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Another late page, another story to tell. THIS time, I actually thought I was a bit ahead of schedule on this page, and it seemed to be coming together surprisingly fast... but something just seemed "off" about it. See, the original draft of the page was just the kids reacting to their weird food, and it eventually dawned on me that there needed to be some kind of establishing shot to show that some time had passed and we were in a different room now... And, unfortunately, I didn't realize this until AFTER I was well into editing the first take of the page. Thankfully, I didn't need to re-draw anything, but i DID have to throw out all the post-scanning stuff I'd done, and draw a whole new, detail-heavy panel before starting over again. I've noticed things like this a lot, and normally I just include a "this should have been different, but I didn't have time to change it" note down here to explain what the page is lacking, but you know what? This comic has been on time, like, five times over the past year. I no longer get to use being on time as an excuse to to fix what needs fixing.

And you know what else? Once again, the last minute addition ends up being the best part of the page. I LOVE how those vending machines. "Necronomicorn" is one of my favorite things I've written for Far Out There in a WHILE, and I would ABSOLUTELY eat at an establishment named Cult of the Eternal Taco.

And speaking of silly, indulgent things: there's a new Character Soundtrack on Patreon, which makes THREE WHOLE WEEKS of consecutive Patreon updates! What is anything anymore! And speaking of actual consistently updating things, a new TWC Voting Incentive has been up pretty much all day, just waiting for me to finally mention its existence.
Yeesh, even with an extra three days, I still only barely got this page out on the right day. Yes, that's right. THIS is the page I had to bump back to this week because there was no way I'd have gotten it done on Friday: a bunch of kids sitting on a couch and talking. I know, right?

Well, for once, the problem wasn't some artistic thing, but purely a writing one. I knew what the basic structure of this page needed to be -Trigger tries to participate and it goes over like a lead balloon- but I couldn't for the life of me figure out exactly what that would be. It took waaaaaaaaay longer than it should have for me to add the extra ingredient of Trigger unintentionally raining all over their attempt to impress Layla. Youthful humiliation makes EVERYTHING funnier, right?

(Full disclosure: I've exhausted my most recent stash of page rough drafts, so I'm having to do these things from the ground every single time, which takes a lot longer than taking a second pass at something I first drew a few weeks ago. And it takes even longer when I'm doing it at the same time as an unusually exhausting Conventional Wisdom update).

EDIT: OOPS! Almost forgot the TWC Voting Incentive! (...well, the link at least. I remembered the Incentive itself, it's the one thing that actually gets done before noon around here!)
So, the good news is that today's page is NOT late and half-finished because I stopped in the middle of work to draw a completely unrelated piece of fan art. No no no, this page is late and half-finished because I spent hours struggling with a completely DIFFERENT page before giving up and pushing that one back to next week, then making up something else on the fly that I could bash out in a (sort of) hurry.

And, as is often the case with this sort of thing, the off-the-cuff bit of randomness turned out a LOT funnier than the page I was actually putting work into would have. Although... it says a lot about me that a page about temporal paradoxes is what I went to as my "easy" idea, while the original idea, which would have continued showing several people sitting down and having a normal conversation, was so hard for me that I had to give myself an extra three days to work on it.

Anyway, as usual for this sort of thing, check back for the finished page either later tonight or early tomorrow (depending on if I can fight the urge to do something really elaborate and difficult with the edges of that distortion thingy) In the mean time, there's a new TWC Voting Incentive which currently has WAY more color than this comic, and I actually managed to make good on getting another Far Out There character soundtrack blog up on Patreon this week! Two consecutive weeks of Far Out There content on Patreon! The end is nigh!
@ X-I: Just one of the reasons why Ichabod is trying to keep her corralled in a single part of the ship: no windows.

@ DD: Or it was manufactured with a shell made entirely of PlotConvenieconium.
Would you believe that today's page was delayed because, halfway through the penciling, I was struck with a sudden, irresistible urge to draw a piece of Dirty Pair fanart? Professional as always, that's me!

