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Comment on page 788 - completely convincing denial of Far Out There
Blitzkrieg1701, 27 Nov 2015 11:02 am
If I'm remembering correctly, the space picture actually is something NASA photoshopped to approximate what our night sky would look like if Andromeda was closer. Good call!

And good call to everybody who at least sort of guessed what was going on here!

DD: That's impressively close, actually. Props for guessing that their past happened before Stilez met Tax, 'cos that's totally what happened. HOWEVER, there is still one key ingredient to no one's guessed yet. Well, you guys have several weeks to ponder it!
Comment on Gombzilla of Conventional Wisdom
Blitzkrieg1701, 25 Nov 2015 10:05 pm
So, uh, yeah... I forgot to do a page yesterday. Sorry about that. Let's just, uh, say this is a special Thanksgiving Day page. Okay? Okay.
Comment on page 788 - completely convincing denial of Far Out There
Blitzkrieg1701, 25 Nov 2015 12:32 pm
Well, there it is. Now you've got THAT to think about for a month. Funny thing is, several people ALMOST guessed this over the past year, but still missed one veeeeery important detail. Too bad we'll have to wait until the end of the year for more, right? MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

But hey, at least you'll still get TWENTY-FIVE STRAIGHT DAYS OF FULL COLOR FAR OUT THERE COMICS starting Tuesday to hold you over! That's good right? RIGHT? ...Also, if you just can't stand Christmas stuff, rest assured that Voting Incentives and Patreon stuff will continue uninterrupted, so if you haven't already become a Patreon supporter, now's a great time to do it!
Comment on page 787 - Streisand Effect of Far Out There
Blitzkrieg1701, 25 Nov 2015 12:19 pm
If this were a more Fourth-Wall-breaking kind of comic, Ichabod would try that... only to be caught off guard when there's still one regular update before December ends. :)
Comment on Happy Thankgiving! of Far Out There
Blitzkrieg1701, 25 Nov 2015 12:17 pm
Happy Thanksgiving everybody!
...and to those of you you either celebrated already or don't celebrate it at all... um... Happy Thursday! Feel free to eat too much anyway!

Me, I'm thankful for having such wonderful readers, may they be fruitful and multiply in the coming year! (wait, that came out wrong...)

Well, we've got one more regularly scheduled Far Out There tomorrow, with some long awaited revelations (or WILL it?) and then SUPER HUGE CHRISTMAS CRAZINESS BEGINS NEXT TUESDAY! So be sure to stick around for it all!
Comment on page 787 - Streisand Effect of Far Out There
Blitzkrieg1701, 24 Nov 2015 07:30 am
Well, this is embarrassing. I was all set to have this update ready to go at midnight. I mean, actually ready. It was only 11:30 and all I had left to do was put the text in. That's basically DONE... aaaaand I fell asleep at my computer. DANG IT.

If I may make it up to you good, patient people, though, not only is there a new, adorable Voting Incentive, but there's a new Far Out There blog post for you Patreon supporters! (and remember, it only costs $2 a month to see both Patreon comics AND the blog posts!)

Finally, some housekeeping: the Holiday Season rapidly approaches, and that's when the update schedule goes out the window around here. Thursday will have a special Thanksgiving page, so don't forget to tune in for that. Then Friday will have the usual scheduled update. But come next Tuesday, EVERYTHING goes crazy. From December 1st through the 25th, there's going to be a whopping TWENTY-FIVE FULL COLOR CHRISTMAS COMICS, as per my tradition of really, really overdoing things. So be sure to adjust your web browsing habits accordingly!
Comment on page 786 - THWAP of Far Out There
Blitzkrieg1701, 22 Nov 2015 05:29 am
...or a "somebody guessed it, but I don't wanna give away who it was" answer :)
Comment on page 786 - THWAP of Far Out There
Blitzkrieg1701, 21 Nov 2015 02:28 am
As much as I want to encourage all this speculation, there's really nothing I can say that wouldn't give away the next week's pages in one way or another. CURSES.
Comment on page 786 - THWAP of Far Out There
Blitzkrieg1701, 20 Nov 2015 06:40 am
...because, you know, the fact that she can DEFINITELY kill everyone else is only frightening if you're SURE it could happen to you as well. Otherwise, it generates absolutely no emotional reaction whatsoever. (actually, with Ichabod, that might be the case)

So, we've got a new Voting Incentive, and I finally got a new Patreon comic up last night too (sorry, I'm trying to get back on schedule with that stuff). Speaking of Patreon, I threw together a list of all the comics & blogs I've posted so far. I'm going to do those every so often to make it easier to browse through the older stuff... not to mention to tease people with hints of what the supporters are getting to see! MWAHAHAHAHAAA!!!
Comment on insert riff from Little Green Bag of Conventional Wisdom
Blitzkrieg1701, 18 Nov 2015 01:46 pm
Soooo the weeks between now and MAGFest (minus Ichibancon) will consist largely of me trying to come up with ideas for a new batch of prints to sell. I'm pretty sure this right here is gonna be one of them. That's a pretty good start, right?

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