Oh my gosh! Despite all the Conventional Wisdom stuff, I actually managed to get today's page finished! AND a fresh Voting Incentive! ...and that's all I have to say on the matter because I literally nodded off to sleep twice while writing this and need to go to bed NOW.
So, if you haven't been keeping up with Conventional Wisdom over the first half of 2017, here's the explanation for that cover up there: The previous con I attended was MAGFest. MAGFest happened the first weekend of January. I finally posted the final page of Conventional Wisdom's MAGFest comics YESTERDAY. For those of you who grew up in a temporal anomaly outside of the linear progression of events, that's a looooooooooong time. So, if you haven't already, could you go read the MAGFest comics? I'd really appreciate it!

Moving on, HELLO ANIMAZEMENT! I'm really glad to be jumping back into the congoing scene right here at the hometown con. Before anybody asks, I will NOT be in Artist Alley this year (for reasons I've covered elsewhere) but I WILL be bringing some goodies with me to give away at random points, so if you spot me over the weekend, be sure to ask me about that! And just for the record, the Shoujo Rock Heaven and Awesomely Bad Jmusic Videos panels are a GREAT chance to spot me!

Anyway, that's the deal for this weekend. I'm REALLY DESPERATELY HOPING the comics will be up in a more timely manner than the MAGFest ones were, mostly because I REFUSE to let this update get as big as that one. Hopefully, the bulk of the comics will go up about a week or so after the con's over, with an extra batch of comics going up on Patreon not long after that. Cross those fingers, gang!
YAY! Somebody caught the Far Out There reference! (and yeah, that's her very first outfit right there)
Aww DAG IT, that would have been a GREAT way to end one of these mini-updates! And Yoink could have been wearing a mushroom hat and played Toad! Oh well, I'll hold onto that idea for next time... which will hopefully be NEVER because SCREW EVER HAVING TO DO THIS MESS AGAIN.
Sweet merciful crap, it took me about FOUR MONTHS to finish this "update".


What the even?

Okay, I've gone on at length in other places about how I horrifically burned myself out trying to make Artist Alley happen last year and how that's what I'm choosing to blame all my other problems in life on, so I won't bore you with it here. Suffice it to say, 2017 has been a... let's call it a "rebuilding season" so far. I'm really, REALLY sorry that it's been taking so long for me to get anything out, and MANY MANY MANY THANKS to those of you who've stuck around long enough to actually see the end of this batch.

...but you know what's funny? THIS STILL ISN'T THE END! Somehow, I actually STILL have leftover pages that I put aside for Patreon. Those will go up there... I dunno, sometime after Animazement. Speaking of which, HOLY CRAP, I'VE GOT TWENTY FOUR HOURS TO GET READY FOR ANIMAZEMENT AAAAAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGHHH!!!!!
This explosion was significantly less fun than the retweet one, since it meant I actually had to DO stuff.

But yeah, this is officially the longest Conventional Wisdom ever. The previous record was LAST MAGFest with 26 pages, and... well, we left that in the dust a loooooong time ago.

And I feel pretty safe in saying that this is also the longest Conventional Wisdom that ever WILL be because, well...
The thought just now occurs that I've inadvertently made the prospect of sharing a van ride with my friends look incredibly drab and joyless. Um, sorry?

Anyway, these days I'm very rarely around to see the depressing teardown stage of a con unless I'm in Artist Alley and doing some tearing down myself (and that won't happen again for a WHILE). Otherwise, going straight from CONCONCON straight to normal civilian live again is almost always jarring. But this MAGFest really took the cake, since I don't usually spend that last hour or two in FRANTIC NERF-FULLED COMBAT. Going directly from running around dodging darts to sitting in a car for five hours is WEIRD.
Being neither an engineer nor Mr. Freeze, I don't know for an absolute fact that an iPhone CAN stop working from getting too cold. All I know is I had more than half the battery left when we first went outside, yet the thing was suddenly dead after the first round. Then, when we all went back inside for a break and I plugged it back in while sitting over a heating vent, SUDDENLY it had half its battery back again.

