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I'd LIKE to blame the fact that this page is both late and unfinished on the fact that I did an extra Father's Day page for Sunday... but that was two days ago, and that page was still only half finished when I posted it. No, I just horribly botched my plans for the background (which, ironically, was supposed to SPEED THINGS UP) and it took me this long to salvage things. At least Avi's not the only one around here with questionable plan-making abilities.

However, I DO want somebody to call the Institute for 90s Trash Culture so they can give me my reward for working a ProStars reference into today's comic.

And, while we wait for the final draft, enjoy today's Voting Incentive, which at least has color already.
Can't leave out the step-fathers, obviously! ...and no, that's not JUST because even after all this time I still haven't bothered to figure out what Jenna's birth father looked like.

Also, hello visitors on Tuesday who are looking for the next normal page that's inevitably running late! (I'm trying to reverse jinx myself, here. If I actually make preparations to accommodate the page running late, maybe the powers of fate and irony will short circuit and make the page go up ON TIME so that this message will end up looking silly?)
Well, THIS was a right disaster, wasn't it?

So, aside from the usual "there's a big Conventional Wisdom update that's not finished yet" factors to keep me distracted, I also had a time sensitive, topical filler comic that needed to get done within an even narrower window than all the other stuff if it was gonna get done at all. I didn't even finish inking this page until, like, 7am, and that's before I had to MASSIVELY rearrange all the the speech bubble placement thanks to some rather drastic dialog revisions. Oh, and I've also been on a mad tear to actually finish Patreon stuff all week (including a new Far Out there blog post) which didn't help matters much. So... yeah. Sorry the page was so late! Now I'm... gonna go to sleep early and spend all weekend drawing stuff.

Oh! And don't forget there's a new Voting Incentive which really sucks. IT'S A PUN THAT ONLY PEOPLE WHO'VE ALREADY SEEN IT WILL GET! HAH! (...yeah, I've been away way too long)

EDIT: GAH! I ALMOST FORGOT! THere's also a special Father's Day page going up Sunday, so be sure to tune in for that too (I gotta stop forgetting to announce these things)
See, this is what happens when I actually follow the plan and draw the page that was always supposed to come next: I get distracted and it runs late and I have to post a half-finished page. Yeah, this what was SUPPOSED to happen at some point last week, but I kept pushing it back so I could draw more random background references... and I still found a way to slip some in this time anyway!

So, yeah, come back later for the finished draft (which will quite possibly have the background brick-a-brack changed around if I end up altering the panel shapes) or click RIGHT HERE for a new Voting Incentive comic right away!

Also, some advanced warning: it was announced yesterday that Project Wonderful, the ad service I've been using pretty much since my comics started, is shutting down in August. Don't worry, this won't turn into a plea for more Patreon money to offset that loss (though if you wanna donate anyway, don't let me stop you ^___^ ), I always approached PW more as a means of putting ads on OTHER sites that happened to pay for itself than an actual source of income. That said, I'll still have to set up something new in the near future, which means two things: One, the potential for even MORE distractions while I figure things out, and Two, me having to fiddle with the site layout to replace the old ad code with new stuff. The second is probably the more serious of the two, since me trying to do ANYTHING website related is a very dangerous thing. Just be aware that, if the site suddenly seems to have a stroke without warning over the next few weeks, it's probably me trying and failing to set up a new ad box. Sorry in advance!

6/15 EDIT: Continuing with the theme of lateness, Conventional Wisdom stuff has me running even farther behind on Friday's comic than the last one. HOWEVER, the new Voting Incentive is up on TWC, so you can at least go read that while you wait!!!
Well, I went and did it again. The plan was to finally do that page that was SUPPOSED to go up on Tuesday before I went all silly... and then I went and had ANOTHER silly idea and ditched the plan again. Yup, this entire week had been nothing but off-the-cuff brain farts rather than the stuff that's actually supposed to advance the plot further. But hey, I managed to squeeze a number of other random scifi visual gags into the background, and that's more or less as important as actually achieving some forward story momentum, right?

