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Ah yes, now this is the oppressive level of cuteness I signed up for.
@sarall: The Dad Friend is such a perfect description of Shal that I'm ashamed I've never called him that before.
@Seven Rain: Yep, it's definitely unusual for her :C
Boy it is weird drawing these faces on Sentia.
If you're getting deja vu, I did my job right.
This would be a super cool poster. I'd hang it on my wall.

With all the ladies on this cover, how many pages can you make it before making a joke about "all these honeys"?
@sarall: I take it as a compliment that Shio is too cute to be noodles.
@Seven Rain: Thank you! :,D I am proud of both of those things.
Fun fact: "shio" is Japanese for "salt". I kind of have a thing for food names for pets (see also: Lemon and Gazpacho), and when I was coming up with this cat's name I was like "what is the tiniest food I can think of?"
In an alternate universe this scene contains Renny instead of Iza and he is making a very different face when he says "evening, lllladies. (And Lexin, wink.)"
Part Seventeen: Go!
Mr. Shal, how can you look so down when that cute kitty is trying to get your attention?
Part Sixteen: End.
That face reveal doesn't help at all, does it?

In some ways this chapter was harder than I thought it would be, but I think it turned out okay. I think it's a good opening for book 3, anyway. C:

I'm kind of super curious to see people color this dude... If you're so inclined, here is a giant version of just the ink for your convenience.
Boy I bet it felt good to write the word "Epilogue".
Who the heck is this???
He wakes up back in chapter 1, none of this entire comic was real.
Even in a state of semi-consciousness, Sentia still calls people stupid.
@Seven Rain: You tell him!!

Happy new year~
@sarall: Classic Toji, always getting squished (?)

Happy new year :D
See, I told you Kashir was maybe okay. (Just in time to have someone new to worry about?)