Oh. My. Glob.

I might really have to do that.
Yes, yes, this is basically the same joke as that one Animazement comic, but technically this one came out first. I was possessed to do it right after the FLCL 2 &3 trailer came out, for obvious reasons, but didn't want to interrupt the flow of the comics by posting it here while the rest of the actual con comics weren't up. Soooo I posted it on tumblr until the time was right to restore it to its rightful place.

I THINK there should be at least one more filler comic next week before Otakon crunch finally sets in. Don't count on it being as topical as this one, though. Paradoxically, this page perfectly depicts why I so rarely draw anything that's relevant to mainstream anime fandom.
They didn't take QUITE as long to finish as all the MAGFest stuff, but the Animazement comics still took a while to wrap up... and they're actually STILL not all wrapped up, since I've still got the Animazmenet Patreon pages left to do...


...oh yeah, seamless.
In retrospect, this might actually be part of my problem with getting these comics done in general. I've developed just a habit of just jotting down random shorthand gibberish and just taking for granted that I'll remember why that moment was funny... it's getting hard to tell which bits of gibberish ARE funny, and I'm stuck trying to wring comedy out of material that's just, I dunno, slightly odd.

...but the whole Months And Months of Time Passing doesn't help either way. There's no getting past that.
Don't worry, I still managed to get the properly embarrassing Scribbles pictures.

...though I somehow made it all the way through doing this page without realizing that the game I was actually playing that was was ROADBLASTERS, not OutRun. I am suitably ashamed.
Hey look! It's all the cameos ever! There's Vengeance and Dr. Jarre from Far Out There, the title characters of Becky & Gilb, the bug boy from Point Me At The Sky, and of course, Those Three Kids! I was on a real background cameo kick while doing the rest of the MAGFest comics, and while I was pretty much over that by the time I did these last few pages, I wanted to keep the trend alive in the most self-serving manner possible!

Also, the thought occurs that I actually might HAVE seen something like this once before. Katsucon 2009 was the one year between their time at the Omni and moving into the Gaylord, when they had to squeeze back into the Hyatt in Crystal City again one last time. There was crowd congestion... pretty much everywhere, and I think that led to a certain amount of staffer monitoring over by the elevators. But even then, I don't think they did more than just keeping people from crowding in front of the doors. No actual, for real lines. I GUESS that means the joke still stands, right?
Seriously: these pants are as uncomfortable as all get out to actually wear (army buttons absolutely suck) but MAN do I like having that many ginormous pockets to carry things around in. I think that one pair of pants actually has more pocket space than the whole Dr. Forester costume and it's extra layer of jacket. And with fewer and fewer cons giving away a bag to carry all your swag around in, pockets just keep getting more important.
Don't worry, it really was Rowsdower. That's a more valid thing to worry about at conventions than you might think.
It really is a lose/lose proposition here. Remember, kids: always heed the staffer's repeated instructions to bathe regularly.

And this wasn't even a sweaty summer con, either! It frickin' SNOWED!
Actually, seeing as how there was a hot dog stand right across from the convention center's statue, I'm probably only one word off from something that really DID happen at some point.
The obvious answer is that someone saw some fliers I'd already put out elsewhere, realized the hotel staff was about to clean that space and throw everything away (This was Thursday morning, and the staff usually doensn't give up on cleaning until sometime Friday night) and moved them to someplace more out of the way. Still, it was REEEAAAALLY weird to experience.
Honestly, the sadder thing is that, with every year that passes, more and more anime fans who would have NO IDEA what I'm talking about if I just started dropping Bebop soundtrack references. *sigh* Kids these days...

Actually, hold that thought. The SADDEST thing is that, somehow, this isn't the only comic I've done about convention bathroom music. How is that a topic I've covered more than once?
It helps a little if you realize that I live right next to one of, like, TWO obvious routes from central North Carolina to the Washington DC area. If you live anywhere in this region and you're driving to MAGFest, you've got a 50/50 chance of taking the same road as us, so it's not THAT strange that we'd cross paths with other people heading that same way... BUT IT STILL FEELS REALLY WEIRD WHEN IT HAPPENS. (Especially after we'd already spent all day seeing tweets and stuff from other people who left before we did)
Well, Otakon's right around the corner, so I won't have to wait long before trying out new ways of doing things!
Whoooo boy, this is a doozy of a late one. No last minute, ground-up rewrites to blame it on this time. Nope, I just went to bed early, slept in late, and didn't even get started on this page until it was already stupidly late. If I'm gonna try and blame anything, it's me spending all week trying to finally get the rest of those Conventional Wisdom comics finished and online... which I finally did yesterday morning, but a week's worth of crazy lack of sleep caught up with me all once, and here we are. Worse, I'm afraid I wasn't able to get a new Voting Incentive done at all today. Dang it, this was the longest stretch without an interruption for a WHILE. We even made it through Animazement without missing a day, right?, I think? Now that I complain about it, I actually can't remember.

