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. . .
btw Seth's actually only a year younger than Cam & Nico (who are 18); he just looks a lot younger & is . . . pretty sensitive about it.

I'm in San Diego for the weekend, visiting relatives. & still sick. Let's see if I survive the family drama lol orz
Anyway, happy holidays! :D
well this reaction is a little . . .
morning after events of c1, btw.

I got a cold somehow on the third day of break, it's great. щ(ఠДఠщ)


@Clouds.Of.Rabbits: yeah, these things always seem to happen at the most inconvenient time . . . >:I
thank you & I hope I do!

@SomethingisAmisss: unfortunately Seth is not exactly an expert actor XD;
get well soon! people shouldn't make others sick :|

@sekichiku: later in the chapter you'll find out he has a lot to be nervous about :D
thanks c:

@sunlily: fortunately for Seth, Nico's too surprised by the sudden turnaround to do anything (before Seth runs off lol)
man what is it w/ people passing germs on to others. 8| I hope you get better too, the flu's worse than a cold!
just pretend this drawing doesn't exist
for some reason they're really difficult for me to CG. Maybe it's the contrast. WELL WHATEVER

next page in a minute.


@Myung: thank you, I'm happy you like it & that it looks romantic!

@sinkdownslowly: glad you like it, light eyelashes are hard for me to draw too, for some reason. c:

@sekichiku: what might be on a Nico appreciation page lol . . .
Cam tries not to show anything, but sometimes he can't help it. XD
or: why Cam sleeps in the library usually
because he'd probably die of frustration if he woke up like this all the time lol
considering Nico isn't the shy type at all


@isaradia: glad you like it! :D

@Marion-999: ha ha, well, shy or not, certain reactions are a little awkward in some situations 8D

@Meex: they're basically always cute to me. XD

@viperface: lol I hope the effects haven't overwhelmed you. XD

@sekichiku: have a tissue lol
and, well, since Nico's not actually naive . . . ;D
if the blanket was missing I'd have to mark this comic mature XDDD

@sinkdownslowly: Nico's more the teasing type, ha ha.
(altho this extra actually takes place some time before the comic starts — things have gotten a little too tense between them for this kind of teasing to be lighthearted)
end of chapter one! =u=
managed to finish this in time, lol (my last exam is tomorrow & then DONE <strike>FOREVER</strike> until January sob)
extra sometime this weekend & then chapter 2 starts.

In chapter two: Family life, one party that's avoided and one that isn't, and some secrets revealed and secrets kept.


@viperface: things get better for him. Eventually. XD;;

@Marion-999: well, there are a lot of reasons . . . chapter 2 is coming soon & you'll find out :D
thanks! c:

@Myung: ty! if only finals didn't exist . . .
& I'm glad you like it, I wasn't sure if the last few panels were clear. :)

@Yumikarp: lol that's definitely one way to look at it.

@sunlily: maybe Cam should just give in. XD of course, that would have its own consequences . . .
ty! I hope to finish chapter 2 faster lolol

@sekichiku: lol. hope you enjoy your break! c:
when have you ever
met a guy that's good at talking about his feelings 8I
actually is there anyone who's good at talking about their feelings . . . . . . . . .

Good luck to everyone else taking finals! I should've said this earlier for the people who took them last week lol orz


@sekichiku: wouldn't it be nice if they just jumped each other right away . . .
I want to show in the story that they know each other pretty well and like being around each other, so it's not just lust (tho there's plenty of that later). Unfortunately they're both really bad at expressing feelings lolol — Nico tends to hide everything he's thinking & Cam's just . . . Cam, ha ha (what could he do that wouldn't totally give away his feelings)
thanks, I hope you did well! :D & yay for holiday breaks . . .

