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I am an art student currently in my junior year of college. I like to draw, write and watch good television.


Gargoyle is the work of myself and my friend Rachel. Updates will resume soon.


The Goose Girl: Coming next spring or summer. Script and Characters are still in development.

If This Was A Movie: A IchiHime and RenRuki Doujin currently still in the works. Currently still working on the character designs for the comic, which will be single page pieces, one for certain parts of the lyrics to the Taylor Swift song, "If We Were A Movie".

You can also find me on tumblr at
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You know what would be awesome, if we as fans decided to all group together and help finish the doujin. If Rip will let us, I think a collaborative effort from all of us to finish illustrating the story would be awesome!

And also, to Rip, I can't wait to see your original stuff! I'll be looking forward to it!
You seriously have no idea how happy this update makes me!!

And not to sound like a broken record, but she totes wants it as much as he does. They're both scared though, thats why she's shivering and he's holding back.

I'm just sitting here staring at the page thinking "Oh. My. Gosh. RenRuki sex in a bathtub. It's gonna happen."

My mind is so filthy.
I just finished reading the chapter! Fantastic as usual!!

Also, I read this chapter whilst listening to Moments by One Direction. Really helps set the mood.
Here come the feels!
Dear god Renji! Just f**king tell her!!! You're breaking her heart!!!

Also, Renji looks great with stubble!
End of the massive upload.
And here is the last of the 7 pages.

So, I'll prolly have the next few pages ready when I can get back to school and scan and prep them for my queue.

Thanks for sticking with me guys! Love you!
Oooooh look! Half nekkid men!
I drew backgrounds! And half naked men!! That are covered in sweat!

Ehehehe! Yus, there will be many more half naked men later on. You know you want the fanservice.
As you can tell, I was experimenting with a lot of different brushes on this page.

If they don't fit the scene, then deal with it. I'm the Avatar, that's all.
Well, as you can see from this page (aside from Victoria's over inflated ego) is that I'm starting to actually draw hands, they way they are supposed to look, with fingers and thumbs.

I hate drawing hands, so me actually taking the time to draw them is a pretty big deal. can haz page?
Yep. Another page.

Also, Victoria's ego is easily stoked, so be careful what you say to her.

Also, who likes the chibi presentation that Anne is giving?
Moar pages.
Moar pages for your entertainment. Enjoy another one of Victoria's hissy fits.
Sorry for such a delay!
Okay, after weeks and weeks, I'm posting pages!

I'm giving you 7 pages to make up for my not posting anything! I've got 25 pages drawn, and 9 of them ready to scan. I'm filling up my buffer for this fall, and hopefully for next spring as well. Fill up a queue, and let everything take care of itself!

Okay, I'm gonna shut up now. Enjoy the seven pages!
Right in the Mother F**king feels man....
Dear god why do I have to ship them so much?

Renji, this behavior is gunna make me cry. And I don't wanna cry right now. My make-up will run!
Oh god Zeyphen! Are you trying to kill me with excessive Renji sexiness????

It's too much, I'm sorry!

Sorry! I'm so excited for the new page! I can't wait to see RenRuki fluff in this chapter!
Awww, this is so precious! I can't wait for chapter 2!!

Sorry for the late update guys! But Gargoyle will be updating only on Saturday's for the rest of the summer. I'm gonna be at home, and not have access to a good scanner. So, please, it would mean the world to me if you guys commented and shared the comic. It really helps when people comment on these.
Blood is red!
And yes, I color in the blood. Give's it a little bit of a POP!

Updates resume next week.
Triple Update pt. 2!
And here is part 2 of your awesome triple update!

So, I'm guessing this triple update is your late Easter present!