Well, at least the Voting Incentives are actually going places and accomplishing things (despite being significantly less planned out than the main comic)
There's probably one BEAST of a moving sidewalk in that thing.
So, I mentioned in the previous page's comments that i like to keep my plans for future pages loose enough for me to slip in new ideas whenever I feel like it. And whaddaya know? Here's a page that wasn't even suppose to exist until I had a sudden change of heart! Actually, this is sort of my penance for using that Citizen Kane background, which took the place of several random in jokes I'd thought about slipping into the piles of boxes. I decided that, one way or another, I WOULD work those references into today's page, and somehow that turned into my replacing the planned page with a single-panel one that showed them more clearly than smaller, multiple panels would allow. So, enjoy this little tribute to fictional scifi games, cheesy 80s movie costumes, and obscure Basque sports that were kinda sorta depicted in that one scene in Tron!

...and this decision was in NO way influenced by the fact that a one-panel comic would be done faster, thus sparing more time and energy for Conventional Wisdom pages. NOR was it due to the fact that I got way too into doing the lighting effects in today's Voting Incentive and totally lost track of how much time I'd spent on it. Nope, these totally weren't factors at all. I have no idea where you even got that idea. That's just silly.
For the main comic, yes, I do try to keep things at "broad strokes" level of planning. Making a page up from scratch the night before is too exhausting, and I'm too worn out from getting the basic essentials written to add in the little off the cuff details that inevitably wind up being the best part. However, if I plan things out TOO much, and every page is just copying the exact details I already wrote down once before, that gets really tedious and unsatisfying. So I try to have the basic framework of the plot arc worked out in advance, but with enough wiggle room to throw new stuff in whenever I feel like ot.

With this latest Voting Incentive series, on the other hand, the "plan" is just to draw whatever feels coolest to draw at the moment.
HAHAHAHAHAHA It's so sweet when people suggest that I actually have a plan :D
Man, anybody just now wandering in without reading any of the previous pages is going to be SO confused by all this gibberish.

So, I started to sketch out the boys' pile of luggage and it occurred to me that it reminded me of that room full of crates in Citizen Kane... and the next thing I knew I wasn't bothering to finish sketching out that background. All the more time to blindly fumble through old pages to find a clear picture of that one spacesuit Ichabod wore the LAST time Avatar was sulking outside the ship.

Anyway, thanks for bearing with me on this Saturday update, gang. Next week should be back on the normal schedule, give or take the occasional late night/early morning. And look! A fresh Voting Incentive made it up to Top WebComics while it was still Friday! Good for me!
WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!? Nobody said anything about MORE out-of-continuity cameos!
Funny thing: the multiple "thats" were actually on purpose, to add to the feel of a nervous, exited, stammering kid... except I left out the extra punctuation which was supposed to go between them and complete the effect (I resized the text balloon, and I guess it got accidentally deleted while I was moving the text around) which turned it into TWO mistakes for the price of one!

Also, obligatory reference to Attack Of The The Eye Creatures goes HERE
OOOOOOoooooooh I didn't come out of Animazement feeling good. I mean, it was a FANTASTIC con, and I'm sure the Conventional Wisdom update that comes out of it will be tremendous, but MAN am I still worn out. My feet are so sore I literally couldn't walk for much of Monday, my sleep cycle's still shot to heck, I've had lingering headaches like mad, OH! And as a special bonus, the house's air conditioning is currently shot, so it's also been unbearably hot and sweaty in here the past few days and you can just imagine how easy that's made getting over all that other stuff.

Plus... um... I kinda, sorta, maybe left a lot of "insert funny lines here" notes where the kid's dialog should be, on the assumption that I'd be physically and mentally capable of throwing in some funny stuff at a moment's notice once I was done coloring the page in. It... um... didn't work out that way.

