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Your art is gorgeous no matter what! And I would be reluctant too in Dylan's shoes, in those hacking days and all… I'd rather have him take analog photos instead. And keep it somewhere safe oc!
Fourth panel Gannet is all like b( ⋟؂⋞) and I love him for that!! Thanks Lucid ♥
He brought extra clothes? Do bird people have seer powers? Or is it a Sharpe household thing?
asdfgh Calling him B is the cutest though!

And I'm afraid I can't agree with Bailey here, I mean yes oc Gannet's ass looks amazing— but it does so every day dammit!!
We totes should show more love to Bailey's runner buns in those tight trousers♥ https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8301/7901920718_fe5b2a255b_b.jpg
@boiseboo: Well... Whatever happens, nobody will know 'cause Bailey is gonna lend him his jacket to keep him warm and safe and ... pure?
@Lucid: Actually, they form a lovely couple of dummies ♥~♥ =_=
"[not] the kinkiest (…) right away" as in kinkier ones in the future?
@Nieidanine: The bottle wasn't full but Dylan was the only one to drink wine, wasn't he? So with the glass(es) he drank before and the gulps(?) he took in the bathroom, that should sums up to half a bottle.
I love Bailey's blushing face °////°
@Hoagie: Exactly!!
But for a split-second, I did think you were linking to something like this


You know when you're the +1 at a party and end up by the pool with something lurking in the upside-down…?
@Guest: Oops, my bad! Forgot to end my comment with a smiley like ;°P . I was kidding of course…
About our boy, is he gonna miss Renee bc he's about to be grounded for the next 74 years?
Thank you MissLucid, for nurturing /our/ Tumblr education ¨3 Have a nice time @ fanime b^^
In that last panel, Gannet should have gone “Oh my Goddess, you're right!” seeing how the pharaohs were considered as Gods and all that jazz…

Renee is in guru mode in panel 4! And her choice of word is simply brilliant… I mean the four-letter L-word. 'Cause you want to reassure the boy, not pressure him, ne?
No, seriously… Seriously? He just effing told you he wasn't comfortable 'cause he didn't buy you shnitz and now you add another gift? What is wrong with you, sadistic bastard of a vampire?
@lunabob: DYLAN'S!! (More precisely the sweetness, pattern and contrast of his neck hairs)
[sorry I didn't reply sooner, btw, your message didn't show as a 'reply' and I only caught it in my mail notifications oTL ]
GOSH!! The nape of Dylan's neck… ♥_♥
@TaliciaEm: That's what the feathers belt is for: hiding the hardon outline.