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All caught up! Man, the webcomics I follow just keep adding up... BTW, is PTaaT updated on Thursday on all your platforms? I think there are 5 more pages on Tumblr and Tapas though?
Wow, so much tension so early in the morning!
‘‘Bothersome dad… Boisterous neighbour… And then greeting classmate? Nope, I'll pass!’’
Splendid art. Amazing expressions!
January 8th, 2018
I just can't keep my eyes/hands/lips off of those plump nipples! *nomnomnom*
Good luck on the moving b^^
on the *move(?)
Talk about wasting Dylan's blood!
Thank you for this wonderfully colourful wedding hall! Wha? Yoni actually still is in MOA mode and sees things? Pretty and colourful things though only /in his mind/ things?
‘Breathe in, child – all is well – breathe out – its warm and cozy here – breathe in – no need to look for the youmane world – breathe out – you have but friends here – breathe in – doesn't it already feels like home here, child? – breathe out’
Truly a magnificent page ♥
All the best for 2018 eveyone…
Side note: I'd really love a panel 2 Yoni's pin-up ♥_♥
Makes perfect sense, @Clown14: Garvan was gonna say "That's why I'm going to keep him here, by my side, until death do us part!"
Are you a force of chaos, Kaya? Are you a /good/ chaos? I feel you're up to something and had instructions for this… But whose instructions? Garvan? Naaah— AUM? Might be– Or does she 'hear' her orders from Moa directly in her head? I'd love that!
@Coolzuny: You wish! Even though Kaya's apologising, she's just gonna kick him out!!
erm… Shouldn't Kaya peck Yoni's hand in return? Or is it a one-way thing and the first who extends their hand proves a friendly-enough gesture?
Love her pursed lips when she explains the obvious to our <stroke>dummy<unstroke> reluctant boy!
I was just thinking that, Dylan…

BTW Anni, The Witch Door is rad! (wait do younguns still say 'rad'? im so old) And thank you for sharing FOUR amazing pages with us each week counting your 2 babies b^^d
I'd love it if Joa could make /us/ not see the wound and bruise…
She's such a spaz!
And our poor baby is gonna get thrown of the cliff again? Will his feather–ey cloak help him fly?
Oh yes, that neclace is RAD! Even matching her earrings… (and that drape is maity naiss too ♥)
- "Or was it a giant staple?"
@Nieidanine: New intel on /your/ vampires, neat!
Is that a real world map?
‘‘(…) spare your life?’’ ‘‘(…) take care of you?!’’ ‘‘(…) prepare you?!’’ ‘?’ ‘?’ ‘?’ That's a lot of question marks!
And btw, /prepare/ him??
Nice wing FX! And I love the "Freak!" "No, /you/ freak!" trope. She's cute as hell, whether she's blushing or furious ♥_♥
Oh my Gosh!
But it looked like Joa was going in for seconds!
@ameoname: I bet he'd loooove to hear that‼ ;°P