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So... this was SUPPOSED to be a sequel to page 1034, with another montage of potential new outfits for Layla... only way, WAY weirder looking than the ones we saw from Layla's own wardrobe. That's why Alphonse and Bridget are in nearly the same position as they were in that page: because the layout was supposed to mirror that, with a jumbled bunch of frames up above. But then, half-way through, I realized... that I was only half-way through and it was already well after dawn and I was falling asleep. So I did the whole "silly dialog I don't wanna even try to visualize" trick again, and won't try to actually draw those oddball costumes until later. I still could use some more post-Otakon recovery time before trying something that creatively exhausting anyway.

Speaking of which: yeah, I wasn't able to get a new Voting Incentive done for today because I'm still really spent from the con... but it's a good kind of spent, because I got a TON of Conventional Wisdom material penciled out while there. Like, fourteen new Otakon pages PLUS the last five Animazement pages that still need to go up on Patreon. That's the best head start I've had on a Conventional Wisdom update in YEARS, and it REALLY bodes well for me getting the update online in a timely fashion. And the sooner I get that stuff done and online, the less it'll delay updates over here at Far Out There. Yay!

...oh, and by the way: it turns out it's REEEAAALLY hard to draw someone rolling her eyes when those eyes are blank white voids. This has been another of Blitz's Art Tips™.
It's been a while since our last reminder that Tax knows... more than she should. So here we go!

Anyway, GASP! A page actually going up at midnight! Yep, I'm clearly out of town this weekend, aren't I? True story, I seriously though about setting this to go live at 8 or 9, since that's pretty much become the new normal around here... BUT NO. This is one of the few instances where I can really, truly, actually post a page at the time these pages USED to go live, so I'm taking it! DON'T GET USED TO THIS, PEOPLE WHO ARE ONLY CHECKING THIS PAGE BECAUSE OF OTAKON!

...but yeah, since I'm at Otakon right now, no new Voting Incentive today. HOPEFULLY it'll all be back on schedule next Tuesday, though I wasn't able to get any additional comic stuff for next week done, so it all depends on how almost-but-not-quite-dead I am when I get back.
*taking copious, detailed notes for future reference*

Oh, nothing. Don't mind me at all. :)
Sorry there's no cake, this year's party budget was blown on Far Out There.

But still, HOLY CRAP! It's seriously been an entire decade since Conventional Wisdom's first comics hit the web! And it doesn't feel a DAY over eight years!

And in honor of this amazing milestone, this year I will... not really do anything out of the ordinary. Yup, I don't have any crazy Otakon celebrations planned or promotional stunts or commemorative retrospective panels in the works or anything. Heck, I don't even have that much NORMAL stuff to do this year. No cosplay gatherings, no Digimon panels, Awesomely Bad Japanese Music Videos is the only "thing" I'm doing all weekend. And you know what? That's the greatest party I could ever throw for myself. Ten uninterrupted years is a loooooooooong time. I'm due for a nice relaxing weekend.

Well, not THAT relaxing. I still have a pile of comics that need to get drawn over the next three days. After the past year of increasingly missed deadlines, I've decided that waiting until I get home to work on stuff just isn't an option anymore. I need to have the bulk of this next update on paper BEFORE I leave DC... and I need you all to help me do it. Seriously, if you see me around the con at any point this weekend, if you think about me on social media, if you have ANY contact with me whatsoever, ASK ME HOW MANY COMICS I'VE GOTTEN DONE. Past experience has proven that constant badgering from others is the one way I actually get anything done on time, so don't let up! Keep asking! I don't want Conventional Wisdom's big ten-oh to be months late!

(Oh, and if that wasn't enough, don't forget about Patreon! Not only will there be an additional set of Otakon 2018 comics coming after the main update, but there's ALSO an exclusive batch of Animazement comics coming to Patreon soon! Donating as little as $1 a month gets you full comic access!)
OOOOooooh, funny stuff. I really, genuinely thought I'd dreamed up this page in a way that it'd be over and done with really quickly. I've still gotta get Friday's page finished and posted before Wednesday night, after all. But then I thought, "Hey, a spooky scifi glow in the second panel would really help sell the joke." and suddenly the page is taking just as long as usual. So, yeah, nothing much else to say here, because I've gotta dive RIGHT into getting Friday's page finished.

