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Then Hemu got eaten, the end.
Oh man, I apologize for the last panel. I spent so much time fiddling with it and it still didn't come out how I wanted. @__@

If you don't remember anybody's name in this scene, don't worry, you're probably not alone... I'll be name-dropping people before too long, I promise.
Are there a lot of Draconians?
Waaa Lan don't say "when Zenli comes back" with such a happy face...
@D: I like how pretty much the same question got posted twice almost a decade apart :) It's been long enough that I don't really remember drawing this page, but I think you can read it however you want! Is it literally a talking book? Is Lindina just hearing narration in her head when she reads to herself? Or something else altogether?
I'm not quite sure what it is but I like the use of color on this page. There's something pleasing about how the panels about Ixis have very obvious auras, and the Fathom panel is pretty colorful even though it's not screaming "there's mana in this panel".

Also, @Redjive, don't blame him... to our Midwestern ears, every accent sounds over the top. :P
Welp, I guess that's canon now.

When I sketched this page, I made a pretty major mistake. Thankfully I caught it before inking. Can you guess what it was?
@Seven Rain: Ohh that's much clearer now!
I'm having a lot of trouble parsing this sentence, could you clarify? "Evolution over any number of generations is abnormal [...]"

Also: In Celestial Mirror, there are some hints of alternate universes, where the same characters live different lives and the rules don't quite work the same. What I'm saying is, there could totally be a universe where Ethereans and humans CAN have kids, and Ixis and Reina's descendants go on to become the Felangell. Which would be THE CUTEST.
I missed drawing Lan. <333
I'm sorry to hear how difficult this has been :,( Are you selling copies online anywhere?

Also go Hemu!! Maybe you won't need grandpa's help after all!
@Seven Rain: :< I know that feeling.

(Also it's "imbalance".)
I'm just waiting for Fathom to make some slip up like "We almost didn't survive--uhh.. I mean, like. People in general. Not me specifically. Yeah."

Also does it bother you when people point out typos?
His plan is just to keep punching them until they're not so weak anymore.

... I've seen worse plans.
@sarall: Ahahaha dang, I thought it might be easy to misread as Ashtray. "Part Thirteen: the chapter so traumatic that Lan and/or Sunny take up smoking."
@Seven Rain: It seems that my love of hands outweighs my dislike of coloring, haha.
Part Thirteen: Go!
I guess this isn't too bad for my first thing I ever colored in Manga Studio, huh? Photoshop decided to be uncooperative so I had to improvise. 8I

In some ways I'm looking forward to this chapter, and in other ways I'm really really not. And I think I'll leave it at that... ;)
Part Twelve: End.
Toji's a little scared to say stuff without Sentia's permission. 8]

The amount of time I spent fiddling with this page was... too much. This is what happens when I sketch something at the last minute and don't have time to figure out what I don't like about it before it's time to post it. I did manage to finish the sketches for chapter 13 and I mostly like them so maybe I won't have this problem for a while! One can hope!!
"How can you call yourselves Breakers?"

'Cause if we called ourselves Benders that'd be something different.
I am a fan of those feet.