Speaking of not working out, as I post this, I STILL don't have the next Voting Incentive finished, or the rough draft of Friday's page even started yet. Now, I'm gonna get started on the Incentive as soon as I post this page, so keep an eye out for a new link appearing in these comments sometime tomorrow. But as for the next page... I'm just gonna save us all a lot of grief and uncertainty and say that the next page will come out on Saturday instead of Friday. Honestly, it would probably happen either way, this just ensures that we all know what's coming in advance. After all, it's technically not "late" if you tell people it'll happen in advance! Right? ...right?

EDIT: THERE! DONE! Fresh Voting Incentive UP!
What's the one thing Layla enjoys more than making a whole lot of money from something? Being on a receiving end of a constant stream of attention and adulation (especially if it's coming from a gaggle of cute and innocent little boys, apparently).

So, I'm not gonna lie, this originally wasn't supposed to be a page. At best, it was supposed to be one panel out of a much larger page... but I REEEEEAAAAALLY needed to get something finished and posted before Animazement, so I massaged this gag enough that I THINK it stands on its own... or reclines contentedly on its own, at least. Either way, the REST of the intended page, the part that would have required drawing more than one panel, THAT will come next Tuesday.

Oh, but speaking of that convention that's happening this weekend, there's actually a new Voting Incentive on a convention weekend for once! Granted, it has more to do with the fact that I'm commuting to and from home for Animazement, meaning I can actually get on my own computer at night and do stuff rather than trying to fiddle with TWC stuff on my phone (me trying to do ANYTHING over my phone is a bad idea), but still! A new Voting Incentive! And this one is actually a rather important development too!

EDIT: It occurs to me that, since I'm writing this in THE FUTURE, I don't actually know for sure if I'll have gotten back home in time to switch Incentives before this page goes live. So if you vote and Tuesday's incentive is still there, just try again in an hour or so. I promise, there IS a new page done.

5/29 EDIT: ...and it's early Tuesday morning, the new comic is only half drawn, and I'm still nowhere near physically recovered from Animazement. The new page WILL be done today... at some point. It is very, VERY likely that it will be pass out again before that point, though (I can't promise anything about the Voting Incentive, but I'll TRY to get it done in the same time period)

Here we go again, kiddies! Time to return to the hometown convention!

If you're looking at this during the convention weekend itself, a few quick things: No, I'm not in Artist Alley this year, so don't bother looking for me down there. DO ask me for some free stuff if you see me, though, because I'm gonna have at least a few special bags of goodies to give away to the first people to ask for them. Also be sure to attend Shoujo Rock Heaven and Awesomely Bad Japanese Music Videos, because I'm helping host them again. Finally, yes, you really CAN still get a cool ConCONcon shirt like the one I'll be wearing at several points. Oh, and of course, follow me on Twitter for a lot of really weird stuff while the con's going on (and, let's be honest here, long stretches of deafening silence afterwards)

If you're not seeing this until AFTER the con: all the usual "comics will be done whenever they're done" disclaimers apply again this year. I'm really gonna try my best to post everything in one chunk again, like in the old days, but if the comics start to take too long again, getting something up quickly will take precedent over getting it all up at once. In the meantime, be sure to teek an eye on the Conventional Wisdom tumblr and Facebook pages for updates (and I guess Twitter as well). and don't forget there'll be EXTRA comics coming to Patreon after the main update is done!
Fixed and fixed.

The Incentive was kind of embarrassing, actually. Apparently I was so in the groove after setting the SmackJeeves page to not go public until a certain date that I went ahead and set the TWC date to that too. The linear progression of time continues to be my downfall.
Not much to say this time because I've still gotta get Friday's page finished before Animazement so go look at the new Voting Incentive and also ya'll had better enjoy this page 'cos yesterday was my birthday and I spent the whole day working on this okay BYE!