Either way, I got very few pictures during the Nerf War because of this, which sucks since it's about the only thing me and my tiny gun would have been able to contribute.
Yes, despite delays and finally landing on a morning when a lot of people were already packing up and leaving, we STILL managed to have us a Nerf War on Sunday... and WOW do I need to get a better gun for these things. Most of those plastic canons looked so big and advanced that I'm surprised one of them folded out into full mech armor.
Context for those of you who don't know: I spent all of Ichibancon 2015 sleeping in a van in the parking lot and I don't think I'm ever really going to live that down. Despite repeated disclaimers that I in no way actually endorse this behavior, I still get people asking me about doing it, even for MAGFest. Which, if case you haven't noticed from other comics, gets REALLY DANG COLD and is thus a legitimately DANGEROUS time to try this stupidity (Yes, Ichibancon was a Winter con too, but winter in Charlotte barely even counts) So, when I caught a glimpse of this poor, freezing dope camped out in his car on Sunday... I know the odds of him actually getting the idea from me are slim to nil, but I still felt bad.
Yeah, between this particular picture and the Uncle Ben thing, my Twitter got a major workout this weekend.

..also, looking back over these comics now, I really didn't spend a lot of time in my "trademark costume" this MAGFest, did I?
Under normal circumstances, this would be the point where I shamelessly and repeatedly make plugs for my Patreon... but I'm so embarrassed of how badly things have been delayed both here AND there, that I'm just gonna include that one link and surround it by shameful self-deprecation.

...and yeah, I see URIZEN a lot.
I... actually have no idea. It SOUNDS like something I'd say... but it also sounds like something that would pop up in any number of other sources that have influenced me over the years.
Oh man, this week... Okay, so I just posted a whole new batch of Conventional Wisdom comics that I was up all yesterday finishing, then I was up all night and into the morning doing today's Far Out There, and as soon as this post goes up I start working on ANOTHER batch of Conventional Wisdoms so that I'll finally have all the MAGFest stuff done before Animazement... witch starts on Thursday. Fun stuff!

So, yeah, in the midst of all that, don't be surprised if Friday's update turns out to be a little... threadbare. Hopefully the worst that'll happen is I don't get a new Voting Incentive done in time, but there's the possibility that I might have to post some unfinished line art instead of a fully finished comic. It'll all depend on how much time I have and how little sleep I can get by with... and I honestly have no idea what that's gonna be, since I'll be commuting from home instead of staying at the hotel. I MIGHT be able to make use of that extra bit of computer access to finish up a perfectly normal update... or I might collapse in bed the second I get back, we'll just have to wait and see.

Oh and speaking of Conventional Wisdom, today's Voting Incentive is a nice bit of cross-promotional synergy!
Yeah, I usually set the pages to not go live for an hour or two after their loaded, to make sure they go live at the same time AND that I've got time to write all the comments first. Buuuut I'm kinda in a hurry at the moment so I just let it all hang out for a while this time :)
No joke, I directly in front of the stage for more than one show this weekend, and Knights of the Round, from the very opposite side of that massive ballroom, was STILL the loudest thing I heard all weekend. It was SHOCKINGLY up to eleven. Really good, but LOOOOUUUUUD.

And guess what? THIS STILL ISN'T THE END! Yes, there's even MORE MAGFest comics waiting to be finished after these. Thanfully, this time they're actually almost done already. Penciled, inked, and scanned into the computer, I just need to finish editing the things. The only reason I went ahead and posted these now is because I needed to stop and work of Far Out There anyway. I SHOULD have the last handful of pages posted sometime Wednesday night... JUST IN TIME FOR ANIMAZEMENT TO START.

...I never, EVER want this kind of situation to happen again.
Not much to add to this one, other than it really was hard to capture the spirit of the moment while keeping things child friendly. Ya'll wrasslin' fans and your potty mouths...

(though at least nobody started chanting "CM PUNK" because a song was starting to bore them)
Look, I don't claim to be a living embodiment of rhythm or anything, but I've had enough musical training to REALLY hate hearing a clapping crowd that's drastically out of step with the band,so I think this is a totally valid request.
Oh, and the best part is THERE'S STILL MORE COMING!
It's always nice when a comic just happens right there in front of me, punchline and all, and I just have to stand there taking notes.

Also, Hi cameo kids!