Haven't heard back from my ISP about gettinng an internet hookup and im moving tomorrow. I'm praying I get internet some time next week. TPG is not impressing me. > >

Anyways...enjoy the early page and hopefully see you guys next week. ;>
Lil puppy. ; w;

I do love that last panel quite a lot, his hair looks so lovely and windswept!
August 10th, 2017
Yaa Ken, defend yoself.
Next week I'll be moving, so the update MAY come a little early. Normally I'd be putting the page up on the 18th(AEDT) but it'll be going up on the 17th(AEDT). No promises however and if I'm late rather than early my apologies! This move has been rushed and I'm not sure when my ISP will be connected at the new place.

I thought I'd just drop in and letcha all know, and show off the new lil banner I've done which you may have seen if you follow me on Twitter or IG. Take care all. xo
August 3rd, 2017

patreons page will be up later today. sorry if I'm not getting back to comments really well right now, I've been put in a position where I'm having to find a new place to live in a short amount of time so between open house inspections and my dayjob plus my patreon stuff I'm just exhausted. xo
My life is a little bit chaos right now so my update for Patrons will be later today.

Also, damn Dakota WTG on being a jerk.
@XFourLeafCloverX Heehe, it was really just a matter of time wasn't it?

@Shyguyhoneylover Right? Denial and other weird emotions are about to set in.

@RainDebJoys ;>

@sstogner1 Dakota was just so ignorant and oblivious but it's going to be what does his head in too, poor guy.

@Midnight-Luv he he

@miakoda.kara Thats how I feel! Now on to the good stuff, y'know, after they work through this rough patch...

@Jashi Thanks! c:

@Diabolical Madness :>

@DragonChild Dakoda has his moments.

@TheMentalGlitch I can only pity his dumbass SO much, hehhehehehe.

@Huntik13 Can't be good for his leg right?

@Supernova9817 Aw! Y'know I do feel the same way! I wanted that build up sooo bad but I just was like, when can Ig et to the reveal! Bc after this it just gets crazy!

@dinolover12 I'm glad I didn't know if I could draw a funny moment like I saw it in my head.

@Coolzuny Yeah, he most have had some not so innocent thoughts about Kennedy to get to this level of shock, right?


@CoconutPunch LOL Thank you. I wanted it to be funny. I mean, we're all saying poor Dakota now but he's gunna be a colossal jerk soon enough.

@di-chan I feel like kennedy would have something smaller than moobs..meebs...
Kennedy's run tho. I have been enjoying Dakotas breakdown.

Also just a friendly reminder that 5$ Patrons are three pages ahead in the comic!
That middle outfit is so cool.
Poor Doda...
@Shyguyhoneylover I like to show that Dakota is capable of being cute sometimes. :>

@Kwildshine LOL so shook!

@sstogner1 Dakota is a confused hot blooded man--and emphasis on confused.

@Jashi Hehehehehhehehe

@raephium x'D yasss

@Coolzuny Hehhe, he a bad boy.

@Trixie Thanks!! I love drawing it c;

@FlightOfIcarus it's gunna be a shocker.

@Huntik13 Prepare for nuclear meltdown.

@Captain Apricot They gon have some shit to work through tho.

@Antaresia It was for sure a little harder to convey Dakota's confusion, in the written story and script he immedialy realises something about the anatomy isn't right but he has loads of conflicting thoughts and is really slow to make sense of it. He needs a better look.

@Aiyse Yeah! Big ol scar with a big ol story. ; w ;

@Coconut-Punch YESS, I feel like I've been waiting for ages to draw it. I cant wait to get past this and get some actual villians up in the story.
ohhhh my gaw dakotaaa don look!!!!!
(Edit: Sorry guys!! Tried to schedule the upload for when I was sleeping but I guess I failed. u w u ; )



So I ended up upgrading from an Intuos tablet to a Cintiq which has I think started to vastly improve my process and speed which means all my 5$ Patrons are now three pages ahead! I'm super excited and I'm going to be working to make a page bank for myself and see that hopefully soon Patreon will be 5 pages ahead. Whee!!

Also, I'm kinda nervous/excited for you guys to see what happens altho y'know, Dakodur gunna be real shocked.
WHOOPS SORRY GUYS... Totally got my days mixed up, but here's todays page. ;>
mmm...Kennedy i think ur supposed to be on watch...