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I have this annoying habit of comparing your comic to mine, but I'm so amused at how this lady is the POLAR OPPOSITE of the doctor lady in CM.
Ooh, the rare reverse-jinx.
@sarall: I'm pleased with the number of exclamation points, hahaha.
oh my god sentia
You can't say that!! D8
@Seven Rain: That's the train of thought I hoped people would have. :D
@sarall: Haha right?? Lindina didn't think Sentia could get so angry in so little time.

Sometimes, especially when inking, I'll subconsciously mirror the expressions I'm drawing. My eyes hurt from doing the >8C face for too long lolol.

My thoughts are with everybody affected by the hurricanes! D:
*quietly saves this page as Fathom reference*

It's like he's trying to decide which one of those questions has an answer that's not awful, and can't think of one... :C
September 6th, 2017
Stay safe!! Maybe I'll ward off some misfortune by burning an effigy like in the previous few pages. :P
@Seven Rain: Lol it took me longer than I care to admit to decipher what you meant.
@sarall: Ahaha, if that makes you a bad person, then I'm also terrible. The rest of the chapter won't disappoint, I hope D;
At this time I'd like to point out that this chapter's title, "Guilt", isn't just an emotion you can feel. It's also something you can assign to someone else.

Fun fact: when I first sketched this page, I got Lindina's expression wrong in panel 3. Like, really wrong. I've been doing a good job of catching stuff like that lately, I think. 8D
@Guest: Lol are you a real person?
I hate it when I get blood on my socks.
Badassery? Yes please!

I kind of love Dirsta's expression 8D
@Seven Rain: It's about time, too. Lindina had that previous outfit for like ... 18 years? My goodness that makes me feel old.
Oh hey look, a new outfit.

Basically what happened is, Lindina was stewing in angst until Sentia opened the door and let in some of that ULTRA CUTE from outside.
@Seven Rain: It's nice to draw her being cute every now and then. We'll just see how long this lasts ;3
Myaka is just speechless. When did he let himself get surrounded by idiots?

I'm oddly fond of that "who, me?" face. =w=;
@sarall: Haha, if you're feeling deja vu, then I've done my job! >:D