...well, okay, there is a new Voting Incentive to mention, as well as a heads up to give that there probably WON'T be a new one for Friday. Even after all this time, I still haven't mastered the art of swapping out TWC Incentives while on the road...
Well, I think it goes without saying that Layla dressing up will inevitably result in Tabitha dressing up as well (heck, she's probably got complementary outfits for the whole family)
I was soooooooooooo close to pulling another "post the half-finished page in the morning, replace with the final draft in the afternoon" deal here, but I figured it couldn't take me THAT long to color, so why not press on and do it all at once? HAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahawow that was a bad idea.

Okay, so if you were paying attention Tuesday, that page was sort of last-minute filler because I was trying to work out problems with THIS page, and I still don't think I quite did. I dunno, something's just... off about this one. Actually, no, I take that back. I know EXACTLY what's off about it: it's too much for one page. I really, really wanted to break this up to two pages... but I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to do it. There's just no obvious point at which to split things up, and no extra punch line I could insert anywhere to MAKE that point. Or, at least, I couldn't think of one. The most frustrating thing is that I just KNOW some blindingly obvious solution will dawn on me in a week or so when I'm trying to work on something else. But no, in the end I had to go ahead and wedge all this dialog into one page, even though the pacing doesn't really work like it should.

Oh, and how about that silly little animated effect on the bottom? THAT is why this page wound up taking so long. If I'd just slapped a glittery screen tone layer or whatever in that panel, I really would have gotten this page online before noon, but nooooooo. I just HAD to splurge on something that ended up adding several hours onto the editing process. And this may have been even more frustrating than the creative writing stuff, since at least that was, you know, creative. THIS was just hours of saving files improperly and forgetting to put layers in the right order and tedious, tedious detail things. Now, make no mistake, I can get a lot of joy out of fiddling with tedious little details, when I'm in the right mood. I was not in that right mood today.

Okay, enough bellyaching. Let's wrap this up on something positive: I need to find more excuses to draw Chibi Tabitha. I have no idea why such a tall, skinny character works so well in squat, chubby form, but she really, REALLY does work like that.

OH YEAH! And Also don't forget that Voting Incentive are back! (And thanks to those of you who did the whole "vote on Bonus Incentives" thing on Wednesday. Far Out There was actually fitting the TWC top twenty for the first time in a WHILE thanks to that.)
Naw, the Hippos thing was specifically something the Anime USA Maid Cafe did. (I mean, the game exists elsewhere, obviously, but it'n not like either of us carry it around with us)
So, good news and bad news. The good news is THOSE CONVENTIONAL WISDOM ANIMAZEMENT COMICS ARE FINALLY DONE! NO MORE SCRAMBLING TO GET THEM ONLINE! THE NIGHTMARE IS FINALLY OVER! The bad news... well, there's a couple bits, actually:

First of all, I did it again. I resisted another Blip page, but this is another instance where the comic you're getting isn't the one you were SUPPOSED to be getting today. I got partly into drawing that one, realized I was gonna need to chance some things... and I just wasn't up to it. Heck, I was barely even up to THIS. You see that single, stationary drawing of Tabitha and Layla up there? It took me, like, five tries to even get THAT done. I even had to stop and draw some completely unrelated something or other just to try and get the blood flowing in the art centers of my brain. I'm that burned out right now. But hey, I guess I've technically got a head start on Friday's page, right?

...but that's the next bad news. Despite having only just now finished up my Animazement chores (more or less) I'm actually heading up to Otakon next month, meaning I'm supposed to be in the middle of preparing for that trip. So brace yourself for who knows WHAT additional scheduling hiccups as I try to get enough material together to cover the convention weekend.

And speaking of hiccups, if anyone is planning on catching up on old Voting Incentives in the Gallery over the next few weeks, be aware that I've had to rejigger the dates for new pages going live. With all the recent scheduling problems, the gap between new pages going up on TWC and their public reveal on SmackJeeves was getting smaller and smaller, which kind of defeated the whole "incentive" part. So don't be alarmed if nothing new seems to be showing up there for a large chunk of August.

