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Oh no! Trigger vanished into the empty white void in one of the pages where I was too lazy to add a background! WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?!?!?!?

So, I was kind of hoping my little mini-vacation over the comic's tenth birthday would result in me getting this page done in a more timely manner. You know, that taking a little breather would help recharge my batteries and spark some major creativity. And actually, it did... for Conventional Wisdom stuff. I got a lot done, and while I PROBABLY won't manage to get the next batch of MAGFest comics online over the weekend, they're definitely close. Buuuuuuuuut the trade-off was that I lost track of what time it was and didn't actually get any kind of a head start on THIS comic. Oops.

Oh, and speaking of stuff coming soon, The Voting Incentives are still random, stand-alone comics for now, but another ongoing series will be starting up before too long! Tease tease tease!
But of course! The bounds of franchise as you know it have no hold on CHAOTICA!
It always amazes me just for far back the move to SmackJeeves actually was. In my head, it still feels like Far Out There was on Drunk Duck for half it's existence, even though you're right: it wasn't even three years.

Also, I know what you mean. My webcomic bookmarks list is 98% stuff I haven't read in ages too.
So, you didn't miss the party yesterday, did you?

Anyway, like I said earlier, I'm trying to get back into the habit of doing more extra pages for various holidays because more updates is good updates. And, well, after the silly bit of a break that was the tenth birthday post, I kind of felt like I owed you all SOME kind of extra content this week. Anyway, regular posts resume on Friday, so have a happy chocolate hearts day!
I can't even begin to properly process that. Ten years. An entire decade. Nearly a third of my entire life. That's a loooooooong time to spend on one uninterrupted comic run. And you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way... unless that other way involved, like, several million more dollars than I have right now, but whatever. The point is, I'm IMMENSELY proud that Far Out There has continued to exist as long as it had, and deeply grateful to everyone who's stuck with it all this time. Here's to several more decades! ...and to people who donate on Patreon to ensure that happens! Hint hint!

...and yeah, that's not some clever photoshop or whatever, the idea from the 2nd birthday comic has actually manifested in the real world! And let me tell you one thing right now: all that frosting is GROSS. It's a good thing the cake is in Gright's image, because I'm pretty sure all those chemicals and food coloring subtracted a few years off my life. Next time, I should do something a little smaller. Like, I dunno, a bunch of Xal-Gox cookies or whatever.

Anyway, just in case you missed the bit of news last week, there's going to be a special Valentines page tomorrow, and then regular updates resume on Friday. And there SHOULD be a new Voting Incentive up by the time any of you read this, though since I'm writing this a few days in advance, I'm honor-bound to mention that there MIGHT be an unforeseen delay.

So, yeah, thanks again for ten great years!
Layla: "Yeah, but the point is I don't normally LOOK like it."
Okay, time for some news: Aside from the fact that I did indeed get the rest of that Patreon madlib series posted and you could be reading it right now for as little as a $1 donation, I need to give a heads-up on next week's schedule. For one thing, there'll be an extra update on Wednesday for Valentine's Day. That's right, I'm gonna try to get back into the habit of doing more pages for secondary holidays. Poor neglected Arbor Day hasn't even gotten ONE bonus page in its honor! But anyway, I needed to go ahead and mention that now, because I'll probably forget to bring it up on Tuesday. For you see: on February 13th, 2008 -exactly ten years from Tuesday- the very first official Far Out There update went live. Yup, Far Out There's about to hit double digits! And to mark the occasion, I've got one of the weirder celebratory ideas I've every had lined up to take the place of the usual update. In other words, the "actual" next page won't come until next Friday, but there'll still be plenty of reasons to check back here over the course of the week... not the least of which will be Voting Incentives, which WILL be new on Tuesday even if the main comic is doing something weird. And speaking of which, don't forget to check out today's new Incentive!
So... what's my excuse this time? A tree fell through the roof and crushed my computer? I woke up Monday to find my hands were possessed by an inter-dimensional demon? I've secretly been living in Philadelphia this whole time and I spent all of yesterday nursing injuries caused by post-Super Bowl rioting? ...Did I finally get another batch of Conventional Wisdom comics posted? No, though the last one's not TOO far off. Remember that Far Out there madlib comic for Patreon that was in the pipeline for ages and ages? The one I FINALLY started posting after Christmas... only to stop halfway due to MAGFest preparations? Well, after that last hiccup, I didn't want to start posting the rest until I already had ALL the pages finished, and I was really on a roll over this weekend... which resulted in me totally losing track of time and not getting started on THIS page until it was way, way too late. But hey, at least I was getting something done SOMEWHERE, right?

