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Im a med school student, drummer and cartoonist :)
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September 23rd, 2012
I really hate this page. Really, REALLY hate this page. It was hard to do, took forever, never felt rewarded and didnt like the outcome. Im not even sorry for the delay. Next page will be late too, probably.

I'm so sick of this chapter. Really fucking sick of it
Sorry for being late! Heres your weekly dose.
@Paul: Fixed! Thanks for helping the comic improve!
Sorry for being one week late. Here's your weekly dose of CG.

Did someone ask for a Deus ex Machina? Well here's one, and she did quite an entrance!
Only a few pages left for this chapter.

If youre a bit lost, read from when Chris reached Melgarte. All the terms in bold have been mentioned before, so go refresh your memory.

Sorry for being a few hours late. its better than a couple months, eh?
Sorry for the delay. Ironically, now that I'm back in college I finally have some time to draw. I had some really moved vacations, again sorry!
How the fuck is he gonna get out of this? Oh, right. STRETCHING THE FLOOR :D

This has been a long chapter and it's been hell of a semester. I'm really tired by this point... 10 pages to go :)
@Casanova: If you ever watched Dragon Ball Z you would know a series can continue even if the main character dies. And we'd still have Rose xD
Time to stir the storyline a bit.
@MorganTheWolf: Theres a lion in this weeks page, actually
@theslipperiest: I intended it to look like both, actually :)
He's at Melgarte. Finally.

I was sick throughout the weekend, I really thought I wouldn't finish this on time. Oh well.
I bet most of you had forgotten Rose is an asshole.

Remember Novagiza, the pyramid-like thing in this Page 17 from Chapter 1 which served as HQ for the Special Protection Department and as Seat of the Continental Government?

Look at it here:

Well 10 points if you find it

Tip: I made the spire taller.
I enjoyed doing this one, specially the second panel
I'm sorry about this short hiatus. College is getting really hard. Im seeing pediatry this semester, which means kids kids kids. I don't really like kids. The thing is, up until now it had been just theory, but since the start of the month I have been seeing patients since 6 am till 11 am, then class from 1 pm to 4-5pm (except on fridays, when I'm free at 2-3pm). And when I get home I have stuff to read, too.

This month I COULD have done the pages, but when I got home and finished work the last thing I wanted was to draw. I just wanted to sleep (and I had to go to bed early coz since I dont have a car, I have to get up at 4:30 am to be on time) or do things that required no effort, like reading or playing pokemon.

Yeah. Anyway, I warned you about irregular updates when I started chapter 2. I hope I can finish this semester without another hiatus, but I wont promise anything.

Sorry about being late. I'm being less late each time though :3
Sorry for posting late. I have a huge endocrinology test on friday - I even thought for a second that I'd have to delay the page a week. Fortunately it was very text heavy (I still finished so late though, haha)

Next update on monday, as usual (yeah right, like updates are regular)

Cheers :)
Sorry for the lastest delays and for skipping a week. Ive been really, really busy with college.

This page was hard to do, mostly because it was an experiment on action scenes which I'm still not very good at, or at least not very fast doing them.

Anyway, enjoy. Next week I'll be back with more Rose and Chris :3
This page is kind of a flashback practice :3 I intend to do them a lot more so I'm listening to critique.

Cheers. I HOPE I'll have page 13 ready for next monday lol, my xbox is eating my life away xD