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Hi, pixie blue here! But you can just call me pixie. I'm almost 16, and an amateur manga artist. I will post a comic... one day...

Also, I enjoy singing, and I'm in the vocal choir at school. Random, I know, but all my friends are so used to me doing that by now that I almost seem normal to them. You'll get used to it.

I'll also put more stuff here when I get around to it.


Stop looking at me like that! I'm a procrastinator, I have every right to be lazy!
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Crazy Random Happenstance
You know Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog. That has made you all the more awesome in my eyes.
I want to see it, but all I get is the red x of death! *cries* Do you happen to still have the original? If so, could you please repost it or something? Please?
I only recently discovered this amazing webcomic, and I have spent several afternoons reading it (and also your other stuff) instead of studying for my Physics exam like I should be. Apart from the insanely awesome art that I one day hope to be able to draw near that calibre, can I just point out something I noticed: in appearance (and arguably a little in character), George is very similar to the girl in Wolf from your one of your other comics, Brightside. I mean, both have fingerless gloves, hoodies, and hats with the same pin -button-badgy things (what on earth ARE those called?) How is it that George can still be so awesomely different?