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Glad to see it back
This is your comic, do what you want to do.
b) He leads her to his president
Wow nearly 2 years without an update amazing to see it go that long and not die
@piccolodian: You could always dramatize it. "And after she fought off the mugger, we went back to my hotel and made sweet love."
She certainly doesn't waste any time
November 7th, 2013
Damn it's been a long time
November 7th, 2013
What Emily wants to do with her body is her choice, there is no right or wrong choice there is only a choice. I personally believe in pro-choice because of this idea called bodily autonomy. It basically means that no one can do anything to you or your body without your consent even if you are dead. Because the fetus uses its mothers body, it needs her continual consent to keep using it. By saying that the fetus has rights to its mother body until it's born does two things.
1 It grants the fetus more rights to other people's bodies than any born person
2 It gives a pregnant woman less rights to her body than a corpse
Even though I am pro-choice I prefer that women think hard about whether they want to keep it and not just jump to abortion straight away.
I think I may know who Bryan is, judging by how pissed her face looks.
Damn, Nurse Joy doesn't fuck around!
Woot!I almost forgot it existed...
Can't say I expected that
While the lines are sharper and clearer on the new style, it makes it feel more jagged and stiff. I prefer the current style, though that may just be my bias against change
I'd be just as oblivious as Rain in that situation.
i think the reason that you weren't supposed to blow on them is because the circuit boards contained limestone then, and when you blow you shoot out little spit droplets. So, when you blew on it you slowly dissolved parts of the circuit. Then again this could be complete BS and I'm very, very wrong.
i wear a watch :(
It's been a while, good to see it back
He has the best name ever