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So this whole comic is a basis from when you're playing PokeMMO? So it means that you don't normally go ahead of one another and try to play at the same time? That sounds fun. Wonder if you already beat the elite 4.
Unfortunately, he goes into a very insane and crazy state when he does so. He did say he never wants to go Mega again
Yay opdisk. You're back :D
Yeah XD It's supposed to be Veedramon
The evil lab
Toby Reference
How Awesome
It's probably the AngeWomon of the time of the Old Digidestinds hence why she is much taller than the one we know
I second Neon the Sniper Joe's reply
Oh know DX she died and no one knows how DX she will definitely become a vengeful spirit who goes around killing people until someone solves how she died DX either that or a hell of a lot of ghost digimon are about to attack soon XD
I remember what happens next XD
Its possible for an Ultimate to beat a Mega. Happened quite a few times before I think
So do I. Fluff goes to the cafeteria and drinks some milk which is expired and gets diahrrea
Strange that they don't find a person falling from the sky very strange
Yes They Did :P
@Andrea C.Castro: No this is not Sonic. This is digimon
Actually A Good Combination There
*Snicker* Silver Locks *Snicker*
NOOOOOOOOO. I'm so going to feel that tomorrow
Did Shard leave already?