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Comment on page 736 - FOUND YOU of Far Out There
Blitzkrieg1701, 29 May 2015 09:44 am
Not a whole lot to add to this one, other than HOLY CRAP that woman is terrifying right now. Also, for something I bashed together in a hurry this morning, I really love how the lighting turned out.

What I CAN say more about is the fact that, astonishingly enough, we have a new Voting Incentive today! I shouldn't have had time to draw anything extra while Conventional Wisdom is still in the works, but this was a strangely therapeutic idea to work with, so I went ahead and did it.
Comment on page 735 - throwing money at the problem of Far Out There
Blitzkrieg1701, 26 May 2015 04:48 pm
He's probably in the same boat as Disonar: he lives so extravagantly that he'd never be able to pay his bills without a steady flow of underworld cash.
Comment on page 735 - throwing money at the problem of Far Out There
Blitzkrieg1701, 26 May 2015 02:18 pm
WOW, this page is late. Sorry about that, guys. Remember how I confessed that I hadn't gotten an extra page done before leaving for Animazement? Yeah, this is why that's a problem. I up and zonked out while working on the page last night, and... well, just look at all the words on this page. This isn't one to try and do while half asleep. Heck, even after that, it's still a sloppier page than I would have liked.

And speaking of unfinished, you might very well be reading this page with no color or anything. This page is overdue enough as it is, I didn't wanna make you guys wait any longer while I colored everything in. So, here's the half-done version to look at until I actually DO get everything finished.

There's still not gonna be a new Voting Incentive today, though. We MIGHT have a new one on Friday, though that depends on how much progress I've made on Conventional Wisdom by then. Cross your fingers!

EDIT: Okay, yeah, it's colored in now. Funny thing, even though gun seller guy's been appearing for months, I only just now had to decide on his hair/skin/clothes colors. Up 'til now, I'd been able to cheat and just make everything purple.
Comment on Animazement 2015: May 22nd-24th of Conventional Wisdom
Blitzkrieg1701, 24 May 2015 07:56 pm
DANG IT! I forgot to load the cover page before I left! And it was kind of an important one, 'cos it announced that the new book of Pre-Otakon '08 comics was finished and would be for sale at Animazement! That would have been a good thing for people to know BEFORE the convention was over, right?

Well, the good news is that I'm trying to get more serious about selling stuff online, so HOPEFULLY I'll have an ordering thinggie ready by the time the new AZ comics are online.

In the meantime, uh, hope everybody had a good Animazement! With any luck, I'll have the new comics up sometime this weekend!
Comment on page 734 - Master of Stealth of Far Out There
Blitzkrieg1701, 21 May 2015 09:33 am
Guys, you have no idea what a miracle it is that this page got done at all, let alone as anything other than a line art rough draft. Animazement prep this year kicked my butt like few cons before it.

But that's not even the biggest miracle: I SOMEHOW GOT A NEW VOTING INCENTIVE DONE! It's not exactly a masterpiece or anything, but the fact that I managed to find time to doodle ANYTHING is pretty dang cool.

I can't promise there'll be an incentive NEXT week, though. I wasn't able to finish any extra comic pages before leaving for Animazement, which means I'll be drawing next week's stuff in the middle of the big Conventional Wisdom update, and you guys know how well THAT usually works out. Then again, I was certain there wouldn't be one today, and I was wrong about that. SO who knows?
Comment on page 733 - NO RELATION TO THE POP BAND of Far Out There
Blitzkrieg1701, 19 May 2015 06:10 am
Hehehe, my Ninja Posting skills have been taken to a whole new level! :D

Anyway, I think I'll end up leaving things like Stilez's powers in the Deliberately Vague folder, just to avoid contradicting myself (ya know, like with character ages) Besides, then there's even more room for fun reader speculation!

Also, in response to that comment on the last page: yeah, I'm pretty sure Stilez has no clue how she works, and no inclination to find out. And yeah, if anybody WOULD know, it'd probably be Ichabod. (Gee, I wonder if we're ever going to get a story that explains how THAT happened?)
Comment on page 733 - NO RELATION TO THE POP BAND of Far Out There
Blitzkrieg1701, 19 May 2015 05:21 am
...and it ends as we all knew it must.

I wish I'd had more time to work on this one, 'cos I really wanted to have more of the surroundings visible in these pages. Like, seeing a whole stretch of the trashed displays getting flattened by the ship, reminding everyone where our main characters are in relation to the ship, and so forth. But, alas, getting stuff together for Animazement is REALLY kicking my but right now. Heck, don't be too surprised if Friday's page has to go up in a VERY rough state. I'm gonna be crapping that one out in a major hurry.

But you know what'd make everything better? More nerdy theorizing about the nature of Stilez's strength, or other mad sciency stuff. It makes me ridiculously please when I check the comments and stuff like that's going on :)
Comment on page 732 - pre-smash of Far Out There
Blitzkrieg1701, 18 May 2015 10:03 am
Trans-dimensional Fridges are TOTALLY the sort of crap that Far Out There scientists would spend their time and energy building :)

While I don't know if Stilez having transdimensional strength will end up being a thing (not because it isn't a good idea or anything, but because it'd be more complicated to write around than just "No, seriously, she's REALLY strong") I am intrigued by this line of thought. It's giving me flashbacks to Alan Moore's work on Marvelman... and I'll be really impressed if anyone else gets what I'm talking about.
Comment on page 732 - pre-smash of Far Out There
Blitzkrieg1701, 18 May 2015 04:59 am
It's probably because the Mad Science that created her, like ALL the science in this comic, runs on PlotConvenienconium. :)
Comment on page 732 - pre-smash of Far Out There
Blitzkrieg1701, 17 May 2015 06:31 am
...actually that WOULD be a way to explain how she can perform feats of strength that her body mass shouldn't allow for.

OR it could just be that her body is just built in some mad sciency way that allows her body to possess far more mass than it appears (which is similar to my explanation for how she can be so strong without any visible muscles) ...or a combination of the two. That's always possible.

...crap, I just suggested that Stilez is part TARDIS, didn't I?

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