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Tarah Mayaz
well, i'm a female spriter, and i think i am pretty good...
im gonna fire mah lazah!

spriters i like:
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I guess it's time to come clean...
Alright, so... I'm not who I said I was. This was a sock puppet account I made, in an attempt to 'relive the glory days.' Unfortunately, that didn't happen too well... Mainly due to schedules and the like. I wanna say sorry, if anyone feel angered, I wasn't trying to anger anyone. Anyway, I leave this comic in your guys's hands, and I want to say sorry. It was great for the short time it was, but yeah... I'm sure all of you have successful careers as spriters ahead. :3 Wish you all luck and love, Yama.
i'm grounded for two weeks i think
then i'll come back and we'll have awesome adventures i promise!
resizing is so you can see awesum details thats why i do it :p
so here....
this is the story. tails and sonic find new visitors to mobius! we then befriend them, and help them save the world and stuff.
lol onett? but arent sonic and them in mobius...?
though i didnt think youd put all of them on there
ooooh power orbs? those sound like fun!

also everyone needs to add themselves to the front banner plz? or i'll fira tarah'z lazah on chu.
yay! welcome!
this is tarah
she lives in the white space!
so um... this is how this'll work...
first comic post is gunna be the character introduction like thing, before we actually get to the comics. sowwy this first page is a little sloppy. it'll have bgs soon i promise!
yay! drawn comics! i always loved your drawing, and your sprites. especially that sexy ray one last comic and the one's on sandbox and all of those in this comic. you're drawings are amazing!
now we start this.. anyone who wants in has to add themselves to this page, with another sonic character. that way we don't have toomany fancahracters who outnumber characters.
aww i support it! they are such a cute couple!
smf; omfg pervert! i read this comic and i luv it. perverts are making it sad but itll be good just ignore them
omg i luv it! ray is such a sexy emo! i luv him!
long time reader i just made my account.
i wanted this to be my first comment. squeee~! luv you ray!