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Somehow it's a lot of pressure drawing Tayne and Shal next to each other.
@Seven Rain: Lan is all business.
I forgot to practice drawing Tayne before the chapter started, oops.
Dalson is just here to make friends.
Part Nineteen: Go!
Guess who's coming home? 8D
Part Eighteen: End.
If that name drop doesn't mean anything to you, don't worry, we'll come back to it. I will say, however, that I'm glad I can FINALLY stop worrying that I'll accidentally call him by his first name in comments and stuff. 8I
These are the faces I'm most comfortable drawing on Sentia. Especially that first one.
How dare you make me want to draw Ara this much
I can't resist including little moments where Myaka can't say no to Lindina.
@sarall: loool Lindina is still not totally sure Sentia wants to help her anymore, so she meant it more like "we don't have to travel together anymore if you don't want to".
I can't stop drawing Toji, help.
@Seven Rain: I almost didn't put him on this page but I couldn't resist.
Look at Toji clinging to Sentia. He missed her.
@sarall: He's gonna gradually increase the amount of black he wears until he's either dead from the injuries he ignored, or a ninja.
That is possibly the least comforting way he could've said what basically amounts to "you're fine".
@Seven Rain: shut up I can do what I want
Just after Dr. Hijou apologizes for being bad with names, Lindina decides to show off.
@JoKeR: And Rev tries to make it feel better by... punching it directly in the tear ducts?