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oh my...
I know exactly how he feels :/ My New Year's Eve was like this.. Poor guy.
January 7th, 2012
It's really sad to hear that but in the end it's your decision and I can really understand it.
But I really think that there are lots of people who enjoy reading this and are curious as how the story will/would go on even thought they aren't all commenting.
QD vs WoW? DD: What am I supposed to do now?
This pickup line just fails. So much I had to hit my self with my water bottle. Fortunately it's made of plastic not glass xD But hey... at least he's trying and not giving up :D
D: I know how much this hurts!
You're gonna finish this, right? D: RIGHT?! I mean you started it so you have to :X.. please?

At the beginning I was a bit skeptic with the crossover thing and if Diann would be a Mary Sue but you did a great job so far!