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This is another one of those pages that probably would have worked a lot better as animation than as a comic. Clare's whole "crossed arms in the shape of an X" pose looked much more clearly like a "NO" in my head, but I after several attempts I still don't think I managed to draw it in a way that doesn't look like she's trying to do some kind of belly dancing move.

Also, it sort of surprises me how, even after all these years, Teen Girl Squad has still conditioned me into thinking sound effects that aren't actually sound effects are funny. Truly, some things you just don't outgrow.

There's probably a lot of things of greater substance to say, but yet again I've been up a VERY long time working on a wide variety of things, so I'm just gonna put this Voting Incentive link here and go have a lie down.
Ed8: Cue Stilez learning to sing Filk music :D

DD: Oh wow, I hadn't even thought of the "doing more work than everyone else" aspect. I was just thinking that the work he does do turns out to be especially good in the end, but that would add a whole extra wrinkle. I must think about this further...
See, this is one of the main reasons why Ichabod hates being around other Nitpickers, right here: he loves dishing out criticism to others, but he is GARGANTUANLY terrible at receiving even the slightest reminder of his own flaws.

There's probably more to be said here, but I've kind of been awake for thirty-something hours and am amazed I was able to write out THIS much. TWC Voting Incentive link goes here, and I go to bed.
Hey wow, a comic that isn't built around plugging one of my non-existent imaginary anime. One would be forgiven in thinking I didn't even remember how to DO those anymore.

...and maybe I really don't, because after finishing and posting the above comic, I started to write out a joke here in the comments that compared the overall mood of late night conventions to movies depicting 70's-era New York City at it's most sleazy and decayed. You're not gonna see that joke here, though, because the more I tinkered with it, the more I realized it was actually a LOT funnier than the actual comic! So I'm saving that whole idea for later! After all, the whole point of ConCONcon is that it's supposed to be universally applicable to all convention environments, right? (Well, all 24-hour cons, in this case)
I'm sure bowl cut over there learned a LOT from this partnership. But never mind that, Dr. Jarre actually appeared in a non-holiday comic again! It's just a flashback, but it still counts! Also, I'm pretty sure this is the first time her little Top Hat Nomi-Bots have EVER appeared in an actual, non-incentive-or-holiday comic! True storyline milestones!

So, I almost, ALMOST got a draft of this page up at around midnight. The lineart was complete by 11:30, so I briefly considered slapping dialog on that and posting the rough draft just so I could say I'd hit the midnight deadline again in SOME form... but then I realized that, even if I typed the fastest I've ever typed, I still wouldn't QUITE have the text laid out and the website-sized page ready within 30 minutes. It hardly seemed worth the trouble of posting the page twice if I was ACTUALLY going to hit that mythical midnight update. If it was just going to be "close" either way, might as well wait and post the final draft a little later. And 3am is still pretty darn good, especially compared to the previous page.

Getting a page done this early must mean I got sick again, right? Actually no, the cold's almost completely cleared up... just in time for me to sprain something in my foot and leave me stranded at my desk like a cripple. Physical misery does WONDERS for meeting deadlines.

Speaking of meeting deadlines, another TWC Voting Incentive actually WAS up at midnight!
Oh yeah. When these pages start going live in the Incentive Gallery, the title for the whole series will be "Tabitha Gets Grounded." That's totally the actual punishment here (That, and providing me with an excuse to draw some crazy post-apocalyptic scifi settings)
Well, I guess we had to lapse back into late pages at SOME point, huh? As soon as I started getting over that cold, I just went RIGHT back to getting distracted by side projects and starting the new page too late. I basically got too wrapped up in fiddling with that photocollage for Sophia's office, and by the time everything was colored in and ready to add text, I couldn't keep myself awake long enough to type anything. And as you can see, there was a LOT to type. Speaking of which, there's some fun real life crazy person references peppered throughout that rambling. Have fun googling that.

Speaking of rambling, I don't know if I'll be able to find a spot where this can come up naturally in the coming pages, so I'll just mention here that Aunt Domino is accompanied by a few VERY patient and attentive Nitpickers who sort through all the scatterbrained gibberish and pick out the nuggets of information relevant to whatever nitpicking job she's on at the moment.

Anyway, as late as this page may be, the TWC Voting Incentive was on time, at least. Enjoy it while you can, I have NO idea how long I can maintain a page buffer on those, especially with... well, just look at the current one and see for yourself.
I cringe a bit having to say this out loud (write this out loud?) but I was trying to capture the spirit of the "lewd on this side/LEWDER on the flipside" formula that most of these body pillows seem to follow.

Also, I'd sort of imagined that the various monster girls in the show were the proprietors of the various coffee shops, and as the main character would of course be one of the few humans down in the depths of the dungeon, they'd all be flocking to him harem style, except they'd REALLY want him to become a dedicated patron of their particular establishment. And I guess I sort of figured he'd be living off of free samples, as the girls would be too desperate to one-up the competition to actually get around to charging him for anything.

...though now that I actually write that out, I guess that wouldn't really support more than a few chapters/episodes, even WITH the extra focus on coffee facts and trivia.
Ed8: That pillow is actually a lot less horrifying than I was bracing myself for. I'm both relieved and horrified at myself over this.

