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Don't forget, Tabitha, just because Layla likes you doesn't mean she trusts you... especially after The Incident.

But enough about the comic itself, let's talk about ME ACTUALLY GETTING THE WHOLE PAGE FINISHED AND POSTED IN A TIMELY MANNER! Everything's colored in right off the bat, the new Voting Incentive is already done, and it's barely even dawn over here! For once, everything's nice and squared away... and I only had to clear the deck of EVERYTHING else I was planning on working on the past two days, including some MUCH overdo website maintenance that I'll try to finally get around to this weekend. But that's beside the point! I still got a whole update posted at once before noon! It's a moral victory and that's what counts!
Awww poop butts. This was totally avoidable. I had a big head start on drawing this one, and it really should have gotten finished sometime Monday evening. Buuuuuuuut then I got way to into the Voting Incentive. Like, waaaaaaaaaaaay to into it. There's at least as much detail in that one as the main page will have once I color it it... if not MORE. Yeah, that's a terrible allocation of time and energy, but things were going well and I got into a groove and just totally lost track of what time it was. And next thing ya know, I'm zonking out at 5am with the main page not even half finished yet. It shouldn't take THAT long to finish the page, but with things already running as late as they are, I figured I'd better go ahead and post what I had. Swing back in a few hours for the final draft!

Also, be sure to check out the new Voting Incentive, seeing as how it's the whole reason this page is late. And it really DID turn out pretty well, I promise!
He's called Gilb.

...I guess this is one of the fundamental weaknesses of a comic without dialog, huh?
Yup, another half-finished page. Actually, it'd be generous to call this one even a quarter finished, there's still a LOT of fine-tuning left to do to the line art before I even START coloring anything. But, well, it's really super late, so I needed to get SOMETHING up.

What's the excuse this time? A whole bunch of things, actually: unexpected extended trips away from the computer, helping babysit my sister's kids, getting sunburned and feeling like crap, and a sudden overwhelming need to do a Conventional Wisdom filler right when I really should have been inking this page (P.S. buy the t-shirt).

But hey! At least I got a new Voting Incentive done before the page again! Can I at least give myself credit for that?

EDIT: Well, that took even longer than expected, and we expect a LOT at this point, don't we? Sorry, but my pasty butt doesn't handle getting sunburned very well, so I was getting some MAD headaches yesterday/earlier today.
I wasn't even going to do a filler comic this week, if only so the plug for the new t-shirt would be up front for a while longer... but you don't understand. You CAN'T understand. Not until we actually debut some of this stuff in a panel. Some things cannot be described, only experienced... or turned into a really pretentious webcomic.

But seriously, this just might be the fastest inspiration to comic posting turnover in about a year. That's how important it was to start building up people's expectations. Now watch Friday's Far Out There page be horrifically late...

...and why are you still debating whether or not to buy a ConCONcon shirt? Come on! I really wanna see these things getting worn around conventions bereft of any explanation!
Point of clarification: the incentives are non-canon for BOTH halves of the crossover, so we don't know if that's a thing he can actually do normally.
Dang it dang it DANG IT! I was SO CLOSE to having this page done hours ago! It was around 3am and all I had left was a few effects and the text, this should have been posted by 4... and the WHAM, I hit a wall out of nowhere and could stay awake. SO. DANG. CLOSE!

And, unfortunately, I don't have the new Voting Incentive ready yet, because I was counting on getting this page up first and having time to edit the thing before anyone noticed. So, yeah, check mack in a couple of hours and it should be good to go.

In conclusion: Stilez licks herself clean FAST.

EDIT: Well, that took even longer than expected due to several hours of keeping nieces and nephews entertained, but NEW VOTING INCENTIVE IS UP!

4/13/18 EDIT: ...and to the surprise of EVERYONE EVER, Friday's page is running late too. HOWEVER, this time I actually DO have a new Voting Incentive already done! So at least you can go read SOMETHING! That's good, right?
I'd say that Avatar doesn't get sick the way we normally think of getting sick, since that implies a compromise of the bodily systems and that would be at odds with the whole "indestructible body" gag.

There isn't REALLY that much of a difference between consuming foodstuffs and, say, inhaling particles of pollen, beyond the fact that one is less commonly associated with violently sick reactions and therefore funnier when it happens to Avatar.
*sigh* Yeah, another half-finished update. Sorry, but it's taking me a lot longer than expected to get back into shape after all those Conventional Wisdom-related crazy days. I'm still falling asleep at wildly random hours of the day and waking up at equally random points in the middle of the night, which is making it hard to soldier all the way through an update in one sitting. And since any page that prominently features Stilez takes twice as long to color, and any page with really messy, debris-laden effects takes longer still, I figured I'd better hurry up and post what I had. So the usual "check back later for the final draft" instructions apply, both for this comic and the new Voting Incentive... which IS a lot farther along than Tuesday's was, by the way, so I should be able to get both of them posted at the same time... whenever that is.

