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September 21st, 2017

Thanks for all the comments guys and I will get back to them, I'm so so sleepy and have had days home with the pup by myself. She's still quite needy and not to be trustred when it comes to toilet training (i.e. shes hyper in spurts, but crashes, and when shes doing inside gentle play I keep an eye on her so I can reinforce good potty training.) SO tired.
September 18th, 2017
he got all the bloooodd on his facceeeee
September 18th, 2017

Oh gosh! I didn't mean it to sound that way. I just was happy you had any feels at all. I always am like wanting the boys to get to their good place but it feels a bit far away--but the story must unfold the way it is. I'm just a really impatient person myself and I was just relating. <33 Please don't ever hold back I love getting detailed comments like yours!!
September 17th, 2017
@Ledgerina I'm glad their interaction is coming across as strained an awkward. The boys WILL get back to a good relationship, but without me spoiling anything it will be a bit rocky before that. he he
@Trinkuh Ah, awesome! I hear Kongs are really brilliant to have, I'll see if I can get this style in Australia or I'll try and order one online. :> Much appreciated!
@Istamea I will try that! We have one stuffed animal but it was one we used in the car after picking her up from the airport so I don't know if she has the negative association with it or its just not got enough stuffing to feel worth chewing. I'll look at picking up a new one! Thanks. * w*

@RainDebJoys Ahh thank you!! I'm resisting smothering her because of her cuteness. She's got one perked up ear and the other one hasn't popped up yet so the head tilts are ultra adorable.
@Trinkuh I want to try pigs ears but I was worried about her milk teeth, I'm over paranoid I think. I'll have to pick up a rubber squeaky toy, I don't have any!That might be the missing piece. Thanks for the suggestions!

@sstogner1 ; w; Thank you. I've actually had a coworker suggest an empty plastic bottle to me! I may have to try this now. I'd rather some plastic chewing than my poor hand or tree bark. I know she needs to chew so I'm desperate. xD

@sunhorse This is a good suggestion. We tried to cuddle a blanket to put our smell on it to give to her when we leave, but it doesnt interest her much. I'm sure a t-shirt would have more of a scent in it! She does get a little anxious when we leave but calms down if she can't see us anymore. We try and get her to stay in her safe space for little periods of time to get her accustomed. I will try the shirt trick though, thank you!
Just because some of you guys wanted to see my lil pupper. :> Her names Wilhelm, 9 weeks old, baby floofer also known as a Samoyed. She's super sweet, and for the last four days has been really adjusting to her new home and rules. They've been hard and night time has been full of awo's but the past two nights have been much better and she's beginning to show her cheeky personality. She enjoys harassing snails after the rain, chasing me, nipping at ugg boots, and now is really into belly rubs. We haven't found the perfect chew toy yet. Ropes are fun but get boring, her plush bone gets a little attention and tennis balls are okay-if anyone has any suggestions and puppy expertise on chew toys pls give me all the suggestions.

Lil woof is the centre of my universe at the moment. I'm trying to keep up with Indigents and I know I'm a little behind on my patreon rewards, however she is starting to settle and is less stressed out and needy than she was when she first came home so I feel that I can get back into my art groove. Isn't she just so cute?
September 15th, 2017
Hey guys, sorry I forgot to upload yesterday. I'm three days into puppy parenting and its been tough work. No one else is allowed to sleep but her. She's lots of fun but at the moment glued to my hip. Anyhow, my boyo is home so I got some time to do chores, take a shower, and upload for ya. I do have pics up on my IG and do stories of her all the time. Hehe. I'll share some here too if anyone would like--Ah well, off to work on my patreon page!
September 11th, 2017
Saying sorry a bit too late, Joe.
September 11th, 2017
Ahh what beautiful compositions in this page!
September 10th, 2017
@Oboro I back nowww!! :D Still a little dead ngl. BUT LET THE DRAMA COMMENCE...

@Ledgerina Ah I'm so glad it made you feel that way. I hoped people would feel for Ken a little bit, it definitely has been a life struggle that maybe he hasn't had to deal with for a while. Thank you, thank you!!!

@Insanely Dead ; w; Poor baby right?? Kennedy's life is a little bit of suffering tho, ngl.

@korymisun He he, they will get to that point, later on. They're still kind of getting to know eachother still so Kennnedy doesn't want to rock the boat too much.

@sstogner1 They will--after it all kinda blows up. :X Gotta work through Dakota's wall, and what a wall it is. And yyesss, I'm sort of excited but I know I'll be wanting to comfort the lil puppy when shes crying at night. D:

@vixenpills Ah!! What games are you into? And poor Ken indeed, if your hearts breaking now... ; w;

@raephium Yesss, I'm no longer frozen in my own home!! hahaha, and thanks ; 3;

@Huntik13 Dakota's all making him question himself. QQ
September 7th, 2017
Ay guys, ya miss me??

Since I've been gone I got my heating at the new place working, got a working oven now, had a lovely birthday, GOT INTERNET, and now I'm getting a puppy in five days!! Whee. How are you all?
September 3rd, 2017
his sweet lil face on the ground ; w;
August 26th, 2017
I hope they realise they don't really wanna catch up with him. ⚔️
Hey guys, as some of you know and I've written before I've moved house. I'm still currently waiting on internet hookup so posts will be postponed until after the weekend of the 2nd. See you guys soon!
August 16th, 2017
Haven't heard back from my ISP about gettinng an internet hookup and im moving tomorrow. I'm praying I get internet some time next week. TPG is not impressing me. > >

Anyways...enjoy the early page and hopefully see you guys next week. ;>
August 15th, 2017
Lil puppy. ; w;

I do love that last panel quite a lot, his hair looks so lovely and windswept!
August 10th, 2017
Yaa Ken, defend yoself.
Next week I'll be moving, so the update MAY come a little early. Normally I'd be putting the page up on the 18th(AEDT) but it'll be going up on the 17th(AEDT). No promises however and if I'm late rather than early my apologies! This move has been rushed and I'm not sure when my ISP will be connected at the new place.

I thought I'd just drop in and letcha all know, and show off the new lil banner I've done which you may have seen if you follow me on Twitter or IG. Take care all. xo