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Okay, this one kind of annoys me. On a technical level this page turned out quite nicely, but the original idea also didn't come through anything like what I'd intended. The plan was to go take some pictures at one of the malls around Raleigh and replace all the actual store names and signs with Far Out There stuff (and lots of Miffy logos, because of course). Unfortunately, getting a snapshot in a crowded mall without some random passerby wandering into frame was exactly as hard as it sounds, all the usable pictures I DID get wound up being at angles where Hiro obscured most of the storefronts that I could actually do anything with. I mean, all the Miffy iconography still comes through alright, but I'd really hoped to have some stuff like The Official Mega Awesome Ranger Store or the Princess Rheiko's Royal Candy Dispensary or something like that. Oh well, at least the page is up before dawn this time!

Speaking of which, though: I'm once again pushing the new TWC Voting Incentive back to Saturday. This is partially to make sure people actually have time to read the old one, but mostly because I'm supposed to do a second round of Christmas shopping later this morning, and really need to get at least a LITTLE sleep before heading out. Hiro's not kidding about how exhausting shopping is.
Far Out There is so far in the future that even a machine that runs on a giant glowing brain in a jar can somehow look really vintage.

At some point (I think it was a previous Christmas series?) I mentioned in the comments that I thought Megaweapon probably has a really heavenly singing voice, but he's usually too much of a brat to actually put it to good use. Looks like that's actually canon now! ...assuming these comics actually count. I mean, this series has been WAAAAY less continuity-shattering than the Christmas stuff usually is, so I guess there's not much reason not to assume that.

Also, YAY! A comic that's done before noon! Let's see if we can keep this trend alive a little longer than last time!
Oh yeah, death-defying crimefighting adventures are a GREAT way to burn calories.
Another day, another late update, but at least this time I have a genuinely productive excuse. Not only do we finally have a new TWC Voting Incentive up, but I also had a sudden, intense need to actually post a new Patreon comic last night. Not exactly the best TIME to suddenly add that extra bit of work to the pile, but when the manic upswing hits, you gotta milk it for all its worth! But yeah, let's see if lucky page 13 tomorrow can actually make it out before noon.

In the meantime, I continue to love the image of uber-glamorous Astrid being a lazy couch potato at home, almost as much as I love coming up with these absurd food names. Catastroflan and Abominougat really are the best dessert after a hearty dnner of Necronomicorn.
It's always nice when the content of the comic matches my own mental state. Yeah, I'm glad I went ahead and declared that the Voting Incentive wouldn't be done today, because BOY was that never gonna happen. It's been another very distracting few days... which is impressive seeing as how there was a freak snowstorm Sunday and nobody's been able to leave the house for anything. Actually, the main problem is just that I've been burning the midnight oil too much working on these things, which has left me in an exceedingly distractible state.

So, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go take an exceedingly long nap. It's the responsible, productive thing to do.
Boy, it just isn't Christmas until somebody makes the traditional references to The Evil Dead, am I right?

So... yeah. This sure took a while, didn't it? I one hundred percent place the blame on those shelves full of boxes. I know they don't look like much, but that actually added HOURS of editing time to this one. This is the secret real reason why so many of these pages have backgrounds cobbled together out of photos, right there. Oh, and speaking of photos, get a load of that copy/pasted Classic Star Trek tricorder. That wasn't SUPPOSED to be a photo at all, but I botched the hand-drawn attempt so badly that replacing it completely was the only chance I had of getting the comic at least SOMEWHAT back on schedule. So, yeah, don't be surprised if it turns out tomorrow doesn't have a new Voting Incentive, I'm very much in catch up mode again right now.

In happier news, I remain unduly please with myself over Necronomicorn.
I should be so dismissive. Amusing people who are too drunk to know what they're doing is basically the entire point of running panels after 9pm.

Also, there's something pretty funny about me posting comics that cast this much shade at congoers when I'm still scrambling to find any sort of hotel room for MAGFest. I'm not sure if this says more about why people going to cons aren't eager to invite me along, or why the people who would invite me to room with them don't seem to go to cons anymore.
Sounds pretty accurate to me.
Given that this is Megaweapon we're talking about, taking an unscheduled nap is pretty much the BEST behavior anyone could expect. They're all lucky that building isn't on fire right now. He probably promised Augusta he;s be on his best behavior... and this is it.

