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"It's Kashir."

@Seven Rain: Haha of course! I would also have accepted "all of them".
Which is your favorite face on this page?
If I finally draw Dalson and there's a tea party involved, blame @JoKeR
@Seven Rain: You'd make that face too if you woke up to some strange man touching you.
Ooh pretty colors :o
"Keep talking." *doesn't shut up to let her get a word in edgewise*
Part Eighteen: Go!
Y'all ready to formally meet this guy?
Part Seventeen: End.
I like ending chapters on a "DUN DUN DUN" note.
I kind of love drawing stupidly cute faces on Drake ;w;
Who's gonna break the news to Reina that she was just dumb?
The mind games... work???
Shal decides to play mind games. With a god. 8I
Shal is awfully convinced that there's no hope for Kana :C
@Seven Rain: Maybe that was my plan all along?!
Dear Xellis,

Please marry me.

Oh Shal, you have no idea.
Reina: "Why do I keep having to hide my face lately >///<"
This chapter just has Shal making all sorts of faces I'm not used to drawing on him.
"... sure, what is it?"

"She ded. Okay bye!"