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And that's better how!?
When a Monster calls something else a monster it must be really bad.
Guardian Devil.
@EmilyAnnCoons: What! They're playing Pool of coarse.
Mine no but she's not. She's channeling her inner MILF.
She will mysteriously not be able to touch it.
LOL!They all look like butt plugs.
Super Wedgie!!!
Nothing like a dress that shouts "Look all no underwear".
The audience would love it even more if she forgot to put on a couple of things.
Yes she means to make the beast with 2 backs.
Out with the bad. In with the good.
That should be easy enough. Forget your cloths.
Yea but hows Hornia?
Yea update.That's not how I'd eat Hornia. Did she keep the sword?
February 2nd, 2019
Can't shrink can you.
LOL! Love the backhanded nickname.
Wrong Miss Math Major that would require 100% of women to be pregnant to get the average above 1.5. As is the number is just slightly above 1 so the average is 1.
File this next to Time Travel.
That flew so far over her head she never saw it.