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(reina now is not the time to be jinxing things)

Someday you will make a WOE video game and make a 3D model of Reina so I can finally figure out how her hair works before I try to draw her again. Well, I can dream, can't I 8D;;
Part Thirteen: End.
H-happy Valentine's Day, or something?? *nervous laugh*

The last few weeks have not been great for me, drawing-wise. Partly because it keeps snowing and I have to keep clearing the driveway. Three separate times this week I went to work on this page and pretty much couldn't because my arms were jello. >8C Here's hoping the next chapter will be easier!
February 11th, 2018
It's only been a few pages since Kie-Pur was introduced and he's already lost the title of "cutest lizard in Katran" ...
That skull on the poster is definitely not foreshadowing 8C
@sarall: Now I'm tempted to doodle a bunch of examples of Lan and Sunny hugging. F-for science.
@Seven Rain: Ahaha... I remember when I was first reading WOE, I thought "I wonder what Seven Rain would think of Lan x Sunny?" I'm glad you approve ;D
Sarall commanded it; who am I to disobey? ;3
Ixal may not be here but I can still punch you hard enough that he feels it!!

(There were no survivors.)
@sarall: Thanks!! I'm sure that won't be the last time I use that "mostly empty panel in a sad scene" thing... er, I mean, not that there's gonna be any more sad stuff. <_< >_>
Well that brave face didn't last very long. :c
@Seven Rain: Welll I've been reading pretty much exclusively hard sci fi lately. When I was in high school, two of my favorite authors were Isaac Asimov and Stephen Baxter, but paradoxically one of Baxter's books was the one that was so boring I pretty much immediately stopped reading altogether after reading it.... 8D;; I'm giving him another chance now though. I'm almost done with Proxima and it's super good. He's also co-written some books (my favorite is The Light of Other Days with Arthur C. Clarke), including a series with Terry Pratchett that's high on my list... If I end up liking them I'll probably end up reading some Discworld too, eventually.

My favorite series recently is Revelation Space by Alastair Reynolds (jeez I'm probably misspelling every author's name, I'm sorry if you try to google any of them and have trouble finding them) ... I'm sort of saving the last book in the trilogy because I don't want to run out of stories I'm excited about, you know?

Part of me wants to get more into fantasy stuff (I also loved Redwall when I was little) but I have a hard time reading fantasy without any visuals, so I tend to stick to comics for that. But I'm sure I can be convinced to try some if you have any recommendations.
@Seven Rain: !! Are you me?? I've been reading some novels recently too after a decade+ long hiatus. I'd ask what you're reading but my taste is a bit narrow at the moment so it might not overlap much with yours.

(Also I'm sorry to clutter up this random page with totally unrelated comments but y'all keep saying stuff I want to respond to!)
@Redjive (and @Seven Rain ): I dunno about you guys but I feel like I'm still learning new stuff all the time, and I'm not 25 anymore. :P I don't think it makes sense to be discouraged because an arbitrary "deadline" has passed, or to get complacent because that deadline seems far away. But maybe that's just me.

Also we must be opposites because I love math, hahaha.
Lan, come on... "Operation: Seduce Girlfriend" is going to flop if that's the best smile you can manage.
January 17th, 2018
Alain: Sleep.

Tim: I'd like to propose the following counterpoint: CAKE.
@sarall: I hope I didn't give anybody flashbacks, hahaha.
Surprise, have a slightly-earlier-than-usual update!

Let's see if I can distract you from how boring this page is with Sunny In Pajamas.... <w<;;
@sarall: ;D Thanks!! I'm sure you guessed it's Sunny's hand based on context more than anything else, but I'd like to think it's at least in part because I succeeded at making it look feminine.

Fun fact: Felangell wings glow more intensely the more magical energy they're expending. Shooting into the sky takes a lot of effort so it leaves a visible trail. Compare with this previous page where he only needed to use enough energy to slow his fall a little, so the glow is more subtle:
@Redjive: ;) Get a couple decades of practice under your belt and you'll have no problems surpassing me.