@SomethingisAmisss: usually it's awkward to talk about feelings w/ moms XD;
Well, there's getting a paper cut, and then there's getting clawed up by a monster . . . glad you like how it's drawn!
& ty. I hope to at least survive the tests lol

@Skitza d^_\b: a lot of people take exams in December, I think . . .
reading comics is more fun than studying XD

@sekichiku (again lol): yeah . . . altho I feel like that weepy uke behavior can't even be called girly because are there any actual girls who act like that? let alone guys? :/ but I guess since most BLs are just short oneshots, there's no space for a longer, more complicated story.
lol well idk about soon . . . /shot (but the chapter extra will help a little I think XD)

@Marion-999: glad you like all the characters! c: I hope all their personalities come through in the comic.
& yep, something like monster hunters . . . for now.
ty & enjoy your school-free holidays :D
well 8V
Next page 12/11.


@sinkdownslowly: I think he looks better when he's angry. XD;

@sekichiku: well, regardless, that shirt's ruined for sure. XD
& it's ok! sticking bandaids on is basically what Cam does lolol
things are more interesting w/ humor anyway :D

@Riverside1: unfortunately, something neither of them is willing to acknowledge yet :c

@CUSS: I'm really happy that you like this comic and that the storyline & pacing work for you. :D
it is pretty slow (especially for a bl lol XD;) but it definitely is going somewhere!
I hope the rest of the story doesn't disappoint. c:
back to these two
then again considering everything that's happened, Cam probably has reason to be annoyed with the whole day XD;

Next page 12/8.


@Myung: thanks, I'm glad you like it. c:

@sekichiku: lol unfortunately Cam is not so good at medical stuff . . .
you & Cam could form a Nico Appreciation society, ha ha. XD
I wonder
whether sadistic prefects are more or less frightening than multi-eyed monsters.
At least the monsters just want to kill you 8I

Next page 12/5.


@LaPapaya: lol, it would be interesting to see a showdown between them. XD

@sekichiku: well, he is new to the school. But ninja skills wouldn't hurt. :D
& considering he's so short and skinny, he probably could.

@sunlily: if he had claimed he's a girl (while wearing the boys' uniform), she'd probably have made him strip to prove it right there. XD;;;
sorry this page is so rushed/shitty
it's cold indoors & my hands are going numb 8I
but looks like I should be able to finish this chapter before the end of the year. :D


@sekichiku: he'll be in more trouble on the next page XD

@sunlily: and how does it know! o_o

@SomethingisAmisss: ty; nice of you to say so. ;u;
it won't be Cam & Nico who find Seth . . .
herp derp
lol idek if this page makes sense
but whatever, moving on.

oh & I hope everyone had a nice holiday! :v


@popzink123456: ty & congratulations, ha ha? XD

@BarbadianBeauty: you'll find out a bit more in chapter 2! ;D

@SomethingisAmisss: sadly, even an extreme makeover wouldn't help its looks. :(

@Riverside1: when they're solid enough to attack someone, they're visible to anyone (tho not very clearly); sorry it's confusing!

@sekichiku: lol Cam's priorities, when it comes to Nico, have always been kind of backwards . . .
who's the prey now :V
still cannot draw action but ONWARDS ANYWAY


@sunlily: he certainly hasn't been telling everything he knows. ;)
lol that scarf had to come in handy at some point.

@sekichiku: ha ha, if it weren't for the wraiths, perhaps we'd never find out some things. XD
well, they sure don't have sensible anatomy . . .

@LaPapaya: ty, I'm glad you like the perspective & the monsters. XD
how to draw action, idk


@Lord Charos: conversation w/ a monster!

@Meex: unfortunately, they can't. not until the wraiths are gone anyway XD

@sunlily: there will be much slicing. 8D
& in a way, they have (it's more like all the monsters share a mind).

@sekichiku: yep, Nico's! sorry it's not clear. XD;
November 5th, 2011
Testing shit.
but uh yeah I should mention all this doesn't take place IRL :V
what w/ the . . . magic and weird monsters and all


@Skriptkitty: lol I probably should've phrased it more clearly; I meant the setting/history isn't same as the real world's.
but it sure would be interesting if any of this actually existed XD

@sekichiku: well, he's definitely not going to spend the rest of the comic just following them around ;D he's got a pretty big role in the plot.
even if i won the fight I sure got punched a lot lol orz

@sunlily: yep, people who sneak around run the risk of sneaking into something they shouldn't :D
& a fight between Nico & Seth would be totally one-sided. XD;
jfc roof tiles, fucking roof tiles
btw in case it isn't clear, in the two narrow panels at bottom left, Seth's going inside the building to the second floor, to get a better look at . . . nothing, basically, since he can't see it. lol.


