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I'm British and I'm crazy. There's paper work on it and everything. They even have graphs. Do you have graphs talking about your sanity?
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Wow! This is your best set yet!
They left Jack Sparrow to guard the Cosmic Cupcake? They'll never see it again!
Oh I get it. The story takes place in the past so she's a G3 pony. Cute.
She's going to get Pinkie Pie to help her fight Nightmare Moon? My god, even Fluttershy would have been a better choice. Wait... How come Fluttershy hasn't been in this comic yet? Where's my beloved Fluttershy?!
@shadow_foxx_iv: No excuse! You work until you drop!
So that's how Luna gets back from the moon. Cute.

And I'm very happy to see that Nightmare Moon isn't dead and gone quite yet.
Yes! This comic needs more Derpy!
So the story ends with everyone getting mad at Little Celest just for doing what they asked her to come there and do? Why does she get shit on like that? Shaddy, you and I have been friends for a long time. But if you don't bring her back in a later story to fix things I'll be very unhappy with you.
Poor Celest. She's just trying to do her job. It's not her fault she's so bitchy. You would be too if you were a copy of someone else, sharing that person's memories and emotions... sharing her loves... but no one would treat you the same way they treat her. It's got to suck to be a proxy.
I understand. It's My Little Pony after all. But it still would have been a cool story if she HAD come back to kill everyone.
I think they look fine. It's a photo comic made with action figures. They aren't going to look JUST like they do in the show. Deal with it. It could be worse. You could be reading a sprite comic.

Oh and I love the fact that Pinkie pie has come back to kill everyone.
Are you sure she WASN'T actually tripping on shrooms?
Squeal like a pig? 0.0! Rarity's going all "Deliverance" on her!
Poor Luna. Give her a hug for me.
Wow, that was creepy looking. And Pinkie Pie just sits there smiling the whole time. Even more creepy...
September 18th, 2011
Why don't they put that sexy little bitch Celest in the bed and let her be bait?
My thoughts as I read this page:

1) There you go Twilight. Don't fight it.

2) Wow. He really makes that figure creepy.

3) Rainbow Dash?! No, not Rainbow Dash!
Gasp! Are you going to kill one of the core six? Well, it's just Applejack. Who really cares about her anyways...
I like this better then the show. Ponies die in this. That just makes it better somehow. Although I'm not sure what Pinkiehusk is doing to her... Kissing her neck? Not the worst way to die...