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Shal is awfully convinced that there's no hope for Kana :C
@Seven Rain: Maybe that was my plan all along?!
Dear Xellis,

Please marry me.

Oh Shal, you have no idea.
Reina: "Why do I keep having to hide my face lately >///<"
This chapter just has Shal making all sorts of faces I'm not used to drawing on him.
"... sure, what is it?"

"She ded. Okay bye!"
Shal joins the People We've Seen With Their Hair Down Club. It's a pretty exclusive one.
@Seven Rain: :D I'm glad you like it!
Shal, previous page: Sure, I'll promise not to alert the authorities. What could possibly go wrong?

Shal, this page: ........oh
Cheesiness factor: approaching maximum
Occasionally there are going to be times when I'm like "the opinions of the characters do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the author".... All I'm saying is mayyyybe Shal isn't totally qualified to be telling Sentia she's fine.
Lol the fact that Reina's not at all visible on this page makes me imagine her backing all the way into the corner and hoping Iza forgets she's there.
Off screen, Shio has been rolling around trying to get attention and now he's pouting because it didn't work. >:C
February 22nd, 2019
Ah yes, now this is the oppressive level of cuteness I signed up for.
@sarall: The Dad Friend is such a perfect description of Shal that I'm ashamed I've never called him that before.
@Seven Rain: Yep, it's definitely unusual for her :C
Boy it is weird drawing these faces on Sentia.