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Oh, wow. I am going to watch this comic like a hawk. Crazy interested to see how this progresses.
My name is Nina, and I...
...want to be the greatest graffiti artist of all time.
This comic was a breath of fresh air. Thank you for making it.
Ghost Sliiiiiide!
This comic is damn classy.
I enjoyed the comic all the way through not knowing what it was about. Now that it seems to be about a "rag-tag team of assorted professionals" trying to take out a serial bomber, I am sold as sold can be. Such a badass plot concept to jump off from, and your art and subtle sense of humor will obviously do it justice.
I ran out of time. :P
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This is a test author comment.
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I don't suppose my kind gift-giver would like to reveal their identity? I wanna see your comic..
I made this.
Yup, I was the Secret Santa for Nnthoay. I'm really glad you guys liked it so much.
Ahahaha. It's Zoey. Thanks a lot.
O_O Thanks, that means a lot. I hope you enjoy my comic as much as I'm enjoying yours.
This comic was listed as being similar to my own, so I decided to check it out. It looks pretty cool so far. The art's great. I'm looking forward to seeing where this is going.