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girl just about to graduate art school.. scaarrryy.

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Page 1 should now read January 2004, not 2001 :) :)
WHEW i think my eyes are starting to go cross eyed from staring at the computer... I have to take advantage of end of school euphoria while I still can. Thanks for the comments & favs so far thank you for reading. :)
I decided I would start it anyhow, despite having a paper to write!! If only my computer had enough memory to handle colour...
ARIADNE'S THREAD starts soon! E.G When I finish school next week :) :) :)
March 1st, 2009
haha! Great facial expressions :)
Interesting work! Pretty scary so far 0.0 I really enjoy your drawing.
hey! really nice art work!
This is a beautiful comic. I've always enjoyed your work on this site [only you, etc.] It's clear and poignant and lovely.
souhaite! i really like your comic!
February 21st, 2009
nice line work!
nice comic so far! i really like the design for the little girl.
Hey! I really like your comic so far.. this scene reminds me of Joe and Louis's meeting in Angels in America, though. Fan? :)
Crazy! This is a great page. In older versions my character Kenneth was mute;-;. Well anyway you've hooked me.
super neato!
The soft inking on this page is superb.
i really admire your ability to convey complex emotions using simple designs, it seems almost effortless on your part, though I am sure it is not.