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Nice try making us like Maggie, Mar~Ina! But it will take more than chibi faces, carrying baby Romeo or taking a sweet pic of Charles at work…
What's up with reading her tablet during supper (dinner?)? With a guest at the table to boot!
I just lurve Julien's 'guess-we'll-hafta-wait-then' face♥
Yeah, no… Like Lawfair and Jimmy, I don't trust Maggie nor Charles!
And Julien complete change of perspective seems a bit fast and unfair. He's taking Maggie's word as the Holy Gospel without letting a chance to his own mama?
Splendid page too♥
@Amarok: Alright, together @ 3…

Hallo? You didn't hang up, did you?
*chuckles* Neither did you, luv~
What happened to Mr. ‘I need to get going’?
Not complaining though ♥__♥
@Nieidanine: Splendid pages, there's just a little typo in the second panel, [I'n] instead of [In]? Or do I miss something?
That's more like it!♥
One more sec… One more kiss… Hold on… And one for the road…
That ‘not-so-smart’ phone will end its miserable life shattered against the wall if it keeps interrupting such a sweet, sweet moment!
@Nieidanine: Yet again, you made amazing pages!!! Where is the seventeenth flaming heart that I wanna hit to upvote/rate them?
Even though there's this twinge of emergency, this page feels much warmer than the previous one ♥
@DanishWolf: IKR?
Tight embrace, tighter!, skin to skin, mouth to skin, fluid exchange (did I went too far? again??)
I don't know why, but the casualness(?) or domesticity(??) of Joa's request in panel 3 sounds a bit sad…
Furthermore, he could have suggested the inside of the elbow, the back of the knee… Well, maybe not if Dylan has to leave soon and just got his clothes on, I got carried away, gomen m(__)m
Joa! You could act a bit less messy… It's the Transfusions 8th Anniversary Gala™ for crying out loud‼ And it's Dylan's /precious fluid/ you're dripping there.
Happy Anniversary!(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ʸᵉᵃʰᵎ
Hmh… I wonder where young, full of hormones, Lawrence is heading to, all alone in the Sin City??
But this flashback pro'lly won't tell us, as it is Mr Montague's memories… Dang it!
@Dokidokibaka: Hello there!
(didnt recognised you for a sec)
And happy /belated/ birthday again \(^__^)/
Oops! I totally missed this page‼
Julien sure isn't bringing a peace offering—
But Mrs. M doesn't look really friendly either, not lifting her eyes from her tablet?
While I have some theories about Mr. M…
Meh, I still don't /trust/ (wink-wink) the guy!
He wouldn't be much of a successful businessman if his subordinates were so freely managing the company…