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@IronDog DAMn, that's super weird. Must be something to do with my layout. TBQH it's been giving me grief for a while. When I get back from my trip if I have time this week maybe I'll look into absconding some different code--im horrible with this stuff--sorry about that!!
Benson: I just open doors when guys open the doors becuz i like to watch

Happy Thursday (or Friday for ppl on my side of the world.) I'm a few minutes late but thats bc I'm going away today!! I slept in with my partner and we're having a lazy start. It's reallll nice. Patreon will see page 29 in a little bit, just gotta finish the text. xx
@Robo123 c:<

@IronDog This is such a thoughtful comment, and I truly appreciate and agree with you. It's what I tried to show.

@sstogner1 hehe

@Huntik13 That makes it fun! hehe

@ByTheBook No ulterior motives at all...

@di-chan maximum blushing.

@CarolinaD ; w ; im glad!! though Dakota and apologies hahahaaaa.

@KuschelCat This is a valid concern (also thanks for the nice things youve said!) There will be a TW a few pages before anything gets dicey. Without spoiling anything, it never gets too graphic. As somone who has suffered SA in my lifetime I respect the power it can have in a story, but would never glorify or romanticize it. It'll never get heavy and veers more on physical assault, rather than sexual. Either way, two pages before it goes there I will post a warning. I want to treat both the story and my readers with respect, so I appreciate you coming forward with the question/suggestion.
I dont have a funny comment to write on todays page, i am very tired. thanks everyone for reading though!!
@Suizzle AW gosh thank you ; w ;

@raephium I love ur Au'ra icon!!!!
Sorry it took me so long to fix the buttons guys, I had one hell of a horrible week. Anyways all good now. :>
@lazy-lil-king LOL he try tho

@DaemonSineAnima This is DEF a bonding chapter.

@Ledgerina I always adore your insightful comments. I think this page is a few barriers being broken, but its in a wash of pity and guilt that Dakota breaks it, as an attempt of an apology to Kennedy. He's definitely not 100% comfortable with himself or his dawning realizations but it is a start.

@Jashi Aw this is so lovely. ; w; I definitely felt my heart swell a little when I was drawing it. First contact, at last!

@Tamerlane LOL!!! Perfect time to do a side NSFW comic. >:D
April 26th, 2018
Kennedy :They gon kill me

Dakota : ya probs

(edit) It appears some of my images are broken here, I have to go to work in a hot minute so I'll have to fix them tomorrow so sorry guys!!!! XOXO
April 19th, 2018
Kennedy's face, third panel: Do you say this to all the poor girls you force to do this you complicit b*tch

jk tho bc Ken doesn't swear.

Page 24 will be up sometime after 3pm AEST for Patrons. I have a little bit left to work on and a morning shift at the ollll' day job.
Poor Ken.
Dakota: All new levels of confused.

Kennedy:I hope I tucked enough.
March 29th, 2018
Happy easter or bunny or chocolate day guys!!! also >:D

>:D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

(edit:I originally uploaded this and forgot to source a page, added it in later, so that mightvbe caused issues, i just dleted and reuploaded)
March 29th, 2018
@dorowot Not a real person! I just didn't nail drawigbn a statue ; w ;

@memoryERROR-13 Yeah it's pretty shitty, as the boys are finding out.

@sstogner1 ;>

@M-24 LOL

@Huntik13 Yes to the first, no to the second~

@clemcat but don't we want to meet this person again? :>

@wh a t Yeah its horrible!

@Coolzuny :<
March 22nd, 2018
Poor Dakota, having these guys shit all over his dreams of a peaceful church. ; w ; Btw page 20 is up for all $5 Patrons.
March 15th, 2018
You guys are getting this earlllyyy bc it never works out for me to schedule an upload on SJ! Patrons will see page 18 later tonight as I'm still working on it! Thanks for reading~!
Thanks for the concern guys, I'm doing much better. Also I'm looking at making some Indigent's merch (if you havent seen me post about it on Tapas or Twitter) if there's anything you would be interested in seeing, let me know! I'm in early stages as of yet. I'm thinking prints and charms atm, mostly bc I cant find a printer in AU that'd do stickers at a decent price.
Sorry this is a late upload guys. Pulled my shoulders yesterday and my neck and im walkign around like a dummy turning my whole body to look in directions and bending at the knee. this means no sleep lastnight and me jsut beign a lazy sack of nothing in my bed. c:
February 22nd, 2018
I'm realising this chapter is gunna be sooooo long.
February 15th, 2018
New face, hehe.