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'ewo Jellos^^

Hmm... I love to draw, write, and sing. I'm playing around with a few ideas of comics though I've never used sprites before so we'll see... Umm... I role paly, all the time. I'm a chocoholic too. I'm a pyromaniac and act very chilidish most of the time... What else... oh yea, I don't have a life so instead I spend my time reading/playing video games/on the comp xD And I can't spell :3 I love explosions and cute little cuddely things. I'm a Tails fangirl too, he's always been my favorite Sonic character ever since I fist watched my brothers play the game when I was reeeaaaalllly little
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xDDDD The last couple pages had me cracking up so loud I think I scared my puppy. I was seriously squealing!! But, I wanted to wait until I read all of the pages to comment, other wise I would get distracted by writing this long pointless comment and never finish reading... like I am right now >.>...

Still, as always your art is amazing!! I seriously think K.E.Y might be my favorite comic on SJ =D
xD It's okay with me when you only update a few pages at a time, because I don't check sj's as much as I should.

And the flashback made me really sad! Your artwork is so amazing!
Ja, sprechen die Deutsches! And... I'd be able to say more but Frau Cow = evilest teacher /ever/! Seriously, she's just plain horrid D=

But anyways, don't worry Citrus! As long as your planning on updating at some point I'll be happy =]. I mean, I started working on my comic almost a month ago and I still don't have a first page done xD
=O Is Hikaru Keiji's guardian?! I don't know why he would hurt him buuut... that kinda makes sense. I mean, guardians never seem far away from their... royal person and Keiji's has yet to be seen. Nu way, did Keiji run away?!

-smacks hand disapprovingly-

I need to stop getting ahead of myself =P

... and if I was one of the girls I think I'd be freaking out right about now xD
I told you, he's just misunderstood -snugs hikaru-

Though I suppose you'd know better then me, but I'll keep lieing to myself xDD
True xD

I was just thinking back to a bunch-o-different animes/comics which take place in schools and how all of a sudden there's all these transfer students and no one ever thinks it's odd xD

And I'm sure he's not vicious! Just... misunderstood? Hehe, even the teacher looks a little freaked by him. Buut, that's probably my tired brain making me see things again =P
... dosen't the school people think it's odd that they're getting so many transfer students o.O?

-is shamelessly trying to distract herself from working on her own comic-
You're welcome =]! You keep saying that comments make you want to make more comics so I want to comment when I can so you don't lose intrest in key. It's a really good story so far and it always keeps me wanting more =3!
Ooo xD I clicked next comment so and it was completely blank so I got excited and posted super quickly to see if I could get it up first. I'll do silly stuff like that x3

And I would never flame you! That be like... awful D=. But, I'm glad you don't mind my randomness. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to comment on all your beautiful artwork because I just know I'd post something silly. I have a tendency to ramble, if you haven't noticed yet xDD
First comment, rawr!

... or not =P

But seriously, I love how you draw yen. I can never get those animal things down, mine always turn... weird.

Hehe, and about the shoe thing, I'm always the one to notice little things like that. I'll probably point them out whenever they occur, unless you'd rather me not. Cause that way I'd keep my mouth shut like a good little girl =]
Fwee <3
I just sat down and read your /entire/ comic and was so sad when I realized I read them all. I love it soo much and will so be checking up on it all the time. I can't wait to see what'll happen next =3

... what happened to Maya's shoes o.O?
August 30th, 2007
Hehe, amazing like always Nari =D And erm... I dunno what to say xD I had this strange urge to comment so I did, ain't that nice of me =3?

And because I've recently decided to give a character in all your comics special nick names, I shall dub No 'Emmy'! Hehe, Mikey, Emmy. I'm sensing a trend starting up =]
February 5th, 2007
-clings to sky-

Thank-you soooo much!! You're lucky I didn't get to check up on this comic earlier because I would have spent like an hour convicing you not to quit xD

I luff you right now and I can't believe you'd make us worry like that!
January 29th, 2007
Aww, Zen's sooo cut sometimes ^-^

But wait... where is his ponytail? I swear he changed his sword back!

-Ish confuzzeld and pays too much detail to the small things-
Drake certainly looks like he's having a good time xD
January 21st, 2007

Poor Thanos!!! You must see a doctor!!

Thanos: What?? Noooo, not the doctors!!

Steph: Shhh, it'll be all right! -drags Thanos to doctors office-

Thanos: Nooooo!!! Heeeelp meeee!!! -claws at ground-
Oh, and is this Kryven?
What, dose he have magic spit that cures things xD?

Is the new character the one from your icon?

-can't wait untill we get that far-
You know what I just realized o.0?

I seriously doubt Zen wants to do anything but push him into the abyss. I mean... if he wanted him dead/hurt why would he get rid of his sword??

-pokes first pannel-

luvmaga- Don't hurt Zen!!


Well... I dont want Thanos to get hurt either...

-ties both boys up-

Ha! Now neither of you will get hurt!!