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@sarall: He's gonna gradually increase the amount of black he wears until he's either dead from the injuries he ignored, or a ninja.
That is possibly the least comforting way he could've said what basically amounts to "you're fine".
@Seven Rain: shut up I can do what I want
Just after Dr. Hijou apologizes for being bad with names, Lindina decides to show off.
@JoKeR: And Rev tries to make it feel better by... punching it directly in the tear ducts?
He psyches out everyone so hard maybe nobody will notice he got name dropped.
@sarall: That is exactly the reaction I was hoping for :>
Why's he making that face?
I approve of your decision to put those shinies in the last panel.
@Seven Rain: I had too much fun with this page :C
@Desala: I mean, Sentia's not supposed to be me, but the fact that I'm using her name means some of my stupid had to rub off on her eventually right? (The Lan avatar starts to explain why he's so dumb too, come to think of it....)
@Desala: lol you commented this literally minutes before the page goes live where I'm expecting the "oh my god Toji" comments.
That last panel: where everyone's emotions are expressed by their feet. By which logic, what Lindina is feeling is "oh god outrun Toji trying to jump out of my hands toward Sentia".
@sarall: Sentia: You guys were supposed to stay inside!! Who taught you how to use doors????
Well that was easy.
Say what you want about Lindina*, but it says something about her character that there's nothing that cheers her up faster than the chance to cheer someone else up.

*I'm aware that literally the only one who badmouths Lindina is me.
I like delicate-looking hands that just murder people.
@Seven Rain: Imagine those lines just coming out as mouse squeaks and everybody's staring at him like "wtf are you saying"...