OH! But speaking of which: NEW BECKY & GILB VOTING INCENTIVES ARE BACK! Rejoice and be happy! (Also, the TWC Bonus Incentives reset again tomorrow, so that'd be another good time to vote through all the Incentives in a really short amount of time. And I juuuuuuuust might be swapping one or two of them out with some more art nobody's seen before!)
No, seriously: I'd LOVE to take credit for planning that, because it absolutely makes sense, but those numbers are pretty much all random street addresses and zip codes I remembered off the top of my head. I am nowhere NEAR clever enough to do that on purpose.
What, you mean you DON'T try to avoid the shirt as much as possible? :D
Oh my gosh, I totally didn't even notice the numbers GAH, I MEAN YES THAT WAS TOTALLY PLANNED AND ON PURPOSE AND INTENDED ALL ALONG
Here's some context... sort of. I have no idea why I was so obsessed with squeezing this into the update... but I think I have to make a full color version now.

Anyway, that's it for Animazement 2018! Sorry it took so long to get out the door, but be sure to come back for- ...oh sweet merciful crap, it's almost time for Otakon already, isn't it?

(DON'T FORGET: Otakon or no Otakon, there's STILL some more ANimazement comics coming directly to Patreon in the near future! If you donate ANYTHING< even just $1 a month, you'll have access to those comics the second they're done! Otakon gets more and more expensive every year, so anything you can give to keep Conventional Wisdom going will be a big help!
I'M NOT KIDDING, PEOPLE, I NEED YOU TO HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE ON THIS. This Otakon is Conventional Wisdom's big ten year anniversary. It REALLY needs to come out in a timely manner for once!
Now THIS is The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny. know, if funny. COnsidering all the convention-related events that I've outgrown and lost interest in, Animazement Cosplay Chess is perhaps the only thing that I've actually gotten MORE into attending over the years.

Also, this is the first Conventional Wisdom to have anything animated, isn't it? I guess I'm finally hip, like Homestuck!
No, seriously, it's EXTREMELY weird and unnatural that I actually do things that involve standing in front of a room full of people and attempting to be engaging. You do NOT realize how much mental and emotional preparation has to go into making that happen.
I'm not letting this slide, because I deserve to be chewed out over it. This update could have been finished WEEKS ago if I hadn't slacked off during the dime I would have been able to work fastest.

And make no mistake, can and do get WAAAAAY more done at the convention than I do at home, at least that's how it works now. Back in the day -when these things actually came out within a week of the convention itself- I was able to get a lot more done at home, but that's when conventions felt like more of a novelty. I hadn't been to very many, so the buzz of the even took a lot longer to wear off, and I could feed off that excitement to get a lot of comics done in a short amount of time. These days, well, conventions sort of feel like just another thing, and it's a lot easier to get distracted by other stuff afterwards.

That's why I've really, REALLY got to make an effort to draw more Otakon comics AT Otakon, while the event itself has my full and undivided attention. DON'T LET ME FORGET THIS, GUYS!
I should offer a prize to anyone who can correctly identify every reference on this page. I don't HAVE a prize to offer, but I should.

...and I'm not kidding, despite all the wacky skits and events we had going on during this panel, NONE of us got any pictures. At least, none clear enough to make out what was actually happening. I guess some secrets just aren't meant for the outside world.


Anyway, Shoujo Rock Heaven is no stranger to lapses in panelist focus.

Also, I was gonna slip links to the pages where those little flashbacks came from, but there's already too many links in this comment as there is. I guess you'll just have to read through every single page of Conventional Wisdom to find them yourself. Oh drat!
It's something that comes up more and more during the trip-planning process for conventions: amid a group of people who go to these things as a vacation weekend, I'm the one guy who can seriously and unironically say I'm NOT going to have fun. Hanging out with people and enjoying myself is just a bonus. A nice bonus, sure, but still something that happens on the side. I go to watch OTHER PEOPLE have fun and take notes.

Incidentally, that's my infamous Hungry Hungry Hippo opponent there, who I didn't even realize was in town that weekend!