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August 9th, 2018
Hey guys, I didn't post about it ove here but I have some Indigents prints up for sale over on my Tictail.
August 2nd, 2018
My internet was not working properly, sorry this was a litttlllee late!!
@JaceArchyr !!!

@Camelot Heck yes!!

@lunabob No please don't worry. I don't have any help creating Indigents so I'll definitely miss editorial stuff!

@Huntik13 YEAH!!!

@TheMentalGlitch xD!!!!

@Gingerdesu yeee!
I love Benny's greasy hair in that third panel, still.

Patreon will see page 37 in a few hours, I'm colouring it as I type. :>
@lunabob Thanks for the CC! I think this page is a bit awkward for a few reasons. As there's a few weeks gap between this one and the page its a continuation of, it might not read as well for those who just go straight for the new page. However I agree that it's not perfect. As I am already working on pages 6 weeks ahead of this one I don't have the time to go back right away but I will remember this and reconsider moving things around before I take Indigents to print next year!
One day left to enter the raffle guys!!! After that, next week, my little mini-shop will go up. It'll be my first time selling prints online. If it goes alright I'll start working on some charms and other goodies for the future.
Archie: Awk-WARD

Don't forget guys! The print raffle is still on~! After next week I'll open shop for prints! Ty as always for reading and faving!
5 weeks ago I did a cover swap which you might have seen over on Locke and Caroline's comic Bang and Burn! If you haven't seen it, it means you aren't reading it and I HIGHLY recommend you do!! It's gorgeous and deserves all the love.
Annndd this brings us to the halfway point of Chapter 5, time for a little interlude to build suspense. (ee.)

Pages will resume as normal next week (or you can be 5 ahead on Patreon tho im still working on todays page hehe.) Don't forget the Print raffle is still on~

@raephium :x

@Guest YES

@ComicOtaku LOLOl yassss

@Quillpen it about to get real.

@BloodSymphony !!!!
@aryaya So sorry! Feel free to make one just to enter! It's really only so I can keep track all in one place of people who enter. <3
it physically hurt me to draw ken like this :,<
As a big ol thanks to you guys I'm offering a print raffle over on my twitter. 11 prints are up for grabs for free!!!

I'll be working on putting up a shop for the rest of these limited run postcard prints! Keep tuned~
Kennedy's reallly wishing he had his knife right about now.
I know I'm DEFinitely a bit late for 3k over here on SJ but I want to thank everyone who sticks with Indigents all the same. I appreciate everyone who takes a minute to read, or comment, it means the WORLD to me. I'll be running a print raffle over on my twitter soon as thanks! And will be opening a minishop with some limited run prints including this image! Thanks again guys!!
: c but ken didn't finish his kraft mac...
TW: The next three pages will have themes of Assault/Sexual assault. Although it will be mild, and not graphic, if any of these themes upset you just check out until the mid-chapter interlude goes up in four weeks. After which, will just be loads of good ol fun revenge action. c:<
Dakota saying sorry is like that one orchid that blooms like once every billion years or somethin'
@IronDog DAMn, that's super weird. Must be something to do with my layout. TBQH it's been giving me grief for a while. When I get back from my trip if I have time this week maybe I'll look into absconding some different code--im horrible with this stuff--sorry about that!!
Benson: I just open doors when guys open the doors becuz i like to watch

Happy Thursday (or Friday for ppl on my side of the world.) I'm a few minutes late but thats bc I'm going away today!! I slept in with my partner and we're having a lazy start. It's reallll nice. Patreon will see page 29 in a little bit, just gotta finish the text. xx
@Robo123 c:<

@IronDog This is such a thoughtful comment, and I truly appreciate and agree with you. It's what I tried to show.

@sstogner1 hehe

@Huntik13 That makes it fun! hehe

@ByTheBook No ulterior motives at all...

@di-chan maximum blushing.

@CarolinaD ; w ; im glad!! though Dakota and apologies hahahaaaa.

@KuschelCat This is a valid concern (also thanks for the nice things youve said!) There will be a TW a few pages before anything gets dicey. Without spoiling anything, it never gets too graphic. As somone who has suffered SA in my lifetime I respect the power it can have in a story, but would never glorify or romanticize it. It'll never get heavy and veers more on physical assault, rather than sexual. Either way, two pages before it goes there I will post a warning. I want to treat both the story and my readers with respect, so I appreciate you coming forward with the question/suggestion.