Honestly, this page should have happened a long time ago, but it only recently hit me that Tabitha would actually want to play with whatever's on that ship over there. Well, I guess we can explain it away that, if anyone would scatterbrained enough to not remember what she wanted to do, it's be Tabitha. Really, the important thing is that we get another reminder of a plot point that hasn't come up in a while. Gotta keep these things fresh, or they'll go bad.

Oh! But at least I got the TWC Voting Incentive done on time, at least!
So, after all the trouble I had getting the previous page finished, it stands to reason that I really should make the next page more simple. A less elaborate, less difficult little thing with not many panels and not many colors that wouldn't take much time and energy to put together. You know, just enough of a break to make sure I could get back on schedule without getting too worn out. You can see how well that worked out. It wasn't even all the lighting in the back that made things difficult, it was that pose. Seriously, I must have redrawn Avi fifty times, in at least five separate positions, trying to get it to turn out something like what I wanted... and I still feel like I botched the layout a bit by making him too small compared to the rest of the page. Well, the important thing is, it took me so long to ink this thing that I literally couldn't stay awake long enough to finish coloring it in, hence the lateness. But hey, at least it's making it out on the right DAY. That's, sadly, an improvement.

All that aside, I do like the finished product. Whatever misgivings he may have about Layla, Avi will never, EVER turn down being the center of attention.

Anyway, there's a new TWC Voting Incentive that, once again, managed to be nowhere near as late as the main comic. Also, believe it or not, there's finally some Far Out There activity on Patreon again, and the introduction is available to everybody! (Further installments, like any Patreon Blogs, will only be accessible to $2 a month or higher supporters)
...and then, as soon as they re-enter normal space, there'd be some minor turbulence that everyone else doesn't even notice, but he's severely inconvenienced by somehow. :D

Also, Tax is less worried and more disappointed that none of this is actually having the obvious result.
OOOOOooooooh, this was one big ol' disaster, right here. I'll spare you all the details of all the specific things I had to do and do over and stop doing before they were really done in order to get SOMETHING posted, and instead just explain what started this whole process. I've been doing so much Conventional Wisdom stuff these past few... months, really, that I had a sudden, overwhelming urge to do something flashier than usual for the next Far Out There page. So I did it. I did not allot the necessary TIME to do something flashier than usual, nor did I plan out the exact steps it would require before diving in head first, NOR did I stop to ask if I actually had enough creative energy left after all the Conventional Wisdom-ing going on to do something this detail heavy... which I did not. Thus, we have a page that's an entire day late, and only vaguely resembled the trippy "tunnel through swirly space" effect I was trying to evoke. Actually, this page probably needed a third panel just showing an exterior of the other ship to help establish just what we're cutting away to... buuuut that'd require doing TWO animations on a page that's already broken from trying to include just one... yeah, I basically feel like Mariska looks right now.

All that said, it was fun to have another reminder that there's even MORE characters on the way to join our already bloated cast. We really should have cut to them earlier, just to keep all the pieces in play. I probably should have done that instead of one of those random pages of Blip saying something weird.

Well, anyway, I'm pleased to report that, while everything else has been getting delayed and bogged down, Voting Incentives are actually updating again! So I am accomplishing SOMETHING around here!
So, this was established a while back, but at the moment Stilez isn't crossing blue tape lines. Oh, and Layla still doesn't like Ichabod.

So, I'd really HOPED to have the Voting Incentives back with this update. After all, I'm back from AWA, and that's my last con trip for the year. There's no more looming deadlines for the Conventional Wisdom comics, so I shouldn't have to cut corners on updates over here anymore, right? ...well, actually there IS one more deadline I need to meet: I really, really, REALLY need to get that last bit of Otakon comics posted on Patreon before the end of the month. There's been so much other content I MEANT to put up over there that didn't happened, I really need to get SOMETHING else out before people get charged for another month. *sigh* It's always something, isn't it?

