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November 4th, 2019

November 1st, 2019
Last week that my Storeenvy ( will be open. I'll be closing it for further notice because I am leaving for the USA in two weeks!!!!!!!!!! Yay vacation time!!!!!
October 25th, 2019
I really loved this diseased dude hes my fave
October 18th, 2019
FINALLY!!! Kennedy gets some dang pants!!
October 11th, 2019
I just realised like a total derp I've been uploading chapter 6 in th ch 6 archive. I'll have to go in and fix it along with a few other things here on this site when I get a chance. WHooPS!

Follow me @ csswolfe on Twitter and IG for more art and webcomic updates! And my shop is open @
October 6th, 2019
@sstogner1 Thanks so much!!

@Batonofuyuu Hehe!! It's good to be back and posting again!

@Coconut-Punch Looks like a bit of trouble is coming their way hehe.

@fluffyping ; w; AWW I missed being here and commenting with yall and everything so much!

@dinolover12 It was!! I think after a few years of posting I just kinda needed it.

@NuutGirl Aw yay!! well im excited for all this chapter has to hold!
October 4th, 2019
Annnndd!! HEllooo again! I hope yall missed these two idiots as much as I did.

JSKY my store is currently open so if you want any Indigents prints head on over to,
@Ledgerina Thank you dear!!!

@sstogner1 ; w; Ty!! nd ill be back soon hehe!

@Aiyse Whee!!

@DaemonSineAnima Ty ty!! Shouldn't be too long, I feel like 2019 is slipping thru my fingers!

@dinolover12 Shucks!! I'll try!
Hey guys, kind of a last minute decision but I’m going to extend my leave from posting by another month. I wanted to build a buffer last month but while my intentions were pure I was drawn in to the warm embrace of Fe3h. I was utterly powerless to the draw of Dimitri and returning everyone’s lost items. Real talk tho I just let myself decompress from the stress and enjoy my birthday and I have no regrets, but this month is business and I want to get ahead before my trip to America and Christmas. Hope you guys are well and I’ll see you again very soon!
Hey guys! Sorry for the radio silence last week. Had a very hard time at my day-job. Without boring you to tears we had someone leave with no notice so I had to really fill in a lot of gaps. I'm still dealing with the fall out and tbh it's been really overwhelming. When it comes to Indigents it does take me a very long time to complete a page (im just so slow at drawing!). Any-who, until we replace and train new staff I'm going to take a liiiitttle break for my sanity. I'll be back just after my birthday weekend on September 6th! So see you then!!
Me : Can I get away with drawing Dakota's butt for his flashback? Why yes, yes I can.

Just a heads up I've moved my shop over to
and it's now open with new prints. So if you ever wanted a piece of Indigents to call your own, nows the time!
Thank y'all for the well wishes. It's good to be back!

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Kennedy's reality vs Dakota's limited imagination.

Patreon will see page 14 up later today!
*~* Track Star *~*

Follow me @ Spectrewaves on Twitter and IG for sneak peaks and looks into other projects I'm doing.
I think Doda WOULD make Ken throw up over the side of a car, only to regret it when the wind plays its part. He has no foresight.
Thanks all for your support with this visual transformation. I appreciate you guys so much!
I notice I haven't organized this chapter properly and I have a few broken links here on SJ, I'm going to get to them soon as I can! Hopefully update this layout a bit!!

Also for sneak peaks and other drawings, be sure to follow me @spectrewaves on Twitter or Insta.
Hey guys! You might notice we're back to the old pallette! This is for a couple of reasons, most being that the full colour is extremely time consuming and between that and my day job I've been pulled pretty thin.

If you'd like to see Indigents in colour again, consider supporting it on Patreon, if not, please enjoy the story as is. Thanks for all your support!
A day off schedule but I was really busy yesterday (it was my partners bday!! and I was making a lemon curd tart from scratch with meringue shards!!) I had a lot of fun, hope yall are well!
Hope y'all didn't miss us too much. :* Grumpy Dakota? At least he's keeping his mouth shut. *~*character growth*~*