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@Seven Rain: Oh man, "drag" is such a strong word. Actually if the story were a little more boring I could bring myself to skip parts and it wouldn't take me so long. 8>
Part Twelve: G-go?
Ready for some melodrama? No? TOO BAD.

I predict I will start to miss the action partway through this chapter. :C
Well now I want to go back and re-read but this is a scary comic to re-read because it took me a million years last time. xD;; SOMEDAY.
@sarall: I am pretty excited for the next chapter too. ;3
Part Eleven: End.
If you are so inclined, you may wish to go back and re-read this chapter in one sitting. There were a ton of reasons that I spent so long not updating this comic, but a significant one was fear of this chapter. The fact that I made it over this hump feels like an accomplishment. Maybe it isn't really, but it feels like one. :)

Look forward to what comes next!
@Seven Rain: Whoa, thank you for such an in-depth response!

Lol, I can't say I relate with having so much fun writing that I accidentally get ahead... I have tons of notes about "what's going to happen", what order scenes happen in, choreography of where people are within scenes, etc. But actually figuring out the wording is always like pulling teeth :/ I've been trying to write out more concrete scripts lately, but my success rate for actually using those pre-written lines is roughly... 0%. Hahaha.

You've given me something to think about though--I wonder if I can make the writing part more fun for myself, and then I won't have as much trouble practicing and getting better?
Can I ask a process question? Feel free to ignore me if it's a secret.

How much in advance do you write dialogue? If you do script ahead, how close do you stick to your original lines when you actually get the words on the page?
@sarall: I'm sorry to report that no one in this comic will ever be both safe and happy again.

Only kidding! (OR AM I?)
Hey! Remember this guy?
Nice touch, including earth.
@sarall: The true villain has finally been revealed.
What does she see??
@Em: The lesser known sequel to "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"?

@sarall: I had wayyy too much fun with Toji on this page. Look at his little paws in panel 3 ;w;
Suddenly, text!
It's been a while since I drew this many speech bubbles. Lettering is actually kind of fun so it was a nice change. I'm a little rusty though!

Panel four gave me some trouble. I redrew that hand a couple times and tweaked Sentia's expression a bunch, and while each change turned out to be an improvement, something was still missing... And then I made Toji smiling and suddenly everything was wonderful. 8D
Aaa your effects always look so nice and I don't have much of an eye for them, so I can't give any more specific reactions than "it looks good". D; Nice color choices too!
@sarall: Ahaha yesss. "Hey you. Cat boy. ...h-hugs???"

Boy, Myaka doesn't look too happy in that first panel. He seems to get over it quickly enough though I suppose.
@Seven Rain: Great, now I want you to do a children's book adaptation of WOE.
@sarall: Myaka thanks you for the advice. He doubts he will ever understand girls.
D8 whaaat is happening??