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Yeah, the left guy was the one I especially wanted at least ONE clear picture of, but it just wasn't happening.
I seriously wasn't joking about that one almost making me throw up.
...and that's BEFORE you get into the traffic out of DC.

Well, that's the Otakon 2017 comics! It may have still taken longer than I wanted, but this update DID manage to come out a lot faster than the other 2017 ones... but it's still mere days before my next con anyway. CURSE YOU AWA FOR HAPPENING SO MUCH CLOSER TO OTAKON! But yeah, I'll be at Anime Weekend Atlanta in a few days, so stay tuned for more comics about that, eventually.

But SPEAKING of more comics, don't forget that I also do an extra set of Otakon comics specifically for my Patreon supporters! And guess what? THEY'RE ALREADY DRAWN! I mean, they're not FINISHED yet, there it's time to get them all edited & everything while still getting ready for AWA. BUT, I will be able to get them finished and posted with a week of getting BACK from AWA, and it'll only cost you $1 a month to read them! So, if you wanted to go ahead and pledge some money RIGHT NOW to avoid the rush (and help me cover some travel expenses) that would be super awesome of you!
Heck, I couldn't even get a clear photograph that did them justice... though that had more to do with the lighting in the room and their impassioned interpretive gestures.
Just once I want to attend a Closing Ceremonies where this actually happens. Heck, ANY public gathering where the crowd is clearly not as enthusiastic as tradition dictates they should act. I just really want to see the host act genuinely shocked and hurt for a minute. These are the sorts of things I find funny to suggest. And that's why no one will ever ask me to host anything.
There was a toddler dressed at Matt at the photoshoot. There are pictures. That is all.

...well, that and I feel kind of bad about the first half of this page. That was SUPPOSED to just be a place-holder doodle until I had time to do a more elaborate drawing of the entire group, which never actually happened. Oops. (Insert snarky remark about how my "finished drawings" don't look much better than the placeholder scribbles anyway)
I've never particularly trusted bagage check with my stuff, especially given the history Servo has with other people handling my bags. So, usually, I'll just go ahead and put my stuff straight in the van... which is a lot more complicated when you park outside the city and just ride in. Still, the rides out and back TOGETHER didn't take as long as this rambling trek though the NO SERIOUSLY THREE SEPARATE PARKING DECKS FOR THIS ONE METRO STATION. And the best part? If I'd gone out the RIGHT side, the van only would have been a minute's walk away. Thanks you, Metro System. Thank you very much.
It's been a long-standing tradition for participants in the Digimon cosplay photoshoot to meet up for a party on the night before. This year was significantly more low-key than previous years (I was the only person actually in a Digimon costume, and only because this one's so comfortable) ...and the whole "everyone's plans are totally thrown off by Otakon being in a new location this year" aspect was only PARTLY to blame.
So, yeah, Artist Alley kind of got flooded Saturday night. I'm pretty sure it wasn't THIS bad (they were open on Sunday, after all) but still, I'm pretty sure that's a first for my con-going experiences.

See, it's times like these I feel less bad about swearing off doing Artist Alley for a while (then I look at my empty wallet and the feeling goes away)
I carried a rain jacket around with me literally ALL of Friday, for no reason. Then Saturday comes along and I leave it in the hotel and BOOM.

But that's hardly the main story about the rain that weekend...
If you've attended Awesomely Bad before, at least one of those items on the list caused a bit of a shudder. In our defense, though, we were pretty darn good about offering "Um, you might want to cover some eyes for this one" warnings to the kid's Mom (who, for the record, was having a great time all the way through). She seemed relatively unscathed after it was all over.
Getting props checked, to confirm that they can't actually hurt anybody, is hardly a new thing at conventions, but this was the first time Otakon had a mandatory bag check just to get into the building. Or, more accurately, the CONVENTION CENTER had a bag check. I kind of got a kick out of how the explanatory blurb on Otakon's website bent over backwards to stress that this was NOT their idea, nor was it their people doing it.

Also, I'm not enough of a gamer to know why there was a Metal Gear cosplayer carrying a banana.
Moments like these are why I'm glad Conventional Wisdom is more for entertainment purposes than any kind of actual reporting. Otherwise, I would have felt compelled to find out why exactly multiple staffers and security people disappeared into a suddenly blocked-off bathroom.

(...not to say that I won't still accept a free press pass on the rare occasion that it's offered, of course)
Granted, this sort of thing can happen in just about any convention with more than one floor, we've all seen that one cool cosplayer from that one spot where there's a balcony overlooking the lobby. The thing is, in a convention center this big, EVERYPLACE is that spot. Heck, you can technically be in the same room as the other person and still be so far away that you know you'll NEVER be able to catch up. I cannot properly express just how vast this building is, even my pictures can't do it justice.
Random Overheard Comments are a mainstay of my convention tweets, and there as hare, it's entirely possible that I wildly misheard everything due to extreme tiredness. On the other hand, I put nothing past cosplayers.

Also, I think Zilch may wave wandered into the new TWC Voting Incentive!
I'm not sure how this happened, but somehow Yoink has transformed into this comic's resident presenter of wrestling references. I guess she's also The Mascot of Smarks now? I never thought these characters would even HAVE extra-curricular interests.
This isn't even the first time this has happened. I've REALLY gotta master that clone jutsu so I can start appearing in multiple places at once.

It helps to understand that I am almost NEVER the "main" host of a panel, just the co-presenting sidekick, so the people working out the schedule would have to look REEEEAAAAALLY close to notice there was any double-booking going on. Also, Kurt's Viga's Digimon panel. The more people are involved, the greater the chances of something falling through the cracks.

And yes, I probably COULD have spoken up and gotten the schedule bumped around a bit, but you've gotta understand something: we've been doing Digimon panels at Otakon for YEARS, but this was the first time we EVER managed to get scheduled sometime other than Sunday morning. The second I saw we were on Friday for once, I was like "NOBODY TOUCH ANYTHING! NOBODY EVEN BREATHE!"
The very first convention I ever attended (Animazement 2004) had a mini-concert from a few of its guests during Opening Ceremonies, so I've always gotten a little extra kick out of cons that do that. Also, this was JAM Project. 'Nuf said.

Some context: Otakon's concerts were technically part of a separate event that just happened to be happening in the same building at the same time, or something like that (Heck, last time JAM Project performed "at Otakon" it was at a completely separate venue). The point is, you had to buy those tickets apart from the convention registration, and it's well established that I'm broke, so there you go.
I really, really, REALLY wish I'd stop writing comics where the joke requires me to do a convincing likeness of a real person. I draw myself wearing foot-wide glasses, photo-realistic detail is NOT one of my strong suits!

By the by, I've heard tell that Taka finds cameos like this really embarrassing. Um, sorry?
Granted, even with this little hiccup, the act of actually getting checked in was STILL significantly quicker than finding a staffer who knew where panelist actually had to go to GET checked in. It's a crapshoot finding a random person who knows that stuff under any circumstances, let alone the first year in a new location when NOBODY knows where anything is.

Also, just as an aside: you know how everyone says it's faster to buy your badge at-con, since everyone lines up for Pre-Reg on Thursday? I think that saying may have broke itself this year. You could walk RIGHT up to the registration desks on Thursday, literally no wait whatsoever. Sort of a literal case of "it's so crowded nobody goes there anymore".