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My hobbies include wearing frilly dresses, sipping tea, and writing about cannibalism.
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Sorry this is so late, my motivation's been really... bleh lately.
Hey guys, sorry that this is super late! I got caught up doing some stuff yesterday and the night before...

Anyway. I have some news. I've been thinking about various things in the past little while, and about what direction I want to go in with my art and writing, and as a result of that I've decided to put this comic aside for a while. Updates will continue as normal for a little while, since I have several pages in my buffer, but after that, it's all up in the air. I've been doing this comic for four years now, and so while I feel bad about having to do this, for the past for years doing this comic has taken up all the time I have available to do art of any kind. I've stagnated quite a bit over that time, and it's taken away most of the joy of art for me. I've been less and less motivated, especially with how busy real life has gotten lately, and comics have become more of a chore for me than anything. I still adore this story and its characters, so I have no plan of abandoning it. I don't know how long it'll be before I come back, or in what format this story will be in at that time. I've been focusing more on my writing lately, so I may just decide to do it in novel format (to be honest -- as a writer, the pacing of doing comics has been extremely frustrating for me). A webcomic artist I follow switched to doing a kind of illustrated story format a while ago, which is something I might also be interested in. I really want to get back into doing digital art, experimenting with style and color, etc. -- in short, I just feel like I need the creative room to breath again.

Sorry to just suddenly dump this on all of you. I hope you understand! Thank you so much for all the kind support over the years. It's been a hell of a learning experience for me and I'm super grateful for that, and for everyone who's read and enjoyed this comic.

@yasha.queen: Don't be silly -- there's not crow in this page!

(actually, it's technically true, since that's a raven haha)
@troblsomtwins829: *farmer voice* we had a good harvest this year.
Uh oh, somebody spilled juice on the floor!
@yasha.queen: The answer you seek was actually in an early page!

(My art from four years ago was so ugly oh nooooo)
I'm back!

This week's page guest stars: A really sketchy door, curvilinear perspective.
What's this? A page where I don't have to draw speech bubbles? Merry Christmas to me~!

EDIT: Oh, I forgot to mention, but I'm skipping over next update because I'm going away for a week and won't be able to bring my art supplies with me, plus I have a whack of tests and assignments due over the next several days >_< See you in late march!
@yasha.queen: haha, no problem ;)
"Did Rhyder just suddenly teleport in front of the church?"
Shhhhhhhhhh it looked cooler this way.
@yasha.queen: Haha oh man... you have no idea how sad it makes me whenever I have to cover up a particularly nice Rhyder booty with his cape. I'm glad I at least got to keep the half-butt.
Guilt trip activated!
Days without an argument: 0.

Days without Rhyder being a douche: also 0.
@AdmiralBetas: Thanks :) I'm the same way -- I'd much rather eyeball things. Trouble is sometimes it's only much later that I go back and realize my gut feeling was wrong @_@
Slightly early upload tonight. Have a double page spread! Oh lordy, I don't even know where to begin... there's so much wrong with the perspective here, and my attempts to make digital art look like traditional art failed big time (I couldn't think of a way to do a double page spread traditionally without either taping two pages together >_<). I was going to add a lot more chaos/smoke/destruction too, but I just kind of... forgot. But what's done is done. At least it was a good learning experience.

RIP website layout. you were never meant for images with a width of 2000 pixels. Idealistically, I should be putting my IT professional skillz to use redoing the site, but I've just got too much on my plate right now to manage it :/
@AssassinPerson: I'm happy you like it :3 (I was your secret santa, hehe!)
That has got to be the cutest giraffe face ever!
Dude on the left is the greatest. Mr. Screaming Inside is a hero to us all.
The soft watercolor effect is so pretty!