@Skriptkitty: lol what would they be doing w/ a pimp cane out there . . . . . . I wonder.

@Lord Charos: glad you like it. c:

@sekichiku: lol well, as it turns out later in the comic, Seth can be pretty good at <strike>stalking</strike> shadowing people, aside from minor mistakes.
no touchy
This whole conversation must be totally incomprehensible to Seth.


@Skriptkitty: well, as long as it makes sense in the end XD

@sekichiku: actually he doesn't! Cam's just nervous about giving away his feelings or overstepping boundaries.
lolol well, things will make sense eventually for everyone, I hope.

@SomethingisAmisss: ty! I'm not sure Cam knew what he was going to do himself XD
lol yes, probably not what Seth was expecting.
happy halloween & monday too
I think I've eaten half a bag of candy already, lol. That I was supposed to give away. OH WELL

The shading's going to be inconsistent/experimental for the next several pages while I try to figure out how to draw dark/night scenes w/out using a lot of grayscale. orz

Anyway here's a holiday minicomic:
<img src=""> ;

<img src=""> ;

<img src=""> ;

<img src=""> ;


@marimobuns: Cam's extremely restrained in some things actually <strike>which can be pretty hot imo lol</strike>
That my lines are clean is probably its only good point, tho, ha ha. It's so . . . empty/boring looking & makes shading so difficult orz
& if anyone knows where to get a checkered jacket like Cam's I'd be interested. :V
<small>any clothes he wears that look good/interesting are ones other people told/gave him to wear, ha ha</small>

@sekichiku: bunny!Cam's cute because he's so grumpy about it, ha ha.
what kind of prize hmm lol
happy halloween to you too, I hope you had a good time. c:
it's later the same day/night
Not sure when next update is, though I'm trying to finish it (& a brief extra) in time for Halloween. There's . . . maybe 10-15 more pages in this chapter & I want to finish those before the end of the year, but RL & intermittent art block means I can't make any guarantees. @_@

I'm kind of curious about how people find this comic, considering the random updates lol


@Skriptkitty: yeah I didn't realize until after that I'd have to draw it for . . . 10-15 more pages at least lol orz

@sunlily: yes, finally time for ass-kicking. :D . . . if the wraiths have asses.

@SomethingisAmisss: lol

@The angel Ruler: thanks. c: and I guess some updates are always better than none, lol

@fishmasmouse: oh really! o: that's pretty unusual, most people like a rigid update schedule I think.

@sekichiku: ha ha, well, Nico is pretty mysterious & scary, but he's 100% human. c: <strike>maybe that's just scarier, lol</strike>
yep, monster-fighting time! 8D
EDIT \ if they killed each other, the story would be over awfully quick, lol
do comments count as infodumps
I don't even remember if it's been mentioned in-story yet that Cam's parents died when he was ~3 and they left him an obscene amount of money. But that's how he gets away with being a totally indifferent student; no one's being paid off for it, but the people who run the school aren't going to antagonize someone who could be encouraged to make a donation. More on this in chapter 2. If I ever get around to drawing it.

Next update is on the 28th.


@kriolynn: idk but I'm glad you like it! c:

@sekichiku: 'manages to look' . . . oh Cam, ha ha
unfortunately nothing really exciting happens next orz but I'm happy they seem like that to you and that you like them together! since this comic is all about them <strike>and their lives basically revolve around each other lol</strike>

@Forbidden_Requiem & @SomethingisAmisss: I'll try to draw more, then c:

@marimobuns: lolol oh man it's a really shitty lay tho XD

@Lord Charos: unfortunately they're not going to get around to that anytime soon ha ha orz
but someday . . . !