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Your pages are power beauty, Ameoname!♥_♥
What if /oomanz/ can become addicted to AUM's ointment? Because if he get expelled from the Nest, where would Yoni find his third-eye-opener fix?
Alright, so in the end, the bubble isn't hiding the closet door handle, my bad… orz
I like how Joa is basically saying "I Love you, alright? Deal with it!"
Methinks King want not hear pretty boy hair like silk — he want FOCUS!
That smile is a tad too much of a smirk to put anyone at ease…
Why the cold stare, though, Joa? I mean /colder/ than usual…
*sighs* I can't help but keep looking at that scepter now!
All caught up again‼ Binge read 10 months worth!
Do as you're told, Gavran… What do you have to loose?
Ok, that's it… I'll never be able to trust/forgive Gavran now… How can he not know what a necklace is while
*・゚✧AUM✧゚・*, the walking✧゚・* impersonation of
*・゚✧bling✧゚・*, is in front of him?
Bird people nipples are the best, aren't they? 8°P~
BTW, is AUM a raven or a Vrani?
So… How does it work? AUM makes a prophecy and then Garga (and its gang) acts on it so that it comes true?
Look who's talking about /filthy tongue/! Weren't your tongue wording "where the cluck" and "AUM" in the same sentence only one page ago?
Did the ravens choose Yoni to be their king?
"A human (…) freaked out everyone!"? Really now? Come on King! Were we reading the same comic?
Yoni is obviously talking to /shouting at you in the last panel, @ameoname!
Be careful there, King… Next time Yoni attempt to escape, your guards might not stop him!
Ouch! Was that for the /valuable/ comment?
HAPPY p100‼♥
"For example, if you're about to take off, don't! Call me and we'll elope‼"
@Dark-Chibi-Shadow: Yes, you're right, I remember now… But I did read a plant person smut story somewhere? Wasn't it yours? Can't remember where it was though…

And did you get what I was talking about with the 'and voila' instead of 'and viola'? Because 'viola' actually means 'raped'!!