Myaka seems to have missed the significance of the fact that Sentia is no longer actively trying to get rid of him. Oh well!

There sure are a lot of Ws on this page. I don't much like writing Ws. And I think that fulfills my "random useless commentary" for a while 8D
As someone who really likes hands I've gotta say: <333
Waaa I'm trying not to spam you too much but that last panel is super cute. D8
Now that the civilians are out of the way, Hemu can Get Serious.
@sarall: It was a last minute decision to give her sparkly eyes. Best decision. <w<
Sentia: "Okay Myaka shut up about your feelings for a second and LOOK AT HOW CUTE TOJI IS BEING"
Borderline cute Ixal two pages in a row? Am I supposed to love this or hate this? D8
@sarall: 8D The suspicious Sentia face is my favorite too! "These damn kids and their feelings..."
I am not super confident about my ability to do copy/pasted panels well, but I don't hate this page. :>
I lost so much sleep, my face turned into a beak.

(Also psst... You spelled Gearht's name differently on this page?)
Don't be scared Hannah. Rob can't help that his confused face looks the same as his angry face.

... oh, you were scared of the monster dude? Nvm, keep being scared of him.
@sarall: Aaa you don't know how happy that makes me!! I get super insecure about the relative sizes of things so I'm glad I'm getting it approximately right. I actually drew Toji too small in that second panel on my first try so I had to re-draw the hand to compensate D;
Uploading this ahead of time because on Monday, I'll be out of town on vacation and don't know if I'll remember to post this. Coincidentally, this page is also the beginning of a short break from the SUPER SRS stuff lately. Enjoy some gratuitous Toji cuteness. :B

With that said, I'm still planning to post some quick doodles on my daily art updates blog. Feel free to harass me if I forget a day! 8D As usual, warning: minor spoilers for this comic (and others, gasp!) get posted there sometimes.
@Seven Rain: I know right?? And even if it is possible to copy/paste a reflection, no matter how careful you are, it often just looks super obvious and lazy. :/

@sarall: Hahaha... I actually rewrote his lines in the second panel because it sounded too insensitive before. Maybe I got the right level of "I feel bad about saying this but not bad enough to lie about it" this time?
Why did I put a mirror on that wall?? Because I'm a masochist, apparently.
They seem friendly.
@sarall: The number of silly joke comics you make me want to draw is getting unwieldy... >:C
@Seven Rain: That's why I aspire to someday be fast but dumb!
Wall of text @__@
I like to think of Lindina as sort of slow, but given enough time, her analytical side comes out and she can be prone to overthinking stuff. That's something she has in common with me, I suppose. :>