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*My name is Reini as far as any of you are concerned~ Some know me better as Dragon. :3
*My birthday is in January, 23rd WOOT!
*I mostly like shoujo and draw that best but I like shounen too.
*I... I can't draw a boy or an animal to SAVE MY LIFE O_O"
*My current projects are:
"Seekers of the Hell Rose" (Written with a friend)
"Kuro Hana" (Being revised)
"School Life" (My collaboration and current comic!)
*That's about it on that side...
*Other hobbies are: Acting, writting, biking, school, astrology, dragonology
I really like science but I fail in it. I really hate history bit I do best in it.... O.o
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    Reini Kinser
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October 1st, 2011
Laney highschool? My name's laney O.O!
This guy seems like a jerk >_>
Creepy D:
I have yet to figure this out xD
And thus things begin xD
So far, so good. <3
lol this is so awful xD (Awful as in so mean but in a good way)
February 5th, 2011
TT^TT I still wish I could be the colorist! I wish my comp hadnt broken!!!!
Kinky :)
December 31st, 2010
I like the comic but it could use some work. ^^; Your anatomy is a tad.... off. The head are too large and the arms/hands are very very thin. Your inking is very amateurish (NOT IN A BAD WAY D:) and it feels like your hand has a hard time flowing and that your pen clumps up. You might wanna make sure you get rid of all the pencil as well when you're done inking. I like this comic, its very nice. I suggest getting card stock or something as well because your paper seems very greyish ^^; ANYWAYS; I love the story, keep up the good work!!