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Kennedy's reality vs Dakota's limited imagination.

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I think Doda WOULD make Ken throw up over the side of a car, only to regret it when the wind plays its part. He has no foresight.
Thanks all for your support with this visual transformation. I appreciate you guys so much!
I notice I haven't organized this chapter properly and I have a few broken links here on SJ, I'm going to get to them soon as I can! Hopefully update this layout a bit!!

Also for sneak peaks and other drawings, be sure to follow me @spectrewaves on Twitter or Insta.
Hey guys! You might notice we're back to the old pallette! This is for a couple of reasons, most being that the full colour is extremely time consuming and between that and my day job I've been pulled pretty thin.

If you'd like to see Indigents in colour again, consider supporting it on Patreon, if not, please enjoy the story as is. Thanks for all your support!
A day off schedule but I was really busy yesterday (it was my partners bday!! and I was making a lemon curd tart from scratch with meringue shards!!) I had a lot of fun, hope yall are well!
Hope y'all didn't miss us too much. :* Grumpy Dakota? At least he's keeping his mouth shut. *~*character growth*~*
And here we have it, the boy's are going to get to reaaally know a bit about eachother.

Page 6 will be up for Patrons later tonight!
@KawaiiNekoChan8 WELL, I don't want to spoil anything but you *might* be happy. ;>

@Jashi Yeah! Thats fair enough. I really like drawing scenery so im looking forward to getting away from winter too! thank you!

@Adelaide9 Ahhh maybe 7-8 hours? Maybe a bit less? I did a lot of landscape painting in school and was working from a few references so I think that helped.

@CarolinaD Thank you so much!!
Change of season, change of heart? What do you hope is in store for chapter 6? c:<
Happy Easter, Spring, or Autumn if you're in the southern hemisphere (like me!) I'm taking some time this long weekend to relax and spend time with friends, so updates will resume next week.
April 12th, 2019
And that's a wrap for Chapter 5! I just wanna thank y'all, long time followers and new for reading my lil comic. Ch 5 has been a long one but a fun little adventure and a taste of the sort of trouble our lads will get into. The slow burn is about to catch fire too so that is also really exciting as far as Ch 6 goes!!!
March 29th, 2019
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March 22nd, 2019
Silly Dakota and his pain-pill induced word-vomit.

a pal made me aware that I had an expired link up for the Indigents discord channel over on Tapas like a dingus and I probably linked the old one over here too, so here's the link for anyone who'd like to join!
March 15th, 2019
@vixenpills LOL right, Kennedy with his AGENDA and ty i was playing FFXV religiously when I drew this page.

@korymisun Awww so sweet. Yeah Kennedy will always look out for him--they're both going to prove to be useless without eachother.

@raephium Yes! I actually play all of the above. This cactuar (and the cup noodle) is a reference for ZV but I'm back into 14 trying to get thru stormblood HAhahahahhhhhhhh

@Adelaide9 I'm here for a good time DONT jUDGe ME :p

@Niluwafer rriiiitteeee
March 15th, 2019
These two loveable idiots.

it was suprisingly hard for me to draw Ken sitting on Dakotas butt, guys, but I did it.
Kennedy can pretty much ignore his own problems if he's got something else to think about--he's v task oriented.
Save ya boyfriend, Ken!

[I can't believe this chapter is 50 pages already HAa ha hhaha. Hope everyone is enjoying Dakota's redemption.]