Well, anyway, now that all that leftover Animazement stuff is finally out of the way, I can focus on... GETTING READY FOR OTAKON NEXT MONTH! WHEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeee...
So... yeah... any hopes anyone might have had of me getting this Animazement update finished faster than the MAGFest ones... severely misplaced. I don't wanna go on another "HERE'S WHY EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING AND HOW I FEEL ABOUT IT" oversharing fit like I did over the whole Artist Alley thing, but I can say that this will probably the last Conventional Wisdom to exceed 20 pages for a while. I've gotten really bad about putting things on the Make Comics About list, not because I actually have a funny idea about it, but because it just seems like there's SUPPOSED to be a comic about that thing. Like, there's some Conventional Wisdom checklist somewhere that says each update should have X number of references to real people, cover Y number of panels, and so on. Knowing in advance what kind of stuff will make for good comics is great and all, but... well, the fact that it took so many weeks (and so many rewrites) to actually finish this thing suggest that I DON'T know that. At least, not enough to just write down a bunch of bullet points and assume I'll find something funny to say about it later.

So, long story short, expect the Otakon update to be significantly shorter than anything I've done over the past year or so. And for there to be a lot more of the types of gags I can actually come up with on the spot, that too.

...WHOA, WAIT A MINUTE! Did you think that meant we were DONE? That, even after all of these weeks, there weren't STILL MORE ANIMAZEMENT COMICS TO COME? But of course not! There's still one more batch of AZ 2017 comics to come on Patreon! If you donate ANYTHING, even just one dollar a month, you'll get to see 'em all as soon as I get 'em done! (which will HOPEFULLY be before Otakon) If you aren't donating already, feel free to check out the public Patreon Gallery to see the kind of stuff you've been missing out on!

...oh crap, I actually do have to start getting ready for Otakon now, don't I?
In the interest of factual accuracy, I must confess that I don't actually know if Otaku Joe's actually had Venus Wars, Nadia, or Beautiful Dreamer for sale at their stand. I couldn't allow myself to look too closely at their stock for exactly this reason. I ABSOLUTELY would have walked away having spent even more money I couldn't spare on an outdated video format I can't play simply for the novelty value. Seriously, you have no idea how many vinyl records I own right now. I have no working record player. The same goes for VHS. I have a problem.

Now, let's all got watch that Strong Bad e-mail again!
No, seriously, this movie was a HUGE deal for me as a kid. While I'd been preconditioned by the likes of Superbook and the various stuff Nick Jr. used to show in the day to be into the style, that weekend when I first saw Robot Carnival on The SciFi Channel was my first knowing taste of Japanese Animation. And whooo boy have the effects been long lasting.

So, yeah, you'd better believe I spend thirty bucks I couldn't really spare on that DVD!
So, I think this is one case where the delay in getting these comics done actually helped. The original idea was to fill the middle panel up with exaggerated, strawman versions of the kind of congoer complains I really don't have much patience for. It's ground the comic has covered before... which is part of the problem. Also, it's really hard to come up with lines like that which are obvious enough to be recognizable yet exaggerated enough to actually be a joke. There's always SOMEBODY out there who'll make a complaint even sillier than whatever I came up with as a joke, but mean it with absolute sincerity. And on the off chance that person actually READS my joke, he'll think I'm deliberately making fun of him personally, and THAT'S no good. Buuuut that was the idea I had, so I was gonna go with it.

...but then weeks and weeks passed as I fiddled with other comics, and something wonderful happened. I'd drawn everything, and sat down to write out the text for that middle frame, and I couldn't remember ANY of the stuff that was supposed to go there! Somehow, I'd totally failed to write notes of whatever web-based whining had so annoyed me in the first place, just my reaction to it. And the more I looked at the page, the more I liked leaving that stuff to the reader's imagination, where I can't get in trouble for anything. And better yet, that meant the page was DONE now! Everybody wins!