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@Devdasi: yes please! <3
YAY New calendar! I was sad because mine was running out :)
OMG! THAT HAT! I want that hat
I would go to ones in Southern California. I hear Fanime is good, and I would totally bust my ass to go to that one if you go x3

I would love to see you sometime at a So Cal convention cause I don't go up to the Bay area for conventions.
chubby dake is adorbale though x3
I love this comic. Just spent a few hours reading it all the way through x3 I love it so much! Can't wait until the next update!
I'm from the United States. Another California gurl over hur x3

And Aishun: you totally made me google your city xD
Dad be tripping....Hades looks like he doesn't know how to take that last statement xD

I'm totally coming to visit you at AX! x3
dude...I can't wait to see Angel's face when Noel tells him about those two. lol oblivious face then OO OMG! Ur right! xD made me want to make that guys scythe x3
He was only mostly dead, not all dead. x3
I'm agreeing with nagimuffinz. That sentance doens't make too much sense. It'd sound better worded "The sea quieted down too much." That would make a whole lot more sense.
Yay for being the shark...? xD
*raises hand* I'm going to be there. I can help? I bought from you last year. And I think I scared you a little cause I ran around artist alley like twice trying to find you ^^;;
eee! It's red and Niya! x3
:( I can't order a book right now. Will you be selling them at AX next year?
I totally want to cosplay Odile and the Froggie. xD *runs to prepare for contest!*
First comment! woo!
Yay! I love the froggy boi~ I want to make a froggy sweater now x3

Teh seme says "Come sleep in my bed, oh stubborn uke x3"
I would love to buy this manga, but I may have to wait until AX to spend money on comics. I bought the last on at AX this year. I think I freaked you out at the booth cause it took me three rounds to find you xD
No rape? You should just add on one. Cause ya's called the RAPE of gana-whoozzit.