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I am a fancy-pants liberal arts student trying to get a fancy-pants biology degree to get into a fancy-pants graduate school to get another fancy-pants degree for the eventual realisation of my lifelong career goal, i.e., DINOSAURS. That's what it's all about man.
Bluh we're both super busy bluh.

Here, it's a comic!
Here is Leeroy! And his Kingdra! Ahhhhh! My goal is to finally include everyone in the comic. This may result in a considerable decline in quality!

Also this is not colored because I Did Not Feel Up To coloring in SAI tonight, and I will not have time to port it to Photoshop later! Excuses!
Okay so, story behind this? I am now a bat biologist. I do bats. I trudge around forests at night trying to catch bats. This is my life now.

It's awesome.
So I have a chikorita now! It's a bit special; we found it in the garden after a late frost this spring, and it's kinda... slow. But it's mega happy!

That's my roommate Amy's knee and vulpix in the first panel. Woah, this comic has other characters? NO WAY.

Anyway, the update schedule is going to POSSIBLY switch to Pi Tuesdays and Louis Thursday (two times a week? MADNESS) so we'll see if that works out.
I don't think Paras has ever looked as badass as he does in panel five, right there. BAM.
My abnormally tiny Archeops is explained way back in like, comic #3! :D He is the tiniest, oh my gosh.
Hey everyone! We're back (kinda)! I've got a bit of a buffer, so you've got a few weeks of guaranteed updates while Louis and I get back into the swing of life and moving back to school Wow, awesome!
AAAAAH LOUIS AAAAAH your Paras is the best, man, no joke.
Sorry about no update last week! Louis is swamped due to finals. I, on the other hand, have no excuse. But I do have pseudo-rage-comics for your enjoyment! I'll try and get you some content next week.
I really enjoy how George is a walking Pokedex. I bet she has like. Complete movesets programmed into her head.
This would be an airline travel comic, but the only really interesting thing that happened was that my bra sets off the metal detector.

I don't know if this makes sense to anyone but like. The people involved. OH WELL. :D

P.S: Referencing the alt text on this comic.
I really should have some fringed chaps.
Whoa! It's Wednesday! I totally didn't notice, my bad you guys.

Anyway, I went horseback riding on Saturday. They start me on a reasonably sized horse. The guy looks and me for a second, tells me to get off the horse, and brings out a fluffy, black-and-white pony. His name was Blaze, we got on fantastically.

And then I couldn't walk for two days! It was great.
It's the thought that counts
We now return to your regular programming! Have some Steffan and Sandshrew being adorable. D'awwww.
How Pi met Goddammit Dragonite
MORE ADVENTURES OF MINI PI apparently there are Dratini swimming around in my lake? LINCOLN IS NOW BLACKTHORN, AWESOME.

This would be a St. Patrick's Day comic, but that would have been several panels of the top of my head bobbing around in a massive sea of green hats and body paint. And beer. Also beer.

P.S Sorry comic is late. I had an ~*essay*~ that turned out to be a 14 page term paper. That was due Thursday. Which I didn't start until Tuesday. Also, I have three more due next week BUT ENOUGH ABOUT THAT
Eventually, something interesting will happen.
This is pretty much my life now, because I am way to cheap to get a cab to Tesco ever.

Also, my life is actually pretty mundane! I should go on more adventures. Related: next comic I draw will probably be a St. Patricks Day in Dublin comic, so I'll try my best to get up to some shenanigans.
There is a very similar comic sitting in a sketchbook at home with the tiny electric tarantula, but I actually think it is pretty cute!
Hi guys, I'm totally a little girl. Also, for continuity's sake, that thing went straight into the PC. What, you think I'd release that thing when I'd be right next to it? Hahaha no.

Based on a true story! Except instead of a Spinarak, it was a big-ass house spider. And instead of a pokeball, I smashed it with a boot and flushed it down the toilet. Yaaaaaaay!

P.S Someday I will learn how to structure a comic page, but TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY.
So my bro Utah introduced Icing to Ireland, because he is a Bad Person. I've not actively participated yet, but I really feel it is only a matter of time.
Hi from Ireland, everyone! Here, we international students refer to each other with our country/province of origin. For example, I'm Nebraska, and Canada is Canada, due to being the only Canadian. The French kids all get names, though.

P.S I totally picked Connecticut for this because he always wears a backwards baseball cap.

Happy Birthday from Ireland! And everyone else!