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"That's... not the part I was expecting you to correct me about."
@sarall: Unfortunately, she takes your advice and then remembers that they're up in a tree.
@Redjive: Yes indeed. :>
Is she allowed to say that??
@Seven Rain: Sentia definitely takes it as an insult that she's too good a person to do her job.
Ohhh she went there!!
She smiles so sweetly when Sentia's like "OH NO"
TL;DR: "Look what you made me do."
(I was gonna wait to draw this until I had some actual free time but obviously I have absolutely no self control.)
Lady Time sees Sentia making that face and... decides to antagonize her further??
@Seven Rain: Well I do love me some cliffhangers. :P
This is one of those chapters I wish I could post all at once.
@Seven Rain: Oh man, "menacing" is such a strong word. Not that I disagree. :>
Warning: your opinion of Lady Time may fluctuate as the chapter progresses. Or maybe it won't!
@Seven Rain: Upon reflection, I kind of like that prediction. You'll see how it's relevant before the chapter is done, but I won't reveal how it'll affect the ending. (Is that vague enough? :P)
Part Sixteen: Go!!
This is the first time we've seen Lady Time in color, so that's kind of exciting. I admit that I'm not that diligent about deciding on color schemes for everybody so every now and then I try and put them on a cover and have to make it up on the spot.

This chapter is going to be just as confusing as the last one, so feel free to ask for clarification! Even though my answer might be "who knows~?" most of the time, hahaha.
Part Fifteen: End.
And with that ends not only the chapter, but also volume 2! It'll take me some time to prepare everything for the print version, but I'll keep you guys updated. We'll jump right in to Part Sixteen starting next week, so it'll be business as usual.
For what it's worth, I like that you can see all of their eyes on the first page where all three of them show up together. :3