10/2 EDIT: Okay, good news and bad news. The bad news is, due to some PHENOMENALLY bad planning on my part (including building an entire gag around a VERY time-consuming effect that precludes my usual "post a half-finished page" cheat) it's extremely unlikely the new page will be up today. MAYBE later tonight, but Wednesday morning is much more likely,depending on how long it takes me to clean up all this artistic mess. But the GOOD news is: TWC VOTING INCENTIVES ARE BACK!!! That's right, while you wait for the next Far Out There comic, there's a brand new page of Becky & Gilb Go Far Out There to tide you over!!!
Oh, the lobby was crowded, but at least you could SORT OF move. This was literal, actual gridlock since they could only check one or two bags at a time.
Meh, it's not really any LESS meaningless than the technobabble most professional writers use.
...and now, mere DAYS after the last of the Otakon comics went up, it's AWA time! Whee! This isn't the least bit tiring!

Okay, I'm not in any panels or photoshoots or anything this weekend, so I can't go plugging any thing like that here, but I DO have a request of anyone seeing this during the convention: IF YOU SEE ME AT ANY POINT, ASK ME HOW MANY COMICS I'VE DRAWN. I asked everybody to stay on me about that during Otakon, and it worked wonders! I got so much stuff drawn during the con, I'd have gotten the whole update online in a week or two if I hadn't caught the flu when I did. If you wanna see these AWA comics soon, keep badgering me about getting them done on site, and it'll happen!

Oh, and of course, if you REALLY like these comics, maybe consider donating a few bucks on Patreon? Not only is there an additional batch of Otakon comics coming for everyone who's donating anything, even just $1 a month, there'll be a exclusive set of AWA comics after the public ones JUST for you special people who actually give me money!
*GASP* Can it be? Is that... COLOR? Am I finally coloring pages in again? In fact, the whole joke of this page is about colors, so I must have written this page SPECIFICALLY to be a meta-reference to the fact that there'd be more than just line art, right? I mean, only a complete and utter IDIOT would have written the dialog for this page expecting it to go public in complete black and white, right? Right?

...yeah, I'm a complete and total idiot, and this page actually WAS originally loaded with nothing colored in, just like the previous pages. But thankfully, since the heavy lifting was already done before I left for Atlanta last week, I've had time to go back and at least color in the two characters talking, so that the dialog isn't COMPLETE nonsense to anyone who doesn't already know what they're supposed to look like. And, of course, the best part is, it STILL relies on a bit of reader's knowledge to know that the trim on Lynne-3's jacket is pink and Layla's hair is red when we see them NOT in mostly grey scale.

Incidentally, the reason I usually do the comic that way is primarily a time thing. I mean, theoretically it was to make the pages easier to print one day, but really it just helps me get things done faster. Balancing light and dark is a lot easier than balancing a whole array of colors against each other, and there's a level of detail that looks "done" to me in grey that only looks like a rough draft at best in full color. As you've no doubt notice over the years, I need as much help getting things done on time as I can get.

Also incidentally, I really do like dressing Layla in blues and purples because of how her red hair pops against it... even if we so rarely get to actually see that happen.

And last of all, there's still no new Voting Incentive today, BUT they should be back to normal come Friday. Now, back to work on Conventional Wisdom comics...
Once again, no color or Voting Incentive due to the whole "convention trip plus oncoming storm" thing. Speaking of which, hello people of the future who are discovering this webcomic from some scrap of paper at Anime Weekend Atlanta! There's usually more color than this!

So, yeah, under normal circumstances, this page and Tuesday's would have just been individual panels in a single page, but I reeeaaally needed to spread things out to make this deadline. Ironically, then I went and reused the background from the first time we saw the dining hall ...which ended up adding a tremendous amount of work due to that early page being so much messier than my current art (and that's saying something)/ And I ALREADY had this problem with the previous page, but STILL did it again! I don't learn quickly.

