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shit's alive?
good on you, freaks.
Is it okay to say fags anymore, or am I edgy now?
September 26th, 2014
The thumb looks too long. Pretty bitchin' tho.
She jealous cause Harvey 'bout to steal her lesbian lover bruh.
@Zephyr: thisnigga
tip looked odd so i edited it
Where have I been for two years idk watching hentai or something...
Why does this website look the same after two years?
Check it.
September 22nd, 2012
fuckyeafuckyeafuckyeafuckyeafuckyeafuckyeafuckyeafuckyeafuckyeafuckyeafuckyeafuckye afuckyeafuckyeafuckyeafuckyeafuckyeafuckyeafuckyeafuckyeafuckyeafuckyeafuckyeafucky eafuckyeafuckyeafuckyeafuckyeafuckyeafuckyeafuckyeafuckyeafuckyeafuckyeafuckyeafuck yeafuckyeafuckyeafuckyea

Get that shit out of here.
@Bliss: Thanks bro, comments like that keep us going. Thanks for that support.
We bring you another preview of Cameron's work.
With James Cameron's help we can rip off a better story about understanding things.
I see he's rocking those old navy jeans.
aw shit gucci shirt
than van walks through the door like "Wassup"