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Writing my comic makes me happy.
Almost as happy as playing the flute.

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March 12th, 2009
They were. can sketch with a wacom...
February 6th, 2009
I'm definitely still working on rewriting. And making my art better. So, in the meantime, here is an attempt at better art that I'm actually quite proud of. YAY!
October 26th, 2008
Blah. It's been a long few weeks. But the last couple days have been pretty awesome for various reasons. Regarding one of which: If you live in the SF bay area and enjoy classical music, such as, oh, say, Peter and the Wolf, you should come see the SF Youth Orchestra perform it (with Leonard Nimoy narrating) in December. I will be playing the part of the bird (aka first flute), which is very exciting. :)

Enjoy the page! I can't think of any good commentary at the moment. Except that I hope to be on schedule again for the next couple of weeks (there may be a break for my birthday weekend in November- several rehearsals, concert, and birthday, which may not even be celebrated until at least the following week). So, see you next Sunday...or Monday.
October 5th, 2008
I had rehearsals and a bluegrass festival to go to. V. important. I've been getting lots of writing done on the new version (and Lamorinda- the prequel) though.
September 28th, 2008
Remember, the newest page can be found over on Rampage Network. And I'm particularly proud of today's newest page. I recommend heading on over there and checking it out! :)

As always, thanks for any comments. I haven't been responding to them much, but I do read them and appreciate them.

If you do read over on Rampage, please feel just as free to comment. The comment space is always so empty on the new site. It makes me sad :(
September 22nd, 2008
Weeeee, backgrounds are back! Good ones, I mean. And slightly different colors, and handwritten text (both less time consuming AND more consistent with the art :) )!

So, yah. She said she'd come, because Will is her buddy. How could you say no to him?

They are in Napa for this whole wedding thing, btw.

Next update next Monday, or check the rampage network site for the most recent page:

Looks like it Mondays are working well. So yay, update schedule again! And occasionally I'll be able to get in a second page a week.
September 15th, 2008
YAY LAST PAGE O' SCENE. <----for newest page (in a couple of hours...I'm not actually sure when that site turns over because I'm always asleep, but it's sometime in the wee hours of the morning California time)
September 8th, 2008
I don't know if I'll have time to finish the second page for this week. Maybe if I can't get it done by Wednesday I can shoot for Friday.

There's lot more text than usual on these next two pages....I dunno how I feel about it. But at this point I'm focusing more on trying different stuff than being consistent so I will know what I want to do for the new version.

I like the length of this scene. Were almost to the next one, which 1. I haven't finished writing (which is unusual for me) and 2. I'm super excited about!

At this rate I might have to get the new version ready a little sooner....

Remember the new site! It's a page ahead of this one, and it's PURPLE.

And leave some comment love! Let me know what you think of (what's up and working of) the site :)
September 1st, 2008
Remember, the most recent update is at Emma's new site:

Oh, Will. Your cheerful disposition is wearing away! But your sister is hilarious, so I don't feel so bad for being evil to you.

Look at me, keeping a schedule again! It's been, like, a year since I've been able to do that for more than a week!
September 1st, 2008
Remember, the most recent update is at Emma's new site:

Still experimenting with styles, coloring, etc. I went back more to one of my older styles on this one. I think I'm probably going to stick with the more detailed lineart in general. It's easier and it looks better.
August 31st, 2008
:) I love Carrie.

Remember, I now have a new fanci-fied site on rampage network, which will always be one update ahead of mirrors:

Updates should be about once a week on Mondays for at least the next couple of weeks. Grad school is rough, as is my commute. If I move to SF I might be able to bump it up to twice a week. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
August 19th, 2008
Yay, new page. And an explanation of who this girl is.

And, Emma is now hosted primarily at

From the next update on, the rampage network site will be one update ahead of this and the other mirror sites, so go read Emma there! :)

It's a pretty, new site, go check it out!
August 1st, 2008
Thanks!...Although I don't quite know why my handwriting is awesome...but that's cool!

XD I've been missing your hilarious comments what with my lack of updating and having time to look at all your stuff here and on DA. :(
August 1st, 2008
YASC: Thanks so much! :)

Firstly; I know, seriously! No Will was making me sad. I'm glad to be back to him.

Secondly; Thanks! I'm actually really glad to hear that the simpler style is working well, because, while I may like it better, I worry that other people won't because it is generally less detailed. (I also like it better because it takes at least an hour less work per page)

And Lastly; that is actually kind of a hard question to answer right now, because of where I stand as a writer between the current storyline and the one I'm starting over from the beginning. ie. right now, this storyline has stopped after a few more scenes because I don't intend to keep going with it.

Usually, though, I do a rough outline (which is where I am right now with the new stuff, and why updates are so sparse) and then I write down the dialogue and actions for specific scenes as the come to me. Transitions and little things that I don't get filled in specifically before I start drawing get made up in the sketching process. And I continue to edit the dialogue up until I put the text in, to a certain degree , although it generally stays the same after I have the sketches down.

I like talking about my process a little too much... I hope that answers your question, though :)
July 31st, 2008
OMG. Look at this (comparative) updating madness! YAY two updates within something like two weeks (I think?) of each other! YAAAY. I bet there will be another one on Sunday...or Monday. :) I like the third panel a lots. Not so much the last. :(

I always like to see what the linework looks like for other artists, so I believe I shall leave the raw page before this up.
July 30th, 2008
HERE! Have a raw page 'cause I luvs yous guys. :3 Hopefully colored and texted by the end of the week.
July 26th, 2008
This one was supposed to be up nearly two weeks ago. And it's been ready...sitting on my computer, oh so sad. But I literally have not had internet access for all but, oh, a day, in the last couple of weeks, and that day, I totally forgot both my zip drive and my charger for my computer, so I couldn't get the file up. :(

The GOOD NEWS is that have three or four more pages with the foreground completely done, which is more that I've been able to say for quite some time. So August should hold a few more updates in store than the last several months have. :)



Map yo'self!
June 5th, 2008
wbe: YES. THANK YOU. Everyone is yelling at me and saying, "oh, so they're finally going on a date, right?" Thank you so much for recognizing the actual facts as I, at least, intended to lay them out.

...Too bad I probably won't get that much farther with their relationship in this version...stupid different versions thing...
June 4th, 2008
Bleh. This page should have been done weeks ago. Things just kept coming up. Also, I reeeally need to be finishing up the new website layout. The hard parts are done, though, so that's good.

Still trying to figure out a preferred method of coloring/shading, ie. How much to shade and where/when to do so. So, this is more than the last page, but definitely nowhere near as much as before. Looking for that happy medium.

Although, for the new version, I'm seriously thinking about watercolors...I think it would be too much work, but it's so purdy.

I am watching haunted house shows! I want to go running, though...I am torn between being productive and being lazy... :(

Next page = YAY.


Map yo'self!
June 4th, 2008
Thanks again for all the supportive comments, guys!

And yeah, I'm much preferring doing less shading, both aesthetically and because ohmygoodness it takes forever. Seriously, this takes half the time. I'm sticking with it, but I have to find a happy medium with a little bit of shading.

Oh, but worldsbiggestego, you lie! I do read the comments on the comicgen site, so you have commented before, from what I can tell. ;) (Of course, I could be wrong, but same comment on the same day makes me think I am right). Commenting back on there is just a pain in the ass. meh.