problem.

I hope that helps.
Still hoping.
– Yes, Silvador, me too. I check every 1st Tuesday of the month, but it's been a long time. As they say, 'Hope springs eternal.'
Like what JulesFx Said
I've been checking every month for an update. (<_>). I would happily pay into a Kickstarter or Patreon account to see the rest of the story.
July 18th, 2014
Thank you.
I've only just discovered this comic (not sure how) and am already addicted. Thank you for what looks like it will be well worth following.
"Lucky" Cat? I don't think I would be happy to be left alone on the island with Circe on the prowl. Most worrisome.
Sorry to see you go.
From my point of view, I have enjoyed Seclusion in and am sorry to see it go. I realised a while ago that your heart was not in it yet kept hoping. So, I hope that you will be back some time with a new comic tho' how I will know is a mystery. Good luck and best wishes, Chris.
Sorry, it sounds as if I'm being pushy. Am just grateful for what comes. Can understand how dayjob interferes with one's life.
You're back!
Great to see an update. I've been checking every week but was on the point of giving up. My favourite pane is the last but one, at the foot of the stairs. Look forward to seeing more. Thanks.
Oh Baalah
Methinks Baalah is getting a wee bittie rebellious. I just love the expression on her face in that last image. Just love that demoness. :o)
Congratulations. Hope you have a wonderful like together.
Just love that first frame - "MINE, ..." etc. And the last frame. Looking forward to when the story can continue.
Pawn's Back!!!!
It's great to see Pawn back again. And well worth the wait (as expected). Now I will have to go back to the beginning and read it all again (for the 5th? time). Thank you so much for such a wonderful story, unlike any other on-line graphic novel (as they seem to be called these days).