DD: I like that you put a lot more thought into the plot of this anime than the summary I wound up not including. In my treatment, the "actual" plot was just glossed over to get to explaining the meme: that the author of the original manga was clearly WAY more interested in talking about coffee than writing a fantasy adventure. Like, there'd be page-long descriptions of different types of coffee beans, the art depicting the coffee related stuff would be WAAAAAAAAY more detailed than any of the characters or settings, and the only real merchandising tie-ins would be coffee-related. Thus, the joke would be spread around that, despite the series being full of cute monster girls, the REAL fanservice was the coffee. Internet artists would then run with the joke, drawing "lewd" art of coffee and claiming it was fanart. And thus, we get the coffee body pillow.

Also, I do like the idea of a Genie Made From Coffee. That should be a thing.
DD: I'm interested to see what kind of observations people can draw from Tabitha's surrounding over the following pages.

Ed8: We might get that for maybe a few weeks, before I burn out and snap and spend a month not wanting to draw anything period (After all, back when I was actually fulfilling all my obligations on Patreon regularly, I actually WAS putting out five comics a week. More even. And that's largely why the schedule started slipping.)

It HAS been nice having some focus forced upon me, though. It's times like these I kind of miss being back in college. I got YEARS worth of Far Out There material planned out while sitting in the back of a lecture with nothing to do but doodle.
These days, memes are about the only way I even hear about new shows anymore, and it can be a pretty disorienting experience sometimes. Especially since this is ANIME we're talking about, so it's not like it can't be confusing and weird even when you KNOW what's going on.

So, this is actually the second draft of this comic. The first take involved more characters and a lot of exposition about what on earth this dungeon coffee shop thing is supposed to be about and why anyone would be inspired to make a coffee cup body pillow... but thankfully I didn't make it too far into the penciling process before realizing I was missing the point of my own joke. You all need to be left in the dark, at the mercy of your own morbid imaginations, to conjure up an explanation that disturbs you the most. Have fun!

And speaking of morbid and disturbing, I'm pretty much certain that SOMEBODY out there is already been compelled to make and sell a coffee-themed body pillow, but I'm too afraid look and find out.
ANOTHER page up at Midnight? Better yet, one that I actually loaded up ahead of time? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS? ...I'll tell you what, it's that cold I started coming down with last week (the one that flared up right before I was supposed to get a flu shot, of all things) getting so bad that I felt like going places and doing things even less than I normally do, so I basically had nothing to do BUT work on today's page. It's nice to actually be on top of things for once, though I wish it was under less miserable circumstances.

Anyway, if that colorful jester looks familiar, then thanks for voting back when the TWC Incentives were sneak peek concept art! Yep, some of that stuff is already debuting (with a much shorter wait than May and Marshall had to endure) Of course, there's also the current series of Incentives waiting if you vote right now!
...and then there'd be the original manga it's based off of that turns out to be ten times better (and longer running) than the animated adaptation.
I have a problem with Humpty Dumpty when the animatronics portraying him look like THAT.

Also, props on the La Faulx reference up there! The dozen people in the world who know what that's about tip their hats.
I remain convinced that the US banned Kinder Surprise because we were all too terrified of THIS thing:
DD: I'm both frustrated and comforted to know I'm not the only one getting hit too early with this stuff.

Ed8: Well now I've got the Get Smart theme stuck in my head, thanks :)

Also, the only way that Christmas Carol series will ever get done is if I literally spend an entire year working on it. Even if I really did start right now (which I actually might, if I really get in the holiday spirit) there's still no chance of it getting done before NEXT Christmas.
DD: I think there actually is a page somewhere in the past where we see Ichabod's screen flashing some absurd Missed Calls number. God help me if I can remember what the page number is, though.


Ed8: We joke about starting the holidays early, but I literally am already starting to work on Christmas comics for real (though in my case, it's just so I can spend December doing something other than sitting at my desk for once)
*GASP* Can it be? Is it really true? Did... DID I REALLY GET A FULLY FINISHED UPDATE UP AT MIDNIGHT? ...not, not quite. I didn't finish typing this until a few minutes later. But still, after MONTHS of barely getting the pages up before the day was over, we FINALLY have a page going up up right at the start of the day! It's wonderful! It's glorious! And to celebrate... I'm gonna go lay down, 'cos I'm getting sick. Funny thing: half the reason this page actually got up in a timely manner is because I was supposed to go get a flu shot yesterday, and I wanted to make sure I had as much of today's page already finished beforehand just in case I actually got sick from it... and I never even got the shot, because I started to come down with a cold all on my own. Figures, right?

Well, anyway, we got a timely update out of it, and the new TWC Voting Incentive... um, isn't up yet. I mean, it's done, but I got so excited about how much progress I was making on the regular page that I forgot to post the Incentive first. I should have everything swapped out by the time most of you read this, though.
Oh, that's nothing. I just saw my first Christmas product of the year at the store. EARLY TODAY.
I've heard of this "October" you speak of. I think it's what they used to call Halloween Month before the International Pumpkin Corporation took over all thirty-one days (like when Santa bought December)