...and yes, those are the kids from Conventional Wisdom up there. No particular reason, they're not even the same general age as Megaweapon, I just felt like breaking the bound of continuity a little bit.
It'd be funny if I did the entire title in all caps and said it was because Augusta thought it looked fancier that way :)
It's always weird how there can be that one spot in the convention center that's absurdly cooler than everywhere else, no matter how oppressively stuffy that everywhere else may be. There's almost always that one side hallway that nobody every really goes down, yet is getting a full A/C blast thanks to the over-crowded hall or panel room that's on the same thermostat. This year, as you can see, the random cool spot seemed to be the hall in front of Special Events, right across from the hotel lobby bathrooms. Kind of appropriate, maybe, seeing as how the only con-going resource I try more desperately to hunt down than a well-air conditioned corner is a low traffic bathroom (which, incidentally, the lobby bathrooms most certainly is NOT)
Augusta's another one of those characters I really, REALLY wish I could find excuses to use in comics more often. At this point, I think 98% of her character development has occurred in holiday pages.

Not a lot else to say about this one, but there IS a new TWC Voting Incentive up today! It's pretty much exactly what anyone whose read all of them up to this point should have expected to happen.
Yeah, it took me a WHILE to be okay with being inside the van again after this weekend. The drive back up from Atlanta was a weird, twitchy experience, let me tell you. I think I spent more time just wandering around the convention center halls than... okay, no. I'm getting ahead of myself on TWO counts here.

To be fair, though, this was at least partially due to my cooler mishaps earlier giving me fewer reasons to go back to the van anyway. There's only so many times you can eat the same couple of things for three straight days. That, and wanting to spend as little time outside as possible to avoid getting hot and sweaty, for reasons I've also gone into already.
I'm really having with lighting and shadows this year, aren't I? Glowing lights in the middle of the night have always been a more Christmas-y image to me than snow will ever be... what with the whole "living my entire life in a part of the world where it's never snowy on Christmas" thing. But it's not like lots of shadow doesn't suit Vengeance well anyway.

Just in case you missed the heads up yesterday (and are actually keeping up with this stuff in the first place), today's TWC Voting Incentive has been pushed back to tomorrow, largely to make sure I was able to get back on track with those Conventional Wisdom comics I'm working on at the same time as these. So far, it's worked. At this rate, I think we may be entirely back on track by the start of next week!
Be it big swords or wide wings or absurdly far-reaching hair or whatever else you can imagine, SOMEONE has hit you with some part of their costume in a narrow hallway at some point of the con. It's just a thing that happens, like having a line cut off just before they got to you or realizing a panel room is too hot or noticing that smell wafting out of the game room. You can complain all you want about what could be done to fix is, but it'll never stop happening.
There's probably a lot of similar poses with tiny variations that only Avi himself notices.
Yep. Sorry folks, but those obnoxious new characters who keep hogging the spotlight from the ones people actually care about are getting in on the holiday comics too. Sorry.

But hey, a comic that went up before noon! Before dawn, even! Looks like we're back on track! Since Yesterday went up so late, you might not have seen that the last TWC Incentive was a whole day late. Just as a heads up, then, that the next Incentive MIGHT also get pushed back to Saturday, just to give myself some room to breathe. It all depends on how much other stuff I manage to get done today (since I also need to get back on track with the rest of those Conventional Wisdom comics, too), so we'll see.
Well, today's page ran late, and just in case you missed it, that's because yesterday's ran even later. And as a consequence of THAT lateness, the new TWC Voting Incentive didn't go up until today... but in a weird way, that kind of worked out, because it means I get to plug the Becky & Gilb/Far Out There crossover, which has prominently featured Dr. Jarre, under a comic that she's actually in! Man, I really need to find more excuses to feature her in the main comic, especially now that her little band of not-Servbots are a thing.

Also, fun bit of trivia: I grabbed a screenshot of the classic Frankenstein lab set as the background for this page. It seemed appropriate.

Now, to see if I can't get a bit of a head start on the new few day's pages... or at least take a nap so that I don't fall asleep mid-coloring again.
Well, we all knew it was gonna happen at some point, I guess it's only surprising that things started running late so soon. Yeah, sorry about this, I had several unexpected errands all spring up at once yesterday, and the pile-up kind of wrecked my schedule. Not only is that why this page is only coming out this afternoon, but I'm afraid it also means there's no TWC Voting Incentive yet. I'd started work on it last night, but for obvious reasons I needed to prioritize work on the main comic. Thankfully, tomorrow's comic should be a lot less complicated (way less mood lighting this time) so I should be able to get the Incentive done in time to go up with that.

Incidentally, some of you long-term readers may wonder why this gag is involving Skyscraper Girls when this is usually Sandy Hume's territory... and yeah, that's a weird choice. I basically just drew Skye watching Skyscraper Girls first, and didn't write the narration until the very last minute. It's almost as if I'm very haphazard in my planning for these things!

...also, I really do love those trippy 60s ornaments.