It also didn't help that this is another one of those instances where I had to break a planned single page up into two. No matter how I tried (and thanks to the last-minute inclusion of Friday's page, I had a LONG time to try), Avi's big dramatic moments just didn't look right wedged into the top half of a larger page. Theatrical arm motions like that need ROOM, dang it!

But yeah, as I indicated, the rest of those Patreon madlib comic are ALMOST done. Hopefully, they'll start going up either tonight or tomorrow morning. Just as a reminder, any donation at all, even just $1 a month, allows you to read all the comics as soon as they come out, while $5 and up will give you a chance to fill out the madlib for the NEXT comic... which I'll send up just as soon as I come up with a sentence that's guaranteed to limit me to just five or six pages.

Oh, and all that extra Patreon stuff didn't stop the new Voting Incentive from happening!
Another single-panel Blip page, and in an AMAZING coincidence, it's another page I didn't originally intend to do today. Basically, I realized future pages showed what happened AFTER Cap'n Crosby got Blip out from under that ramp, but never actually showed the act itself. I couldn't find a place to wedge it into the background of the other pages, so I whipped up a new page on the fly because CONTINUITY IS IMPORTANT, DANG IT!!!

...and I've accidentally made Vampires a cannon part of the Far Out There universe. So that's a thing.

Anyway, if you tried to see the new Voting Incentive earlier this morning... yeah, sorry about that. I messed up copy/pasting the url for the image. It should work now. (Yeah, I can't find time to deal with The Forum or outdated images or broken site pages, but at least THIS gets addressed)
Oh, Layla would be EVERYBODY'S cool big sis if she had the chance.
I ALMOST went ahead and powered through with coloring this page in before posting it, but then I realized that no one on other other than myself would consider a purely aesthetic block of color gradients filling up the empty white spaces in the back important enough to hold up releasing a page that already had finished dialog. So, yeah, the color version will be up later tonight, but this time MOST of the other editing is actually done, rather than me just slapping text onto the messy line art. And what horrible disaster can I blame THIS bout of lateness on? Plain and simple over-sleeping. Or, under-sleeping? I dunno. My sleep cycle is still all out of whack, and every time I think I'll be able to get back on a normal schedule for this hemisphere, some weird distraction happens and I end up awake at some freaky weird hour again.

On a more positive note, though, this IS the first time in longer than I care to admit that I've got SEVERAL week's worth of rough drafts ready past today's page. Hopefully that extra step of pre-planing will speed future pages up a bit. And I'm gonna need some extra pre-planing, 'cos just look at that page number...

Anyway, I guess I should say SOMETHING about the actual page itself... um... I guess Avi and Tabitha took lessons at the same school for personal space.

GAH! I almost forgot to plug the Voting Incentive!
...and you should see what it looks like when Megaweapon finally takes the training wheels off!
Now I'm imagining "Theme-Free Cereal"

Tired of breakfast cereals loaded with unhealthy shapes and fattening logos? Looking for a cereal with a refreshing lack of conceptual identity? Try new Theme-Free Cereal! Now with 100% less branding!
Awww shucks, thanks!
Naw, I was actually over in the corner when it happened. Distances in comic may be greater than they appear.
That's a pretty fool-proof way to get adolescent boys to do ANYTHING.

And would you believe that box was supposed to say "TREE-Themed" before my sloppy handwriting made the T look like an F?
Well, it's immediately after a Conventional Wisdom update, and even a partial update means I've been on a sleep cycle that involves neither of those two things for a while now. And, as always, it decided to catch up with me right in the middle of a Far Out There update. It took a medically unsound amount of caffeine AND several power naps just to get a half-finished version of this page up by noon (-ish). So, as is my wont in these situations, I'm slapping text onto what I've already got, and the final version should be up sometime later tonight. I DID manage to get the new Voting Incentive up before things started shutting down in my brain, though, so at least ONE thing around here isn't completely and utterly late all the time.

I should really say SOMETHING about the actual comic itself rather than just the making thereof... but I think we all knew where this was going, right?
Never EVER let me have the power to create brands of things.

I wonder if this is the same store where Dr Vanderslice gets HIS brains (or, at the very least, where Bridget gets her Becky & Gilb cereal)
...and there's the thing: if I were actually LIVING in these conditions 24/7, I'd have gloves on me by default out of sheer habit, not realize I forgot to bring any when I'm two states away from my house.