Well, okay, I do learn a FEW things eventually. Like, I actually went ahead and did NEXT Tuesdays page at the same time as this one. On the one hand, that means it also won't have any color. On the other hand, it means I WON'T have to dive straight into an update immediately after driving back from Atlanta, so I might actually have a chance to recover a bit before burning myself out on Conventional Wisdom stuff!

Oh, and speaking of which: if you think about it, PLEASE bug me about getting pages of Conventional Wisdom drawn during the con this weekend. Constant peer pressure worked WONDERS for the Otakon stuff, so hopefully it'll help me get AWA comics done in advance, too! Remember, the sooner I get that update finished, the sooner I can focus on Far Out There for the rest of 2018!
Oh goodie. A guided tour of the ship. That's never happened before.

Okay, so just in case you missed the explanation earlier, comics went on a Line-Art Only, No Voting Incentive basis so I could work around Conventional Wisdom obligations and try to avoid storm-related difficulties. The good news is the storm blew over with minimal disruptions over here, and the rest of those Conventional Wisdom comics got finished in record time! I've still got one more convention this weekend, though, so these coloring book pages will keep happening through next Tuesday. Yes, for once I've actually managed to get TWO extra pages drawn, so I won't have to dive straight into an update immediately after a massive roadtrip. But once again, this convention will be my LAST one of 2018, meaning once that update is done, I get to close out the year focusing ENTIRELY on Far Out There and Patreon stuff. It'll be SOOOOOOO refreshing to finally finish all the backed-up material I've had to hold off so I could get Conventional Wisdom stuff done on time!

Incidentally, the whole point of not coloring the page in was to get it done more quickly, but then I went and blew hours painstakingly re-editing line art from the last time we saw the gym, just to maintain continuity. I suck at saving time.
Nothing as dramatic as this, unfortunately. I think the most theatrical one was somebody sneaking up behind me and whispering in my ear.

Actually, what am I saying? This was at an ANIME CONVENTION. Everyone was in gaudy, elaborate costumes. EVERY conversation I had was theatrical!
Oh yeah, even with the plague, this was still the fastest, smoothest update I've done in AGES. The biggest complaint I have is nitpicking which comics I did/didn't hold back for Patreon, and that's pretty darn minor.
Yep, it happened again. I'm one hundred percent blaming the fact that I had to post this update in chunks on how sick I got in the middle of editing. Granted, it didn't happen RIGHT after I got back, that'd be too simple. No, I had to focus on a lot of Far Out There and Patreon stuff first before I could dig deep into getting the Otakon comics done, and those germs were nice enough to wait until RIGHT when I finally had time to focus to... make sure I didn't have time to focus anymore. Still, I suppose it's kind of encouraging to know that, when I really try hard to get stuff done on time, fate has to REALLY intervene to mess it up.

But, of course, this isn't REALLY the end of the comics! There's still one more batch of Otakon 2018 comics coming to Patreon, so if you feel like there wasn't enough actual anime-related content this time around, donate a dollar or two and see what I was holding back in a few weeks. And if that wasn't enough, ANIME WEEKEND ATLANTA IS COMING! That's right, I'm only BARELY squeezing this update out before starting preparations for the NEXT convention trip! AWA will be Conventional Wisdom's last con of 2018, so let's make it interesting!
It seems like I always end up editing the comics about me being really worn out and sleepy WHEN I'm most worn out and sleepy. It's almost like I edit these in chronological order or something. In any case, we were SUPPOSED to see a view out the window next to me, if only so I could squeeze this really surreal sign ...but that would have taken a lot of time and energy, and... well, I was looking like THIS at the time.

But seriously, I'm really gonna ask people to get on me about this at every con from now on. I got SOOOOO MUCH STUFF DRAWN during the convention, and I would have had the whole update done in, like, a week or two if... well...
I mean, this is hardly a new thing in this world of skimpy, skimpy cosplay, but usually you don't have the staggered elevation of an escalator to line things up in ways they don't normally line up. Seriously, it was RIGHT in my face. Like, exact precision line-of-sight.

Oh, and look! The "LOGO" Shirt still exists!