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No, seriously, it is literally not possible to leave my house from any direction without having to pass through SOME kind of road work. It's downright silly.

Wake Forest has turned up on a few Best Places to Live lists, and every time that happens people here are all "No! Don't tell everybody, you'll ruin it!" Part of me suspects that the town specifically commissioned all these construction projects at once just to scare off any outsiders thinking about moving here. I mean, it literally prevents people from getting into the town.

Also, I started to write something else about bringing food with me, but I think that anecdote would actually spoil a future page. Teaser?
DD: That IS a good point there, Tabitha has definitely gotten a very skewed sampling of Stilez behavior since she arrived.

CptNerd: You would not BELIEVE how close I came to not noticing the opportunity before it was too late.
...wait, what? Really? REALLY?


Well, time for everyone to grab their supplies and get to the nearest disaster shelter, because clearly the end is nigh.

Obviously, half the reason this got done in a timely fashion is because TWC Voting Incentives are still on hold while I simultaneously work on another batch of Conventional Wisdom comics and, well, the next TWC series. Incidentally, just as a little teaser/present for everyone, expect a big ol' batch of older TWC Bonus Incentives to be added to the Patreon & Incentive Gallery before too long. I didn't realize just how many of those just went up over there for a few weeks without ever being mirrored on SmackJeeves. Man, I've really gotten spoiled by the way the regular Incentives go live on their own. Truly, modern convenience will be the death of us all...
Another laaaaate page and another update without a new Voting Incentive... but it's ALSO another instance where I can't feel to guilty about it. Frustrated? Sure. But not guilty. You know why? Because this is the third comic page I've put online in the past 24 hours. Like, not an incentive doodle, but full on, actually COMICS. The next batch of Conventional Wisdom comics are now underway, not to mention the the bonus Patreon comics from the PREVIOUS round of Conventional Wisdom stuff. All that in a single 24 hour stretch. Yeah, I'm to busy being proud that I'm still conscious to beat myself up that I couldn't grind out at TWC Incentive as well.

THAT SAID, I actually am working on a new Incentive series, and this one is an actual series of real comic pages rather than just doodles. It's an idea I've wanted to do for a while now, and there's really no way to fit it into the regular narrative, so a side story is really the only chance to get it out there. Unfortunately... well, see the previous paragraph. I'm hoping to get a small backlog of pages edited up and finished before I actually start posting any of them, so that they'll be able to keep going up automatically the NEXT time I get bogged down on Conventional Wisdom or whatever else on the To Do List (I'll need to start working on Christmas comics again before any of us realize it)
I've mentioned this elsewhere, but it bears repeating because of how dang absurd it is: This little one-day con has been happening in my town for a while now, but I never managed to go before because I was either already at another con or just got back from one and was working on comics for THAT set of comics instead. Again, I'm doing a webcomic all about conventions, there a convention happening LITERAL WALKING DISTANCE FROM MY HOUSE, and I'd repeatedly skipped it in favor of other events several states away. This was a very, very stupid way to do things. I mean, yeah, I'm sure a lot more stuff happened at Otakon than happened here, but the average Otakon excursion cost me several hundred dollars. I think I wound up spending seven bucks on this "trip." That is much, MUCH better accommodating of a webcomic's profit margin.

And speaking of filthy, disgusting stuff like profits, go support me on Patreon if you aren't already! The extra, exclusive set of Animazement 2019 comics just started going up over there, and even just $1 a month is enough to read them as soon as they come out! (As opposed to waiting and reading them when they get added to the public Patreon gallery like some kind of CHUMP)
"The Cute Is Deadly" may need to become a secondary tagline for Far Out There in general.
See? SEE? Didn't I TELL you there's still be comics even without an Otakon trip this year? Granted, this is going to be a very different experience than the usual big anime cons, both in terms of going AND comics. I'll just tell you right now, don't expect anywhere NEAR as many pages from this one than I did for Animazement... but seeing as how the Animazement update cycle dragged out for weeks and weeks longer than it should have, maybe that's for the best?

An, or course, don't forget there's still MORE Animazement comics coming to Patreon, so please consider dropping some support there if you like what you see here!
Dang it dang it dang it dang it and one further dang it just to remove any ambiguity on the matter. This is another one of those instances where I started work on one page, realized something stupid, then had to push it all to the side and start over with something entirely different. In this case, the page I STARTED working on jumped straight to Mariska touching base with Ichabod, but it hit me that the previous page, while reintroducing Mariska, didn't actually feature her two younger sidekicks. They're gonna factor into future events as much as she will, so they need a little refresher "Hey, we exist!" moment too... which I couldn't figure out how to cram into the planned page. So now the page that WOULD have been up today is next Tuesday's page, and I had to whip this one up from scratch... and fell asleep in the middle of it because I started over LAAAAATE.

The really frustrating thing about this is that I don't even have a new TWC Voting Incentive to show you guys. I've pretty much exhausted my preview art (heck, at least one of the things being previewed is already happening right now!), so I was gonna take a brief break before the next set of Incentives start. And by "break" I mean "draw a bunch of Conventional Wisdom stuff for a local con this weekend." But yeah, if I wasn't gonna have any extra stuff to show, I would have REALLY liked to at least stick the landing on the main comic. Oh well.
...and now this page has one of my favorite Alt Texts ever. :D
Okay, now we're back to the regular two-page-a-week update schedule, and we KNOW it's regular because it's coming out really late. And I feel more than a little foolish about that because, in retrospect, this is ABSOLUTELY a page that could have gone up in rough draft form this morning without losing anything. All that atmospheric red lighting is moody and all, but it was also really time consuming, and I'm pretty sure the central joke would have come across just fine without it.

