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Heck yeah! I love Manga :D
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yesss. Epic Bossfight *dribbles*
I really wondered when he'll join in XD
"Look what you did!" - "Me!?"
Lmao XD

I bet they both aren't 3rd place.
Would be awesome at least X'D
C'mon Tremayne kick his two-sided ass! 8D
what the... HELL
okay i didn't see that coming too.. Owo
gosh.. I love such dramatic family stories!! *puts bullet proof west on*
Uhg.. that's not good
Your drawing skills get better and better!
Oh yes, and I love Tremayne :P
Awesome clothing! oO
Awesome bikes!

Gane in teh background ^^ Had to laugh out loud XD
@RyakLo: Ooooh. okay :D well yeah you're right xD
Nice! I like the effect of the light and.. whoaa :D
oh and do i see that leaves from Manga Studio? :P
oh yep friday 13th.. and I wrote a classpaper today >.<

Well Aliru is so awesome (this picture too btw ^^) i really want to know what's his past and why he's like.. well.. that XD
This Jodorn has a nice scar...
like a banana.
*shot by everyone else*
the major seems to be a very nice guy -.-
Awesome cover!
*shoots herself for repeating what everyone else already said*
Wooot! Finally :D loved that guy XD
Woaaaah this Inzo guy has awesome armor! oO
And I like that dude with the scar XD ok actually i just like the way he's drawn ^^
I really like Sakkarras clothes *ehehe* :D
lol Gane as referee :D that's awesome XD
@RyakLo .. Okay you're defenitely right. In that case she's pretty smart :D