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Hello! My Names Megan!, I love to draw, or at least try to draw, as well as write and take photos. I have a lot of my work on my deviant art. I love to cook as well. I hope to one day own my own restaurant and stuff. So much fun! I love to ride horses, and drive older cars. :'D I plan to one day get 5 cars, I already have 1 of them so im on my way, but get all 4 years of the Buick Reatta, (I have the 1988) and then a 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS 454, and go to car shows, with the chevelle in the middle of the rettas, all revving there engines, seems rather fun :'D In other words, I love making new friends, feel free to send me a message when ever you want. Im have access to the internet almost all the time.
you can find my DA at
or you can send me a email
say your from smackjeeves, so i dont think your someone random person with my email :'D
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My Horse did that to me a few times XD the little young feller likes to play XD and i hope you elbows get better TT^TT
Noes Bleed
Epic so far! cant wait to see more *drool* Love the horse with the epic face... XD lol