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I like to sew
I love art
I love fashion and design
I ADORE anime
I love yaoi and yuri
Andddd yeah :3
Dat bout it XD
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bro and dave huh? XDD thats freaking great XDDD
I feel like the only one who's really disappointed about all this .... :/

But it's not that bad to have Liam as seme I guess...
Julien is adorable OwO
It kinda makes me upset that Liam ish all buff now OAO wits gunna happen now date we has a totally buff and sexy Liam?
I actually came back and then you left DX
If you would like stayed for like 5 more minutes I would been back DX
*looks away*
Colors are all wrong >~>
Turqious hair bright light blue eyes white sweaters black pant((pants arent so off =~=)) white boots
This is why you don't do things without Making sure to consent with me! DX
His hair isn't that long either...
....I tink I jus died a little inside ..
My poor scanner left unmoved XD
I do need a bigger scanner... D:
Don't post lies Momo!!
I do too have a scanner XD I just can't use it at the moment cause
1. It's late~
2. it's a meanie-poo~ XD