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Dull-pink hair (accident- dirty-blonde doesn't take well to orange, for some reason T^T; but i liek this color better for mah Eyes), hazel eyes, fair-ish skin (color); I liekz Y A O I !!!!!11!!111one!!: yaoi is mah only reason for living and will continue to be so until I has kidz; my hobbies are all basically computer related (even college o.O), so only saying "computer" counts... -.-' ... outta high-school, abd I still needz a lief. Care 2 trayd>>??
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    Kitti Lumpo
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your art style is so cute i this strip~! its just too bad there's no +fav button...
Wow, Micchi's so adorable!
Wow, Micchi's so adorable!
wtf demon bambi! e.o
he's so emotional! lol, no kilz buNNi XD
aww, poor zombie-uke!
His finger fell off- that's gotta suk X3 lol, rigimortus-fingers freakd him out XD
holy crap *3*
lol, this is so creepy! (not the manga, so far it's adorble!) I was LITTERALLY just thinking how cute this would be yesterday! (bf kept tellin me to stfu XD)
tombstone: noesbleed 2 def x///x
lol poor arthur! Buuut...
lol, u got teh fork in~! XD That's epic!