EDIT: OKAY! Finished page and new Voting Incentive are both up... though I must confess I cheated a bit. Stilez's cheese coverage wasn't supposed to be anywhere near as extensive, but it turned out to be a LOT faster this way.
No, seriously, it's a real thing! Heck, it's a bunch of real things! I slapped this logo on pretty much every shirt/jacket/whatever they had! Go get one!

I won't try to guilt ya'll with the whole "I need your support to keep going" malarkey because, come on, even with a ridiculous markup nobody ever makes a serious profit off this kind of thing (unless they sell, like, a hundred thousand). I save that kind for pressuring for Patreon, which is way more economical for everyone anyway. No, I just wanna see ConCONcon shirts out in the wild, devoid of all context.

Seriously, just think how awesome it'd be if this actually because a thing at conventions. A weird, obtuse reference that 99% of people wouldn't even know is a joke. Just imagine if some randos came up and honestly asked you what/when/where "ConCONcon" is. You could make up anything you wanted, they wouldn't know! If fact, that is now your mission: wear a ConCONcon Staff shirt to something and make up the most outlandish lies you can think of as to what this "convention" is and what your job as a staffer was. The more insane and dangerous and potentially illegal, the better! Screw with people's heads on my behalf! SCREW WITH PEOPLE'S HEADS!
Sadly, it's not something I can directly fix beyond reporting it to the SmackJeeves owner. The only ad that's actually "mine" is the one down at the very bottom of the page. If you see any pop up at the top or under the comic, those are automatically inserted by the site (it's the only way "free" sites like this can pay the bills), and any time a problem like this pops up, it's inevitably one of those advertisers. Also, each of those spaces actually cycles through several different ad providers, which only makes it harder to track down which one is being malicious.

All that to say, there's not much I can do other than leave a complaint. BUT, there is something YOU can do to spare yourself these problems (short of just using an ad blocker, which I guess isn't an option on a mobile device anyway) Those automatic SmackJeeves ads are only displayed to visitors who aren't logged in to the site. If you get a SmackJeeves user account, and make sure to only visit comics while logged in, the only ad that'll ever show up is mine on the bottom, and I've yet to hear of any popups/redirect problems there.

I know it doesn't really "fix" the problem with whatever ad they need to take down, but at the very least it'd spare you some aggravation. Sorry!
He's either radioactive or minty fresh... or both
Okay, so I promised that new Voting Incentives would be starting back up today, and they will... technically. Like, it'll PROBABLY still be Tuesday in this part of the world when it's done. Yeah, sorry, but I'm still not quite over last week, so the new Incentive isn't done yet. It IS in progress, but I was going so slow, I figured I'd better focus on finishing the main comic first. Yeah, I know, me actually prioritizing the page the general public sees over the obscure bonus content. What's the world coming to? Anyway, keep checking back for some kind of "IT'S DONE NOW!" edit down below to let you know when the Incentive is finally up.

Also, if you haven't already (or even if you have), be sure to go back and read Sunday's April Fools page, if only for some of the best reader comments I've seen in a while. :D

EDIT: OKAY! New Voting Incentive is up!
Somewhere, at this very moment, beyond the barriers of fiction and reality, Layla feels very offended and doesn't know why.
Yeah, it does seem like a bit of a waste to not capitalize on that rare overlap, but I was just too burned out after all the Conventional Wisdom stuff to do anything else.

...and you're right. It's REALLY hard to come up with fake Far Out There ideas that sound obviously weirder than the real ones.
Dude, come on. I regularly get into arguments with tiny cartoon animals that embody vague emotional states and narative tropes. My sanity was ALWAYS fragile.
Only a SLIGHT exaggeration over the usual comics, actually. That goes both for silliness and sheer excessive text levels.

Anyway, I wanted to do something different for, um, the one day where I set out to do something different. And after the big long elaborate April Fools pages in the past, a massive wall of text seemed like the biggest swerve I could do. Also, I kind of sort of didn't have time to draw anything more elaborate this time around. There's that too.

Now, if you wanna see a BIG April Fools joke, head on over to Conventional Wisdom and see what I just dropped over there!

Oh, and just in case you missed it on Friday, there's still an ACTUAL new Far Out There page for your non-Fool-related enjoyment.

This sort of thing is inevitable, really. The whole reason I had to get rid of my first hat was because it wouldn't stop singing Uriah Heep in the wee hours of the morning.

Oh, and why am I wearing a ConCONcon Staff shirt, you ask? Simple, I went and bought myself one. Yep! Those things are totally for sale! Now YOU can go you YOUR next convention proudly announcing that you are TOTALLY on staff at a TOTALLY REAL convention that TOTALLY ACTUALLY HAPPENED! C'mon, you know you want one!
Wow, a Flintstones reference AND a Bravest Warriors reference. This comic is 50 years in the making.

Also, just for the record, I totally do have that hat.
Actually, the overwhelming majority of hotel rooms I can remember don't have ANY space under the beds. At least, none that wasn't blocked off behind some kind of barrier. I'm sure it makes cleaning the rooms a lot easier... and Lord knows most hotels need all the help they can get in that department.