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i like video games and am currently seeing how well i can make a sprite comic
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There isn't going to be another comic for a long time. I need to focus more on school since my grades have not been looking good recently.
He had an epic adventure!
Yeah he is not dead.Yet.
Oh no! Sonic's dead! But the comic will go on.
Have you ever heard someone say you sist before?
yes black cat died
You probably know what I'm going for.
Also i want to know if it is better to post the comic as soon as i make them or at the set time i have been going for.
I kinda want to eat pudding now.
There was no comic yesterday since i had to babysit my little brother and he needs constant attention since he is accident prone.
it's a kitty
it's a yo mama joke
1 more person left. Can you guess who it is.
sorry it's late my internet always acts up when someone is downloading something
The reason i didn't update last time was because my grandparents were visiting for a few days and they always kick me out of my room when they stay over and since my room has my computer i couldn't make the comics. In fact i made that guest comment on my DSi.
i'll try not to break the 4th wall so much and i don't think updating less to make the comic better will work since i have a bad habit of doing things at the last minute and in a rush so sorry about that
*gasp* it's a pikachu!!!
No Italians were harmed in the making of this comic but a person using their computer was.
i didn't know where to put the a's in mario's sentences so i just guessed it
fun fact: fun facts are supposed to be fun