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Comment on page 703 - UNFORSEEN TWIST of Far Out There
Blitzkrieg1701, 31 Jan 2015 06:32 pm
It fires the official, codified works of teryon beams.
Comment on page 703 - UNFORSEEN TWIST of Far Out There
Blitzkrieg1701, 29 Jan 2015 03:02 pm

So, this is another page I mostly bashed out before MAGFest, but THIS time I really like it. Just kinda awesome, ya know? Awesomeness is fun.

Alas, I was not able to get a new Voting Incentive ready to go along with this page. Those Conventional Wisdom MAGFest comics are taking even longer than the Ichibancon ones, and this time there's more of them. HOPEFULLY I'll have enough done for everything to go back to normal around here next Tuesday... just in time to start scrambling to get ready for Katsucon. Man, I do the worst things to myself...
Comment on page 702 - Oh right, the whole point of this gathering of Far Out There
Blitzkrieg1701, 21 Jan 2015 01:29 am
Well, what did Layla THINK was in all these boxes... at the kiosks OF A GUN SMUGGLER'S MARKET? Funny the things you forget about in the heat of a firefight... No really, try it. You'll see.

Also... that's possibly the ugliest gun I've ever conceived for this comic. I was trying for laser gating gun, but just wound up with a leafblower. I really need to go back to ripping off designs from more famous Sci-Fi sources and calling it an "homage".

Anyway, as I was complaining about all last week, I'll only be getting back from MAGFest by the time you read this. That is, I had to bash it out in a real hurry and couldn't get a Voting Incentive done again. As I write this, I'm HOPING to get Friday's page done before I leave as well. Hey, the Conventional Wisdom update is gonna have the odds stacked against it as it is. It'll be better for both comics if I'm not trying to cough up another one of THESE in the midst of all that.
Comment on MAGFest 2015: Jan. 23rd - 26th of Conventional Wisdom
Blitzkrieg1701, 20 Jan 2015 08:22 pm
It's that time again, kiddies! MAGFest is upon us! And in it's honor, I've briefly reverted to my 14 year old self and gone the old Mega-Man-sprite-comic route. Now all I have to do is post it on a sloppy Geocities and we're good to go!

Now, usually this is the point where I include a note to anyone checking the site before the actual comics are finished. Generally, I'll promise to TRY and get everything online by Wednesday, but warn that it might not be done by Friday. Well, after what happened with Ichibancon a few weeks ago, I'm not even gonna pretend these comics will be done anytime before Saturday. Heck, this year MAGFest isn't even OVER until Monday, Wednesday isn't even remotely close to realistic.

But hey, you can always keep an eye on my Twitter and the Conventional Wisdom tumblr for convention pictures and other convention-related silliness!
Comment on page 701 - Trigger Away! of Far Out There
Blitzkrieg1701, 20 Jan 2015 04:16 pm
Remember how it was previously established that Trigger doesn't really think things through? Let's all keep that in mind here.

Speaking of not thinking things through, I really wish page 700 hadn't landed between last Friday's page and this one. Cutting away right in the middle of this little scene wasn't a very good move. Alas, I couldn't think of a better way to squeeze the traditional giant number page in, and a single-panel page really eased up the page workload here. In case you forgot, I'm off at MAGFest this weekend, and that means lots of pages to crap out in a very short timespan, and blah blah blah you've heard this bit before. Doesn't change the fact that it wasted an update on something unrelated to the pages surrounding it.

And STILL speaking of the MAGTrip, no new Voting Incentive while I'm up in DC. Sorry gang.
Comment on PAGE SEVEN HUNDRED of Far Out There
Blitzkrieg1701, 19 Jan 2015 07:13 pm
How the blazes has Far Out There gone on for this long already? That's NUTS! Thank you so much for sticking around and reading this silliness for so long, guys (and I'll owe you even more things when FOT's 7th birthday rolls around next month)

Also, if I had the time, I'd take Stilez's silhouette and paste it onto pictures of famous explosions. That's a thing that needs to happen.

Alas, I don't have time, because I'm scrambling to get extra pages done to cover my trip to MAGFest this weekend (and doing so while tripping on cold medicine, no less). And since MAGFest runs through Monday this year, that means getting next Tuesday's page finished and online isn't just a luxury this time, it's a necessity. But thankfully, all that craziness didn't stop me from bashing together a new Voting Incentive! You enjoy it, because it'll be at least a week before I can do another one (depending on how long Conventional Wisdom takes to draw after I get back).

But in the meantime, thanks again for 700 pages!
Comment on page 699 - Storyline Intersection of Far Out There
Blitzkrieg1701, 19 Jan 2015 06:57 pm
Well, seeing as how I only seem to know how to draw three kinds of faces, probably so.
Comment on page 699 - Storyline Intersection of Far Out There
Blitzkrieg1701, 17 Jan 2015 04:10 pm
I bet you Gright dolls are intentionally made very shoddily. They come with a note explaining that it's not a flaw when they fall apart, that's the POINT!
Comment on page 699 - Storyline Intersection of Far Out There
Blitzkrieg1701, 16 Jan 2015 02:00 am
YAY! The subplots are directly connecting again! ...sort of, from a great distance.

So, guess what? After all that bellyaching over getting stuff done for Ichibancon, we are now less than a week away from MAGFest! Yup, once again I'll be frantically cranking out extra pages to cover my absence and Voting Incentives may be delayed and blah blah blah you guys know the drill by know, right? Well, for know, new Voting Incentives are still happening so enjoy!
Comment on Powerpuff Lagoon of Conventional Wisdom
Blitzkrieg1701, 13 Jan 2015 06:59 pm
Amen, Hallelujah, Peanut Butter... these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girl. But Professor Utonium accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction: HEINEKEN...

(Don't forget! MAGFest is a week away!)

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