But how 'bout that joke? This is is officially one of my new favorite pages of Far Out There, just because of how silly it felt to write out all those dumb names. Incidentally, if you're wondering why a character with what appears to be dog ears is named Lt. Duckyduck, it's because I was sketching out the rough draft of this page while sitting next to my three-year-old niece in church, and that's what she decided his name was. I'm not about to refuse creative notes from a higher authority.

And yes, this IS what those characters in that one Voting Incentive were planned for. See? Those sneak peeks really ARE relevant to future pages! Let's look at another one!
Ed8: That's probably Layla's default response to everything ever (at least, it is NOW)

DD: Oh, it's definitely something they wouldn't be allowed to do, but that's a totally separate matter from them actually doing it.
...aaaaand we're back! ...aaaaand we're late! Yup, even taking nearly a week off couldn't get this page done before noon, though I don't think it's hard to tell where the time went. Actually, it's a funny thing. The original plan was to do another animated page, with the lightning crackling all around the ship and everything, but half-way through I decided it'd look a lot cooler to really go for broke with a high-detail static image than one that motion but less detail. You'd THINK that'd have sped up the process, since I only had to finish a single image instead of three or four. But the thing about a more detailed image is, well, there needs to be more detail. I wound up having to re-color a LOT of stuff that I'd intentionally left a bit sloppy on the assumption that all the flickering motion would obscure the details. I still don't think that top panel turned out quite right, but I eventually had to just call it and move on. But DANG I like that big entrance. Always nice to come back from a break with a bang.

...and if you're not sure what you're supposed to be looking at behind all that lighting, I'll just leave this here.

Anyway, new TWC Voting Incentive as always, which I actually felt obligated to hold back for a bit rather than put it up along with the last page. Make of THAT what you will.

Finally, a bit of housekeeping: It's been ages and ages since Project Wonderful went down, but I FINALLY got around to sticking a new ad box on my pages, courtesy of Comicad Network. So if you could just take a moment to check if your adblockers are leaving SmackJeeves alone, it'd really help trick advertisers into believing these spaces are actually worth something. Thanks!
D'OH! I must have done that when I was fixing the previous typo! (I had to expand the speech bubble via some copy/pasting, and a layer must have wound up over the text)
Simon's Unprofessional Principle
The author wasn't paying attention and posted this particular comic on the wrong website.
Look, I just really wanted to draw Yoink as Lina.

If I ever get any "full sized" plushies of the Conventional Wisdom mascots made, I'm gonna dress them up as SO many random things. Like, you don't even know.

But yeah, that's all the Patreon comics for Otakon 2018... unexpectedly the last Conventional Wisdom Otakon comics for the foreseeable future. That's more of a downer than I expected. But remember, there's a fresh batch of Animazement 2019 comics that'll start hitting Patreon any day now, so there's still plenty to look forward to!
...because no, this was not a fluke mistake.

It is funny, though. The more I do comics with photo backgrounds, you'd THINK I'd gradually start to get better at taking the actual photos themselves. But no, not only so I still find myself having to go back to places where stuff happened earlier because I didn't get any background coverage, but even when I do, there's a VERY high failure rate. Even after all this time, I still wind up taking lots of pictures I don't need and not anywhere near enough of what I actually DO need. Like, I get a dozen angles of a room that never appears in a comic, then only get a single picture of a room where five pages take place (and it's at an angle that never gets used anyway)
One of the most depressing examples of how much has changed over the past ten years is looking at the decline of the traditional Digimon Cosplayer Party on Saturday night. Back when I first started going to Otakon, it was pure sugar-fueled madness. As timed passed, though, things mellowed out more and more until it was mostly just an excuse to mellow out and rest after a busy two days. Case in point, last year was just a handful of us chilling in a hotel lobby for a few minutes. I mean, that is absolutely ALL I had it in me to do by that point, but it's still a frustrating reminder of just how much time makes fools of us all.

And sure, one could easily blame Digimon Adventures Tri for sapping the fandom's enthusiasm for doing stuff, but I'm pretty sure all us OG fans would have been too worn out to party even if the latest anime had been amazing.
Two bits of context: First, if you've never subjected yourself to me on social media, you need to understand that I have an actual Scribbles plushies that appears in waaaaaay more convention pictures than I do. This nasty habit was SEVERELY enabled this year by the massive Dragon Ball stand in the Dealer's Room, which was basically just a bunch of elaborate DBZ photo ops piled on top of each other.

Second, every time I've gone to a DC con since I moved away from there, I've spent most of my pre-con wandering around the places I used to live rather than doing anything convention related. Among other things, it involved taking really awkward Scribbles pictures in front of various nations' embassies... most of which didn't even turn out all that well, since it's hard to take a forced perspective picture of a stuffed animal in front of a building without hogging a crowded sidewalk. And, well, also looking like this.
Well, this certainly aged well, didn't it? If you're reading this at a later time and don't get that, I'm finally posting these Patreon comics publicly to try and cover up for the fact that I wound up not going to Otakon at ALL this year. So, yeah, feels less like new-found optimistic enthusiasm and more like a deep sense of denial. But hey, maybe once I've spent a while only going to local conventions, saving my money and recharging my batteries, I'll totally make a glorious return to Otakon! With new costumes and photoshoots and panels and cool stuff! That's totally a thing that could happen and not self-delusion at all!
All of the present theories about Avatar's lack of messiness are simultaneously true.