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I binged this comic and I caught up faster then I thought! D:

Love this comic by the way!
I love how his soul looks so concerned lol

I can practically see it saying "Oh no Hiro!"
Nothing Gets Passed E! lol
Phantom pages??????
i keep seeing pages that don't seem to be in the archives! also is the comic supposed to start at chapter two? or is there a chapter 1 that i'm just not able to see??? PLEASE HELP!
yay new page!
ferb is so cute ;]

Thought i would let you know that there are a few grammar/spelling mistakes in the first box:

~"let me explain you". maybe change that to ""let me explain the rules" since he's not explaining ferb, which is what you have right now.

~"we made the inventary". first, "inventary" is spelled "inventory". Second i would change the "made" to "check", "examine", "inspect", or "look over" since i think that's what you meant.

~"checked the sales". change "checked" to "check" because he's talking in the future tense, not the past tense.

~"when a client come". chance "come" to "comes" again because he talking in future tense, not present tense.

~"mantenance to the instruments" is spelled maintenance. Also you might want to rephrase, instead of "to" maybe "on" would sound smoother.

~"reparments". change it to "repairs", its not a word (though it sounds like it should be one).

I hope the above helps!

Otherwise, i'm loving the comic and can't wait to see where you take this! ;D
February 24th, 2012
That last panel is too cute!
Can't EVEN...
i can't even wait for this drama to start!

loved your author comments btw, too funny! xD
i spy an oshawott!!! ;D
looks like Ferb "persuaded" Danny for that job lol x]
Oh Ferb!
you and your non-emotional faces! keep up the good work, can't wait for more! ;D
i get so excited when i see a new page up x]

dido on seeing Ferb's limited reactions ;D
how can some one look so adorable with blood all over their face? x]
Happy Birthday! and can't wait to
can't wait for the next page! when i saw the cover page, i fell in love with the couple! <3
"Sinister bishonen battle mysterious hitmen... to offer them a back-rub."

lol what a plot twist!
i like the coloring too! lovely comic by the way ;]
comment virginity
great story so far!

lol i earned a muffin too...