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Please I can only handle so many cuties 8C
@sarall: RE: SD... I know, right?? Our tendency to read each other's minds strikes again.

Also I forgot about this author comment, hahaha. My vacation was good! I miss the food already. xP
Part Fourteen: End.
I think Sentia already forgot that Adan told her to take her time to decide...
Man this whole page is good, but I'm especially fond of those stairs. <33

I'm glad you're feeling at least a little better!
Turns out that Nirrod's effect on this fool-proof plan is kind of like the effect a tsunami would have on a waterproof watch...
@sarall: Ahaha, mission accomplished, then! For both things ;D
@Seven Rain: Dopey characters are the best characters.
@sarall: This would take the story in a much different (better??) direction.
I sense that you're getting all your cute in before the chapter turns traumatic. PLEASE prove me wrong. D:
Here, have another page where I had to redraw every single panel. You may be thinking, "but Sentia, nothing looks that great! Surely it wasn't worth going to that extra effort?" And to that I say, you should have seen what it looked like before, hahaha.
Well you already know this but I approve so hard.

Is Reina gonna fall in love with Etherean food and never be able to go back home?

Edit: Also I forgot to say! Congrats on 800 pages!!
I guess it's Sentia's turn to have a big wall-of-text monologue?

Also, I'm back! Ask me how my vacation went! ;D
Sentia: Okay, past/present/future, got it. Gods sure do like their trinities, huh.

Adan: *desperately trying to mask the fact that Toji is too dumb to be useful without supervision* .... yes. That.
As usual, right-click to view the image in full size if you're so inclined.

You guys this page took me FOREVER and I don't really know why. It's a good thing I've been putting in more drawing hours per week because this one would not have gotten done in a single week otherwise, hahaha.

This is the first ("real") time these guys have shown up in-comic in these forms, but I did make this wallpaper with Toji on it a couple years ago.
Ohhh you mean something NEW is wrong with you.
Of all the reasons for me to sympathize with WOE characters, I wasn't expecting airsickness to be one of them.
@sarall: Yay! Neiran was mentioned for the first time earlier in the chapter ( ), but she hasn't appeared at all.

Also good call, I have no idea how I forgot about Bravely Default, that's definitely it.
This page is particularly amusing to me if I compare to Lindina's conversation with Lady Time.

Adan's three rewards:
1. Magic
2. Three servants
3. A wish

Time's three rewards:
1. Magic
2. One servant (slash mentor?)
3. a sword lol

Also, my internet access is going to be unpredictable for a few weeks. Apologies in advance for being slow at replying to comments.
@Desala: :P I guess emotional whiplash is one of my specialties.
Somehow it's comforting to know that I'm not the only one who does major redraws at the last minute.