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WHOA! It's not even dawn and the page is already up? Enjoy it while you can, kiddies, I'm sure it'll get a LOT worse over the course of next month.

Speaking of the future, by the way, just a quick heads up that there'll be a extra page on Thursday. One special Thanksgiving page, two regularly scheduled pages on Friday and next Tuesday, and then the Christmas bonanza begins next Friday!

Anyway, actually seeing Tabitha and the kids was a last minute addition, the plan was originally to just hear her over the intercom. It's definitely a change for the best, though, since Bridget is probably my favorite part of the whole page. "MOOOOOOOM! Why are always being so EMBARRASSING?!?!?!?"

Last up, there's a new Voting Incentive, but the Vashti stuff is over. Between all the Christmas pages AND the multiple things I'm trying to get wrapped up for Patreon, Incentives aren't going to have a theme beyond "whatever I felt like drawing at the moment" for a while.
See, most of the time writing about music in a medium without sound is a major hindered, but SOMETIMES the fact I never have to worry about actually creating the songs I bring up is very liberating :D
I just like the fact that we can pretty much guarantee this is the ONLY webcomic on the entire internet where people are talking about Tom Lehrer :D
That's probably the most Far Out There way a spaceship fight could ever be resolved: with one ship somehow tricking the other into shooting itself. Also, I'm gonna have to learn how to actually draw characters and do colors other than gradient layers again. CRAP!

So, this is kind of a weird ting to mention, but because I have no concept of timing, I went ahead and responded to the last few comments on Tuesday's page RIGHT before posting this one. So, if you were following that conversation, you'll wanna hop back a page so that nobody's left hanging.

Moving on, the Vashti's Discography series on Incentives is AAAAAAALMOST done, but I've still got a little more left in me, and this one's got some more real, actual character stuff in it!
Yeah, time skips in Far Out There are pretty dang unlikely. Doing something like that WELL would probably require even more planning than just having time clearly inch along at an observable rate... which is already too complicated for me. For one thing, I'd have to finally invent some kind of Stardate system to account for how a society can keep track of time across multiple planets with no common day/night standard.

As for Bridget & Alphonse, though, I'm pretty sure I said somewhere that they actually DO age. I'm not sure if it's a natural aging process, or if Tabitha has to artificially cause it with the occasional "check up", but I just can't imagine that she'd be okay with them not being able to mature. (I mean, Layla would DEFINITELY be okay with it, but Tabitha wants to watch her babies grow up)
To be honest, I actually AM trying to gradually grow Trigger's hair out longer... not most much to indicate the passage of time as because I think it looks better that way but don't wanna have the change be too jarring. Still, that is SOME kind of physical change occurring with the passage of time.

You're right about Layla, though. Aside from some hair changes, that's pretty much what she's gonna look like all her adult life.
Far Out There: The Webcomic Where Things Happen... with little to no indication of their chronological relationship to each other!
While that sounds like a completely consistent thing to assume about 98% of the Far Out There Universe's celebrities, there still has to be that handful of long-runners who spend decades in the public eye... if only because I'm not clever enough to consistently write a pop culture that reinvents itself that often. Gotta have at least a FEW familiar faces to fall back on, right?
That very much sounds like the kind of headcanon I can officially endorse :D
It's coming, there's no stopping it! I dunno much Christmas-y stuff I'll have time to crank out on Conventional Wisdom over the next month or so, but you'd better believe Far Out There's gonna be festive as CRAP all December. Plus, there's a LOT of Patreon content that's inching ever closer to completion and will end up being unintended Christmas presents, not the least of which bent the extra AWA 2017 comics!

...but yeah, for all my documented over-enthusiasm for holiday stuff, even I try pretty darn hard to avoid letting it creep too far into November nonsense. SCREW that starting it up the second Halloween ends stuff, man. Granted, that's one of the reasons why I always end up starting the Far Out There Christmas comics waaaay too late, so maybe I should ease up on that stance at least a little bit...
Ah, well said. "Spoit" is the sound of science perfecting an EXISTING theory. It's only when it advances into somethign NEW that the sound gains an "L"

(That, or I apparently have a really strong muscle memory of the spelling of "splat" that intrudes on other sound effects)
Thanks a ton!

And fear not, you'll be getting twenty-five days of uninterrupted pages before too long :D
But of course! Cardboard, along with duct tape, is one of the foundations of all science and technology!
Well of COURSE Tabitha's part of the plan involves creating an artificial quantum singularity. That sort of thing's in her blood. With that in mind, I couldn't resist having her slip into a bit of melodramatic mad scientist cackling. She IS Daddy's Little Girl, after all.

Otherwise, this was one of those pages that just didn't wanna get drawn. It always seems to be the simple ones. I mean, when you strip away all the fancy lighting, the actual line art on this one SHOULD have been a cakewalk. But nope, the perspective on the ships gave me all kinds of trouble, and getting Tabitha's proportions right in a frame where you don't actually see most of her body was harder than it should have been, and I STILL don't really like how the page layout makes use of the space... but I guess I can't expect to be firing on all cylinders after a solid day of just GRINDING out material for December. Gotta get at least SOME kind of a head start on that stuff, right?

Oh! And don't forget the new Voting Incentive!
I only just now realized I used the same sound twice, in such a way that implies "the same, only BIGGER"

I wish I was clever enough to do that sort of thing on purpose.
DANG IT! DANG IT DANG IT DANG IT DAAAAAANG IT!!!!! I was running SO far ahead of schedule on Thursday, I was SURE this page would be finished and online by midnight! And then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, MASSIVE need for sleep out of frickin' nowhere, and suddenly it's 9am. I reiterate my previous statements of DAAAAAAAAAAAAANG IIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!

Anyway, this page illustrates that space combat in the Far Out There universe operates less like Star Words and more like Looney Tunes. I doubt anyone is actually surprised by this.

Also, the current Voting Incentive series will be wrapping up soon, so don't you go and slack off on reading it now!
But that would imply that Far Out There is the sort of comic where statistics are left vague and unstated, and we know THAT can't be true :)
Ahhh, more fun with light and color. And size. I was trying to go for sort of a Corbomite Maneuver moment here, and all things considered, I guess it worked out pretty well.

Anyway, I don't have a lot else to say about this page... mostly because I'm still getting over FINALLY finishing the last big Conventional Wisdom update of the year. Now that THAT'S out of the way, I have until MAGFest to... scramble to catch up on Patreon stuff and get as much of a head start as I can on this year's Christmas comics... yeah, I'd better go ahead and take a nap NOW...

Oh, but don't forget today's new Voting Incentive!
Or how about THIS: if vampires CAN appear in photos, and you held that photo in front of the mirror, would the photo of the vampire appear in the reflection?
Oh, upcoming conventions are the realest of all vague concepts!