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Love watching anime, reading manga and playing video games!!!
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I laughed WAY too hard at this!
Yes, why DO you set everything cute on fire!? XD
The diglett's eyes made me laugh! Lol xD
Your colour pages are so amazing!! I love it!!
"it was nice knowing you" Atty going to die?? XD
ROTFL I love George's face there XDDD
XD I love George's face when she says "N-Nature?"

Yay extra update! I'm excited!! :3
AWWW i love how Atty looks happy to see DT! DT is so cute!!! :3
What other pokemon does George have!??
I love the new banner! It's awesome!!

Lol, it took me a little too long to notice Pikachu there...
Happy birthday!!!

And i'm half expecting Atty to say "no" XD
"I know it's our destiny!"
I like George more and more for her enthusiasm!
Lol! I was thinking she would be gone a bit longer than 1 page! But oh well! Welcome back George! :3
Lol, it's only been one day!?
Lol, first panel DT looks adorable! XD

Poor Atty, it's not like he did it on purpose! xP
Lol, did the Bug Catcher die?
I love these two! I hope they stay here throughout the whole story! XD
I started laughing SO hard the moment I saw that Beedrill in the middle of the last panel!! Dunno why, I think that little dude looks hilarious!
I don't know why, but I think it looks really awesome in that last panel where they're all on fire!!!
XD Great page!!
Lol! Epic!
Atty seems pleased that his plan worked!
OMG he gave a command! Awesome!!!! XD